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12 Things She Wishes You Would Do to Her in Bed

12 things she wishes you would do in bed to her
Written by Charlie Greene

Even the most experienced man can fall victim to not being able to read a woman, especially if you’re just getting to know her in the bedroom. For most, the standard kissing and make out sessions seem to work, so that becomes the go-to method of foreplay – which works, but not as well as you think.

Before you jump into the sack…



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Become impatient with her

While it’s never a good idea to lose your cool with her throughout the day (or let your temper get the best of you), there is something deeply insatiable about a man who can’t keep his hands off his woman.

So the next time you go to have fun, make it a point of being a little too hands-on throughout the day, without being disrespectful.

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Kiss her hard

While you don’t want to break her teeth in the process, the next time you go to kiss her, put everything you’ve got into it.

Think back to when you were a teenager and getting so caught up in the moment that you didn’t care what anyone else thought. Pull her in deep and try to explore every inch of her mouth with your tongue.

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Enjoy the view

A naked woman is a beautiful sight, but far too often we’re so caught up in the finish line that we fail to notice the beauty.

Take your time undressing her – spend time with each visual piece, instead of trying to simply pull off her panties to the side. Notice the way her breasts hang, the way her panties pucker – enjoy the entire sight, before thinking of yourself.

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Use a lot of spit

Trailing your tongue from the nape of her neck to the tip of her ear can feel incredible, provided you have enough lubrication to get you there.

While you don’t need to drool excessively, make sure you keep your tongue moist – or else it winds up feeling like a cat tongue being dragged across your body. If your tongue is getting dry, kiss her quickly and allow your tongue to wet again before continuing.

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Start with the non-obvious areas

Every man knows about the two main areas of a woman’s body, but there are literally hundreds of different areas to explore that can cause the same dampening effect on a woman.

Focus your attention on other areas like the back of her neck, the sides of her hips, backs of the knees and her feet – using your hands and tongue as a guide.

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Lose control every once in a while

Although most men believe that women love the scenes from the notebook, the reality is – they’re just as into rough sex as you are.

That’s why it’s important to lose yourself every once and a while and step outside your comfort zone when you’re feeling the passion. Grab her hair, smack her ass (pretty hard) and make her feel like she’s completely submissive.

Stop going for just the clit

Majority of men take their cunnilingus tips from porn, which truthfully is far from what women enjoy.

Remember to take the time to explore every area of the pussy – from the outer lips to the delicate folds inside. Massage the outer lips with your fingers gently before trailing back up to her naval – avoid the most sensitive areas until the absolute end. Remember, she should be practically dripping before you even touch it.


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Facials can be hot occasionally

While we all love getting off the standard way, there’s something incredibly satisfying about watching your woman take a load on her body.

Before you decide to just pull out and let it fly, make sure you talk to her ahead of time and find out how she feels about it. Remember, the eyes (despite what porn suggests) isn’t very fun for a woman, especially if she needs medication thanks to a nasty eye infection. Most prefer their chest or ass to start.

Always use more than one finger

When you’re fingering your woman, it’s important to start by teasing her—which can be done using a finger along the rim of her pussy – but make sure to stretch her slightly when you’re trying to get the juices going.

If you’re fingering her, use at least two fingers inside, with one near the tight pucker of her ass. The end goal should be deep, hard thrusts – similar to sex but with your fingers.


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Doggy style always feels good

Women enjoy positions that hit hard against her g-spot, which is toward her belly button.

sex positions flat doggy style or reverse missionary

Damn, this guy is not joking…

If you’re not sure which positions are best to hit against it properly, stick with anything that has her facing away from your face (for example, spooning). Not only will you get an amazing view of your dick thrusting into her hole, you’ll also have better access to her sweet spot to play with while you do it.


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Ask to bring in cameras

There’s a fine line between slutty and sexy, but bringing a camera into the bedroom can be one of the hottest ways to get your girl to open up.

If you’re not sure how to get her to open up, start by asking for photos of her in lingerie or sexy poses and work from there. Eventually, build up to more hardcore photos – which can include her face (or not) depending on her comfort level.

There are many women who actually enjoy the idea of having themselves photographed – as the idea of being watched is a huge sexual turn on for them like it’s for the men.

Pay attention to what she likes

One of the best ways to make sure your woman is happy is paying attention to what she’s interested in; whether it’s a gentle nibble or whether it’s the way you pull her hair – the main idea is paying attention to what she likes and using that to your advantage to spice things up in the bedroom.

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Now go and start setting the stage for a great night full of sex!

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