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How Sex is Helping Your Immune System and Fixing Brain Chemistry

Written by Steven Hawk

We all know that sex has some healing properties, but until recently we weren’t able to define them. But now we know that, for instance, sex is boosting your immune system. The following is the list of the most prominent and most helpful effects of regular quality sex.

When we say regular, we mean 1-2 time per week. When we say quality, we are referring to that high-intensity mutual satisfaction better known as the thunder orgasms.

Being sex deprived, on the other hand, carries more risks that you could even imagine!

Let’s see what we can heal with good old sex.

#1 – Sex relieves headaches. Every time you have sex, the tension inside the brain’s blood vessels are decreasing

It has to do with the firing of all those neurotransmitters when we are aroused and when we reach the orgasm. Brain’s focus in elsewhere so blood flow normally.

#2 – Lots of sex can eliminate the problems with the excessive secretion from your nose

It appears that sex is a natural antihistamine. As such, it helps with asthma and spring allergies.

#3 – For the ladies, having a frequent sex means spectacular and hard to explain natural beauty

Scientists have discovered that while the woman is having a sexual intercourse, her body is producing enormous amounts of estrogen. And estrogen helps with skin cell regeneration, hair softness, and glossing effect.

#4 – Sex is one of the safest sports

It’s really rare to end up injured during the sex. In addition, the activity itself consumes much of the energy (read: it eats lots of calories) and does wonders for the muscular tissues of both man and woman.

Let’s not forget that sex is more fun than swimming 20 rounds in an Olympic pool (the equivalent of 40 minutes of intense sex.) And you don’t need to wear sneakers, although it is highly effective when she wears them, isn’t it?

#5 – Slow love making decreases the chance of dermatitis, rashes, and acne

It’s about sweat. Longer you’re sweating during sex, along with secretion of other chemicals, more efficiently you’re cleaning your pores. As the result, your skin is kept clean and glossy. Sweat produced during sex and the one that occurs as the outcome of some hard labor are not the two same things.

#6 – Love making will burn all the calories you’ve collected during the dinner that evening

This is a common occurrence. You went to dinner and end up having sex. While your life runs in that fashion, your shape and your weight are optimal. But after a while, everything ends up with “good night honey” and you stop burning the energy. It collects. And then women are wondering how come we grow fat so fast after we got married.

#7 – Sex is the ultimate antidepressant

While you’re having sex, the brain is releasing large quantities of different endogenous. Those are specific neuroreceptors responsible for the feeling of euphoria or acting as the main inhibitors of the pain (remember headache!). That’s why you don’t twitch when she sticks her fingernails deep into your skin. Some folks even enjoy that feeling. But when pain inflicting happens before or after the sex, you won’t appreciate it that much.

#8 – Sex has the ultimate sedative effect

Some claims that it’s about a thousand times stronger than Valium. Combination of different chemicals that get released during the sexual intercourse have surprising aftereffect. The brain calms down and muscles are slowly relaxing. And if you get addicted, who gives a shit, right?

#9 – Body releases far more pheromones during sex which increases the sexual desire of your wife

While we are not able to sense it with our noses, the fact is that our brains are picking up the chemical signatures of the pheromones. It increases the raw sexual desire in both men and women.

#10 – Sensual, long French kiss keeps you away from the dentist

The effect of juicy and wet French kiss benefits our teeth. Increased secretion of saliva reduces the acidity in our oral cavity which is a known cause for caries and all sorts of problems in our oral cavities. And let’s not even mention the elimination of the bad breath.


Still having doubts about the importance of regular sexual activities? Do your magic and keep that fire going. Share this information with your wife. Just slip it via Facebook messenger. There are few things here she’ll appreciate and it will imprint in her mind.

You’re welcome, my man!

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