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6 Simple Things that Make Women Happy in Relationship

Written by Steven Hawk

We like to think that women get off only on muscles, expensive cars and money. Due to that misperception, we are forming ourselves, expecting them to fall on our wallets of biceps. The sad outcome is a lonely man.

So the truth must be different.

In fact, when you read what over 3000 women claimed to be the list that makes them happy with the man and relationship itself, you’ll see how both genders have exactly the same comprehension of happiness.

But let’s get back to those men who are still thinking that women are shallow.

Are they really shallow or is there something more to it?

Some of them (women) may appear like that, but rest assured – they’re on the mission. Same as you’re using your muscles to do things, so does she get whatever the hell she wants with the cunt and sexy performance. She’s just smart and with the motive. Not dumb or easy or shallow in any way.

When you think about it, the only one who is dumb or shallow is the man who will spend his money and energy just to be able to bang the cold blooded bitch whose only interest is money and high-end life. No passion. No love. No devotion. Just sex for the money.

Fuck it up and she’s off.

What that same lady and that naïve dumbass really search for?

The sad thing is: both of them, the gold digger and the naïve man are essentially lonely. None of them live the way they actually want. They are connected with the interest that has no deeper meaning. And when they are alone in their thoughts, this is what they are dreaming of.

#1 – Quality time

It’s the time you wanna share with someone you think is worthy of it. It can be anything from watching TV, sunset or simple small talks on the bed.

What it doesn’t mean is sexual games. That’s something else. Also, talking about stuff that one of the parties finds uninteresting is not considered as “quality time.” Remember that.

#2 – Compassion and sensitivity

When she tells you how she expects compassion and sensitivity or how she yearns for the compassionate and sensitive man, what’s your first thought? No, it’s not the scene from goddamn Romeo and Juliette. You got it all wrong.

All she wants is someone who will recognize and acknowledge her bad day and make the effort to comfort and help her. To be there for her.

#3 – Touch

Women just love those gentle, encouraging and non-sexual touches. They love to feel the touch coming from someone who loves them. That touch means love and compassion. Of course, they have nothing against free foot massage after the hard day at work. In fact, one good foot massage will buy you great sex. Think about it.

#4 – Intelligence

She seeks for the man who is not superficial. He must observe the things with critical eyes and employ logic in problem solving. In addition, her man must be perfectly capable of controlling his behavior. This means that there are times when it’s best to keep the mouth shut but also to say the right thing in the right moment. This is every woman’s dream.

#5 – Humor

Laughter is important for our well-being. That’s why we tend to spend our time with people who make us laugh. Oxytocin and other reward neurotransmitters are firing every time somebody makes us smile.

When she’s thinking about the perfect man, ability to put a smile on her face is an essential ingredient for the perfect recipe.

#6 – Listening

Yeah, we don’t like this very much. Or are we nothing more than hypocrites? Because we do like to tell our stories to her. We just don’t find their stories to be interesting. What makes you think that she likes yours?

OK, we have to admit that they are wired to listen to everybody. We are not. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot allocate some time and energy to pay attention to what she’s saying. It would save us a lot of nerves if only we would be able to listen more focused and not thinking about that prick who cut us off or that funny looking spider that walks behind her head, climbing on the wall, while she’s talking and talking, and freakin’ talking…what was she talking about? Oh look, it’s that spider again.

I guess we are wired to nod our heads subconsciously when women are talking to us.


And now when you think about this list, what do you see? You see the list of exactly the same stuff you’re looking for when searching for partner, don’t you? Yeah…it appears that we are not so different after all.

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