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Woman in 40s is a Ticking Sex Bomb and Here’s Why

sex bomb
Written by Steven Hawk

The walking ticking sex bomb analogy only sounds great if you’re not married to one. If that’s the case, be wary. She’s walking the very thin line between dull marriage and hot moments with some young 6-packed stud.

Unlike us, midlife crisis comes earlier for women

We go nuts in our 50s. Women, on the other hand, are starting to experience the side effects of midlife crisis the moment they wake up after 40th birthday party – if any.

She’s reassessing her reflection to the outside world, constantly seeking for the validation of her youth and sexuality.

The problem is: you are used to her and thus, you’re devoting little to no time complimenting on her or even sexing her up. Career, life struggles and even realization of self-mortality comes before anything else in your case.

For her, nothing else matters. Kids are growing up, the household is in perfect order and she’s not getting any. That’s the recipe for disaster.

She’s thinking sex and passion; nothing else.

And due to her deviant thoughts, she’s watching over you like a hawk

She’ll react in a nanosecond on the slightest sign of potential intrusion of another woman, who, to make things even worse, is going through the same ordeal.

One everyday chat with a good-looking woman who, by the way, does have the thing for you, will trigger the volcano. You’ll be spending much of your time in this beginning phase just trying to clean your name or proving your innocence.

Trying to hide the fact that you talked with some woman over the social networks will just backfire later!

So, if you are approached by yet another 40-something woman, do not try to hide it even though it sounds illogical. Trust me when I say: she’ll find out because you’ll tell her sooner or later.

You have to understand that she picked up the signal and now she’s just assessing, analyzing and waiting for her moment. And when that moment comes, you’re fucked!

You’re fucked because:

A) You “failed” to mention it which is an obvious sign of the cover-up which automatically means that you’re hiding something, which, in her mind, can only be bumping ugly with that woman behind her back.

B) You’ll say something or do something that will trigger her reaction.

And you’ll do it only because you’re trying to hide it. That means that you’re focused on the cover-up. It will slip over your tongue out at the open sooner than you think.

The only reason why she’s locking on that woman is her own thinking pattern

A few years earlier and it would be just a good laugh at some dinner. Now it’s serious. And it’s only serious because she knows what that other woman is doing. She knows it simply because she’s thinking alike.

Will she admit it to you?

Are you nuts? Would you?

But rest assured that your wife and her peer, who is so open with you about her dissatisfactions, marriage, and everyday frustrations, are having the exact same mindset.

Neither one wants to lose what they’ve built (if possible) but at the same time, both are desperately seeking for validation of their sexuality. Fail to satisfy that need your wife has when she’s in her 40s and be sure that someone else will. It doesn’t matter whether she’ll be the one initiating the entire thing. What matters is that your negligence is driving her into a bed with some stranger.

And yes, both of them are open to you

You wife wants passion. She just doesn’t give a fuck about money, success, career plans, hell even kids. All she wants is to satisfy her own urges. Yes, it sounds a bit selfish but who are we to judge, right?

That other woman is seeking that same thing. Thus, she’s fully open. One strategically placed word and you can have her, completely at your mercy, to do with her whatever the hell you want.

But it works the same for your own wife. If someone managed to unlock the door, be sure that he’s making every effort to open it.

And since she’s in her 40s, bursting with raw sexual energy, the door will open if you don’t shut them down and seal them tight.

So, compliment on her. Sex her up frequently and with the added determination to put her needs before yours or you’ll be dealing with almost certain adultery and divorce.

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