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When She Saw Me Dressed as Santa She Couldn’t Get Her Hands Off Me. Why is that?

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What do women want? The magic! Ever wonder why illusionists score with almost every woman they want (if they are good looking of course)? Or why every woman will fall for some magic trick? They crave for fantasy and magic. That’s why 50 Shades did so well in sales. The book provided the fantasy, that’s all.

But why Santa? What could possibly turn on the woman when you’re dressed as some grey haired and fat grandpa?

It’s the illusion of al-mightiness

Because Santa is pretty much almighty. He can be everywhere at the same time and what’s most important – he brings gifts and happiness! Can you think of a better way to turn on the woman? Bring her gifts and make sure the atmosphere is a pure happiness and you’ll score without a doubt.

Santa presents the ultimate male power; just the stuff women are seeking for. His almighty, but still gentle and caring. It doesn’t really matter that we’re talking about some old fat dude with the gray hair and a long gray beard. All of the sudden that beer barrel in front of him doesn’t matter anymore. But when you carry something like that, then it’s an issue. It seems like a sort of a paradox when you think about it, doesn’t it?

The symbolism (fetish) starts pretty early

Same as you, every little girl grows along the figure of almighty Santa who flies around in his coach dragged by reindeers. In her eyes, same as it’s in yours, Santa represents the ultimate caretaker and provider. He’s fulfilling a girl’s wishes and nothing can compare with that.

Take the gold diggers for example. Many girls will suck some fat prick just because she knows that he’ll make her wishes come through. Remove the money and she’ll puke just imagining the situation where she’s sucking some fat old guy’s dick. Without money, magic doesn’t exist.

And then you have Santa. Somehow, that old man is perfectly capable of making wishes come true. It doesn’t really matter that we figure out the trick. What matters is what we have imprinted in our brains while we were just kids. And in those times, Santa was the one you were waiting for. He was the uberdude!

And now you have a powerful combo

Once a girl turned into a woman and that woman found herself a man, and that man dresses up like Santa, you have the magical combo that will turn on almost every woman who was raised under the dogma of Santa Claus.

There you are, the man of her dreams, wearing the outfit of her hero. What more does she need in that moment? I’ll tell you….. She needs one final proof and that comes in a form of sex. Can she score Santa? Can she score with the most powerful being that exists in her imagination?

OK, this might seem as too much, but in the essence, the only thing that drives her to your dick is that single powerful combo of her man and Santa Claus.

Should you take it off?

If she gets off on Santa, you won’t get a chance to take it off. Just make sure you untie the pants because that’s her target once you get her inside the bedroom.

That’s the second part of the equation. To show her submissiveness, she’ll start by taking your cock in her mouth. It may just be the only time when she’ll honestly enjoy taking the lead and starting with the thorough blowjob.

You don’t believe any of this? Have you ever tried to disguise yourself into the Santa Claus? Have you ever tried to seduce her while wearing that red outfit, belly and beard?

Give it a shot and then tell me how it went. Deal?

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