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Women Claim These to be the Most Disgusting Turnoffs in Sex

Written by Steven Hawk

These are 7 instant turnoffs we do during the sex that they resent but hardly ever want to say something about it.

While some things can pass and are perceived as the honest mistake or a childish play, some make them wanna puke.

Let’s start with some of the more benign turnoffs we like to practice when alone in a dark with the woman.

#1 – Talking dirty just when she’s having the best time

The fact that we are doing this just to arouse ourselves a bit more is well-known to women. And while she won’t hold it against you for the most of the time, if you “pick” the moment when she’s truly enjoying the sex, nothing would thrill her more than to shoot you on the spot.

If you can’t keep your mouth shut during sex (this doesn’t include the sounds of the pleasure of course), then something is wrong. You’re not getting enough stimuli from the standard sexual activity.

#2 – Sticking with the one and the same sex position like a fly to a duct tape

Yes, we all appreciate some specific position and if the other party shares our enthusiasm, then sex will be a wonderful experience for years to come. But even that doesn’t mean that we should walk the same route over and over again. It becomes fucking boring and it’s one of the most common and worst turnoffs because of anticipation.

In other words, if she thinks that you are just “emptying your sack” every time you lie down in bed with her, she’ll be bone dry down there and will have a hard time suppressing tears.

#3 – Changing positions like you wanna try it all in less than 2 minutes

This shit won’t fly either. A woman needs her time to relax and totally let go. Sudden and frequent “changes” are resetting her mind, forcing her to get there again almost from square one.


#4 – Inadequate foreplay of the total absence of it

It may work for some quickie in public but that shit won’t fly for any longer period of time. She needs to be properly prepped. On those few rare occasions when you can catch her in that particular super horny mood, you can bypass this rule but for the most part, she’s like diesel in Siberia.

#5 – Being pretty or having a big dick isn’t always enough

Sure she’ll get all wet and aroused when she sees the 10-incher, but that enthusiasm will disappear shortly after she realized that you’re the lazy ass who doesn’t want to make any effort.

#6 – Turning on the other side or dressing up immediately after having sex with her

Yeah, we tend to fall asleep due to serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin activation but little effort in this direction will do wonders. Even if you’re in a long-lasting relationship, don’t relax too much. Stay awake and don’t storm away. It will feel like you just paid for sex.

And finally, the one thing they hate most is…

When you start pushing her head down to give her a “subtle” signal that she should blow your dick.

Like this:

Only in porns boys…only in porns. Where she gets paid rather good. Otherwise, the county jail is smiling at you.

They don’t appreciate it because it’s humiliating for them. We, on the other hand, were watching too much porns. But the reason they put it in porns is that we genuinely love it. We love to dominate. So pushing her head down while knowing how humiliating that is for her is, in fact, turning us on! Too bad the feeling isn’t mutual, right?

And then, after you’ve pushed her head down and she decided to give you the pleasure anyway, you pick her up, turn her around and just start fucking her. Where’s the return of the favor?

Again, it may work in some public place when she wants to show you how she still has it but those are rare events. I don’t say that there are no women who are enjoying this kind of sex because there are plenty of them, trust me; regardless of what some other types of women are claiming. But if your lady hasn’t shown you this side of her, you’re having sex with the more traditional specimen.

Although, it doesn’t mean that you can’t persuade her into doing it on some semi-public place where there’s a chance that someone might see you.

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Yeah…you know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Well, sport, do the same in the bedroom. Take your time and finish what you’ve started. And instead of pushing her head down, just tell her that it’s bloody time that she starts returning the favors!

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