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Let’s Get That Holiday bellyfat OFF without Sweating and in Just 2 Weeks

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All that meat, cakes and beer we love to over exaggerate with during the holiday season give this holiday bellyfat – and that tend to backfire once we finally get our wives in bed for some rough and hot sex. The first cold shower comes when we undress ourselves and she notices the new layer of fat or pretty large belly. She’ll either start nagging or laughing. In both cases, your “fire” drops from 100 to 80 at best.
The neat way to tackle this issue is to make sure nobody turns the damn light on!

And then comes the second cold shower when she takes your dick and start working her way to its root. Suddenly, her forehead or her cheeks run into something new; something that wasn’t there before. What the fuck is going on here, she thinks. Who is this guy, she’s confused.
That shit causes her to lose all interest in sex – I shit you not! If she was around 80 when you dropped her on the bed, she’s now at 15 which is the same level of arousal she has while trying to park the van in reverse, between two cars.
OK, the way out of this one is more or less obvious.

But try to get out of the final, third freezing shower.Get rid of that holiday weight
There you are, just finished eating her pussy and she’s peaking at 90. You climb up on her, trying to keep that beer barrel under the control at all times because you know what she’ll do next – she’ll move her hands over your sides and grab your dick to test the hardness.
When both instances are stone hard, she’ll break the ceiling and reach 120. But if only one is much softer than she’s expecting or used to, you’re fucked. You’ll have sex, breathing like a goddamn animal, trying to survive the intense tempo while she will spend time thinking about new drapes and perhaps even about some hunk she met the other day.
It would be great to feel something hard as those abs, she’ll be thinking in that moment. And while her ass will start moving, it won’t be because of you my friend.
It’s time to bring the pain
Yeah pumping 500 abs every day is a great way to fix the fluffy belly issue and make the illusion of larger dick, but doing that with the barrel in front of you is an excruciating task. You’re better of shedding some fat BEFORE you start pumping like a maniac. If nothing else, you’ll prevent potential cardiac arrest.


How to get rid of that Holiday bellyfat?

So what you’ll do to shed it in 2 weeks is this:
1) Cut your meals in half (just take the small plate)
2) In those meals, there can be no complex carbohydrates (sugars, rice, potatoes, flour) which forces body to preserve the stored glucose for the brain and focus energy production on lipids.
3) Eat SLOWLY and chew your food
4) DO NOT eat after 19:00
5) DO NOT drink aerated beverages of strong alcohol (1 beer or 1 small glass of wine is fine…Coke is not)
6) DO NOT drink sugar sweetened soft beverages also (drink water instead)
7) Go for 3 long walks each day (no running…just walks to boost your metabolic rates and force body to use stored lipids).

This is it my man. After a week or two, depending on how much “potentials” have you stored over the holidays, you’ll shed the excess adipose tissue.
Now comes the different kind of pain.

What do women like about men?

You see, women get off on two things predominately:
A) Money
B) Abs.
And if you can’t do anything to improve your financial status (which is bullshit and you know that), you can sure as hell do something about those abs. Pumping abs for some time will not only make your wife horny, but will also trigger the desire at every chick that lay her eyes on your abdominal region.
A man’s carved abs act as the ultimate aphrodisiac for women. They are the clearest sign of: power, strength, determination, perseverance, confidence and control – all high on a list of every female on this planet.

Remember that.

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