How to Make Women Do What You Want

Written by Steven Hawk

After 25 years of marriage, I’ve looked at my wife and said: “Darling, 25 years ago, we had a cheap condo, drove our asses in a cheap and fucked up car, we slept on a couch, watched the movies on a small, black and white TV, sometimes we were even hungry but I went to bed with the beautiful 25-year-old woman. Now we have a 6-bedroom mansion, two cars, we have a big screen plasma, can eat whatever and whenever we want and a king size bed to sleep in. But I go to bed with the 50-year-old granny. It just seems to me that something ain’t right.”

Now my wife is a reasonable woman who always tries to please me. So she suggested that I go out and find myself a nice looking 25-year-old chick and she’ll make sure that I live in a cheap, small condo, drive a cheap and fucked up car and be hungry for the most of the times.

Needless to say that her suggestion didn’t help my overwhelming feeling of crisis and depression so I decided to go out and pick some apples I’m growing by the pond I have on my estate.

While I was walking towards the pond, I heard giggling coming from the direction of my pond. When I finally arrived at the place, holding my 5-gallon bucket, I saw 5 beautiful young women skinny dipping in my pond. As they became aware of my presence, they’ve retreated to the deep end. One of them shouted: “We ain’t comin’ out until you move away!”

I got confused for a second. What to do? Would be nice to indulge my eyes in hot, young bodies, at least for a second. Then it hit me.

“I’m not here to watch your naked bodies or to force you out of the water. What kind of man do you think I am? I’m here to feed my alligators.”


As you can see from the example, trying to reason with the woman in order to get what you want, won’t work. Women are smart and cunning. Their brains operate a bit different than ours.

So what do to?

You use their weapon!

Let me ask you this. When your wife wants you to do something she already knows will make you go ballistic, how does she make you do it anyway?

She tricks you. Every freakin’ time. Just an idea that your efforts could be rewarded with the hot sex out at the open or a relaxing blowjob, and you’re on it. You’ll bust your ballz just to wrap everything up as soon as possible so you could enjoy your reward.

How frequent she sticks to her word? In less than 1% of cases, once you’re married for some time now and that youth passion gets weaker.

So can we say that it would only be fair to pay them back the same way?

Sure it would.

What do you do?

Reverse psychology. You think in advance, trying to anticipate her next request or trying to recall some request she laid down in front of you in the past but you still didn’t get the chance to do it.

The trick is to come up with it before she does and just use her weapon in a bit adjusted style.

“Hey honey. You know that part of the fence that needs to be fixed and repainted. I think I’m gonna do it later this afternoon.”

Of course, you must target the moment when she is in a good mood, and pick something that she really, really wants.

But here’s the catch: you first collect your reward, whatever that might be and then fix the damn thing. Make sure to fix it! If you hassle her, she won’t bite the bait next time, unlike you. They are different. This is more like training the puppy by feeding it with the biscuit before it catches the ball.

That’s the difference between men and women. We’ll bite that bait every single time. In their case, fool her once and she’ll never fall for it again.

That’s how you make a woman do what you want. Won’t work every time, but will definitely improve your stats.

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