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How to Play the Money Game

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Written by Sean Collins

When you talk to someone and he tells you how “good salary he has”, you can immediately draw the conclusion about his financial status and inability to play the money game efficiently. If you are doing the same thing, it is one of the reasons why your bank account balance isn’t what you would like it to be.

This short and concise tutorial will point you in a right direction to play the money game in a professional and sound way in a society where everything revolves around money.

For a starter think offense rather than defense!

money game offense investing

Up until now, your focus was to provide an adequate amount of money to support your family. You are using terms: “enough” and “comfortable”. That’s the defense strategy.

Now, think about the sport you’re playing. Any sport. Even a poker game.

Do you play it defensive or offensive?

Would you win on a court if your team is only playing the defensive?

Of course, you wouldn’t. It’s a natural thing in sports to push forward, act aggressive and attack in order to win. And yet, when it comes to money game, most folks play it defensively.

“Oh I just need enough to live”, or “My wife and I live pretty comfortably considering everything. We can even — watch that “even” — afford dinner in a fancy restaurant from time to time and a summer vacation.”

Well, to be perfectly honest, that just sucks. In the world filled with money, you can “afford”, “even”, “comfortable”? That’s just playing it wrong.

And it has everything to do with your deep psychology and perception of money.

You are looking at the money as of some strange, dangerous creature, ready to eat you alive if you don’t handle it correctly. You are so freaking scared of having the money that you only make “enough” to pay the bills and fill your fridge with a low-quality crap.

fear of money

Did it ever occur to you that you’ve been doing things the wrong way? How come you are seeing people spending half of the year on their yachts while you have to get a bank loan to pay for your kid’s college?

It is all connected to the Law of Intention. What you wish for, you will get. Wish to pay the bills on time and stop yourself there and you will make enough to pay them but that’s it.

Thus, You need to start thinking bigger than that.

Don’t wish for “comfortable”. Wish for “insanely rich”. And wish it with all your heart. Focus on that. Focus on getting to the point where you don’t have to work for your money but let your money works for you. That’s the wish. And the lesson. Open your heart to being rich.

Think it’s funny?

Answer this: when in a fancy restaurant with your partner or a date, which side of the menu do you check first:

  1. Left?
  2. Right?

Do you love chicken?

I trust you do but there is a great filet mignon in some freakin’ sauce you cannot even pronounce right but it cost $50 a plate. Try this. Next time you are at that restaurant, ignore the right side and order that damn filet. It may suck but you will feel the difference. Your mind will start to act differently. And that’s the very first step and the first lesson.

Stop saving and start spending the damn money.

Instead of planning the cuts in your home budget to save some money, play pro, overwhelm that budget and take actions to maintain it.

With every following month, add something to it. Lift the freakin’ bar even higher. That will motivate you to reach for the stars and not only to scratch your ballz in front of the TV while moaning about how life is cruel and how unlucky you are.

Luck has nothing to do with it.

It’s entirely up to you how will you live your life.

If Branson can do it, so can you. He’s blond and ugly motherfucker but scoring all over the world simply because he had never imposed any limitations on himself. He’s open for adventures and always looking at the opportunities in a way to make money, not as something that could potentially cause the total loss.

The loss of what in your case?

Branson has even more to lose than you and that isn’t stopping him to push even more. For god’s sake, the man launched the freaking shuttle in a space. What are you waiting for?

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Sean Collins

An investigative journalist with the thing for business, confidence, societal, and human behavior topics. The straightforward guy with the opinion that doesn't always agree with the mainstream. We call him Choozo. Cuz he's picky. About freakin' everything.