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Simple Success Formula

success formula
Written by Sean Collins

Is there a single success formula? Can it be that simple? In reality, yes, it can and it is. And every time I’m asked to define success, in any area of life, my answer is always the same because 2+2=4.

Ask yourself this:

Are you willing to risk everything — even yourself — to achieve goals? 

I just hope that your answer is “No, I’m not,” because, contrary to the general philosophy of success, sacrifices are minimal – when the game is played right.

Risks are even smaller than most people believe.

So claiming that you must sacrifice yourself or someone else for the benefits of success is just plain bullshit.

But there is one thing that you must sacrifice. And that’s because of this simple success formula that many don’t really understand. A superficial view of the answer is creating a distorted and wrong perception of success.

And the success formula is simple:

success formula


Simple enough, isn’t it? In fact, we all heard it plenty of times. Only, we don’t quite understand what that sacrifice implies exactly.

Well, one thing: your time and the way you like to spend it.

And it’s not that much of a sacrifice. It’s more of an investment.

Subsequently, with the sacrifice made in time, you are sacrificing some portion of your comfort because these two are mutually dependent. And that personal comfort is something many are not willing to put on the line.

Instead, they are looking for quick fixes, just to realize how they have spent thousands of dollars and an immense amount of time chasing ghosts and illusions.

What are they all missing to see?

In reality, any of those quick fixes might work. It comes down to odds, meaning that you can win a lottery. Most likely you won’t but it happens from time to time “to some other people.”

The catch is not in a sacrifice itself, no matter what it is, but in the fundamental intention of that sacrifice. In other words, every minute of your time must mean something. Only then, the time you’ve invested and the comfort you’ve sacrificed are creating the necessary intention.

Have you ever wondered how Gari Kasparov managed to beat the computer in a game of chess?

Because he “felt” every loss. The computer didn’t.

success formula kasparov vs deep junior

And that feeling added up to intention to beat the damn machine and prove how not even an advanced computing power of a machine can compete with the potentials of the human brain.

In simple words: the focus is not on a sacrifice, but on the meaning of every intended loss.

And that’s where many are missing when they are trying to decrypt the success formula.

In Kasparov vs Deep Junior, both players were sacrificing figures for the higher goal. The difference is that the computer, stripped from every emotion, perceived those figures as a simple resource, while Kasparov was experiencing the emotional loss, with the clear understanding of the assets on his disposals. Subsequently, it made him even more concerned and cautious.

The entire process affected his thinking abilities and concentration in the most positive way.

Applied to business success, for example, this means that the level of financial success is inversely proportional to the level of personal comfort. In other words, you must be willing to take a chunk of your comfort (i.e. TV time) and transform it into a business time, be it a simple education or the execution of some move.

So, as you can see, all those talks and discussion about the necessity of some extreme personal sacrifices are nothing but the plain bullshit coming from the theorists who never tried the actual thing or those who simply must push themselves more to leverage.

Like in school, where some kids are going through the exams with ease, finishing them in less than 20 minutes, while others have to spend over an hour for the same task.

And that’s highly individual, at least in the startup phase because, with essential experience and devotion, comes the increased operational efficiency. In other words, as time goes by, you are becoming better and better in your game – if you want it!

Again, we are back to intention.

You see, our neuronal network is so advanced that we are perfectly capable of learning every skill – each and every one of us.

It’s happening because of one simple mechanism.

More times you repeat a specific action or an entire set, more neuronal connections are created between two brain hemispheres. As the number of those connections rises, you are turning into a wizard until, eventually, you become the master. Arguably, no other living organism on this planet has such ability. You have.

The question is: to what extent are you using this unlikely potential?

How hard your intention really is?

Because it’s not just about waving with the fact that you are investing enormous amounts of time in your endeavor. It’s about your intention to use that time in a certain manner for a defined purpose.

That’s the real success formula. It’s simple. And it’s efficient, above all.

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