Are You Unintentionally Destroying Your Relationship? Find out!

destroying relationship
Written by Stephan Moreau

The middle age crisis can be a real pain in the butt for us men but women are no less immune to this loss of self-confidence. In fact, this moment comes sooner for women than it does for men and that can wreak havoc in a relationship.

When she reaches the threshold of her 40s, you better start paying attention.

Because hundreds of small worms are playing inside her butt, forcing her “to make the change because nothing is what it’s supposed to be.”

When she’s in that “phase”, it doesn’t take much for her to fall into the arms of another man. She feels insecure and constantly looking for a new proof of her self-worth.

If you don’t provide that proof, she’ll find someone else to do it. And that will probably be the end of your relationship.

And it can all happen by the dumb set of circumstances outside your direct influence or intentions

She’s fragile when in this state. By constantly self-reflecting in a negative way, she’s building up the momentum to burst into flames, leaving everything behind her.

Only a month ago, a friend of mine told me that his wife, with whom he shared a bed for 19 years and have 18-year-old girl and 15-year-old son, all of the sudden decided that they need more money so she has to leave off-shore to make some additional buck.

When all things got analyzed, it became obvious that the money issue was just an excuse. She got sick and tired of her dull housewife lifestyle and decided to indulge her urges. A few days ago, she posted a photo of her and her new “boyfriend.” She left her husband and her kids to restart that familiar fire once again.

Men and women are doing at all over the place. Urges are sometimes impossible to control or override. And when a woman breaches the 40 barrier, she may become pretty unpredictable.

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But this is only one outcome.

Shit can hit the fan even when she makes it clear that you’re the one and no other man comes even near you. A few tragic incidents and her entire belief system will collapse, throwing her into the arms of another man.

And it all starts after she blows the candles on her 40th birthday cake, and after being married for more than a decade.

What are the signs of this change?

She’ll start exhibiting almost pathological levels of jealousy. You’ll be under the constant screening and even a single look from another woman will get you in a serious trouble.

Understand that she can’t help it. It’s like one long PMS with the mood swings where she’s behaving seemingly without the control.

You can’t do much about it. Every attempt to defend yourself is doomed to fail. In her eyes, you don’t think she’s sexy and interesting anymore. She’s seeking for the proof in every look, gesture, word, and your general behavior toward her with sex being the primary pointer.

You’ll hear a lot of: “You think she’s better than me, don’t you?”, or “Alright, I’ll show you that I’m still hot and desirable.”

But you’ll also hear something like this: “I want this marriage to work. I’m willing to fight for it. If needed, I’ll make the scene next time she touches you.”

She’s in fear of losing you.

In her twisted mind, there’s some kind of conspiracy going on. She suspects you are communicating with other women and maybe even seeing few behind her back. And she’ll make that pretty clear to you.

How do you respond to this will make all the difference.

That of course, if you have a clean file; meaning that she cannot dig out anything from the past or the present that she can use against you. We’re talking about women who’s been liking your statuses or communicating with you over the chat. If you are someone who practices this, expect constant questions, tears and yelling.

She’ll start defending her ground like never before. So be prepared for the open war in some rare instances if she only smells the possibility of another woman working behind her back to ruin her marriage in any way.

And the timing cannot be more perfect

Because when a man reaches the 40, his mindset is completely different. He’s looking for the opportunities and has no time for this childish bullshit. It gets in the way and can seriously undermine the effort the man is investing (and has invested to that moment) into a career or some business plan, or even his own way of life.

With this mental change at the man, comes the conflict of interests and a series of completely misunderstood messages.

Since you’re overwhelmed with planning and work, you’re not devoting enough attention to your wife. In the same time, she’s in her critical stage.

You did it before but that didn’t provoke such a reaction at her. Now it’s different. She’s uncertain about her own values and the illusion of negligence can backfire in a painful way.

And then you fail to perform once, twice, or even three times in a role. Case closed. She’s now absolutely sure. You’re not into her anymore.

We have aged. All of us. Body isn’t working as it used to. We have gallbladder issues, stomach pains, constant headaches, back pains, arthritis, rheumatic pains, and dozens of other simple pain in the butt health issues.

And it just happens that you’ve been watching some dull TV show when she appears with that look in her eyes. She wants you and she wants you right there, right now! Kids are away and not even a bright light is an issue in that moment.

Naturally, your dick reacts in a nanosecond. You take her in your arms and put her on the dining table. She’s wearing her sweatpants so you remove the pants along with the panties just enough to clear the way to her cunt and be able to lick her brains out.

After one intensive orgasm, she’s getting off the table and bending over it, exposing that beautiful ass to your plain sight. You only need to penetrate deep and hard. She wants you to fuck her like never before. She doesn’t even mind her pants being half-way down. All she wants is your dick deep inside of her. She yearns for the ultimate proof!

Your brain is overwhelmed because it’s been a while since she provided you with this kind of pleasure. So you grab that ass and start pounding hard. All that time, you have that low-intensity pain on your right side; where the liver is. But you’re deciding to disregard that obvious sign of trouble.

She screams “Harder, harder”, you’re sweating and breathing like an animal, trying to indulge her desire, but that pain is picking up on intensity. And just when she was on the verge of the climax, the pain becomes unbearable. It suddenly feels like someone stabbed you with the screwdriver.

In the next second, you’re on your knees, trying to catch some breath. Pain is excruciating. She’s looking at you, not knowing what to think. “Is he faking it?” is the first thought on her mind in that moment. Your sweat, facial expressions and the fact that you’ve popped few strong painkillers make none of the importance. Nothing can change her mind. She’s sure that you’re faking it!

So you spend the next three hours, holding your liver and relentlessly popping more pills just to kill that pain. It seems that she’s starting to believe you. After all, you don’t have a history of doing something like this. It’s her who fakes, not you.

Everything ends with the good laugh and the gallbladder stone “diagnosis.”

The very next day, after you’ve returned from her parents, where you had a great lunch and spent some good time with the old man, she calls you in the bedroom for a round of an afternoon spooning.

You know what that signal means. But that sudden surge of hormones makes you forget about one crucial thing: to go and take a leak because the amount of beer or wine you had will soon be metabolized and all that water must leave the body.

20 minutes of the foreplay and her panties are out of the picture. She’s naked, on her side, waiting for you to enter. Dick is hard and ready to do his magic. You go slowly in, harassing her breasts and nipples. Her hand is on her clit, rubbing it with the mighty force. No mistakes this time. No unbearable pains. You made sure not to eat that much.

But just when you’re supposed to put some force into your action and really pound her, your bladder sounds the alarm. With every move you make, it feels like the half-full barrel is about to fall sideways under the force of that moving water. Your hardness is no more. All you want to do is to get up and take the piss.

She can feel you’re becoming “soft” and instantly loses her interest.

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You make the joke face, get up, spend a minute trying to override the prostate’s block and finally release that water pressure. It takes 2 minutes to eliminate all that water. It’s clear that you would piss all over her if you’d spend just a second more pounding her.

Meanwhile, she’s been busy. She’s been finishing what you’ve started and by the time you come back, she’s already with the cigarette in her hand. The moment has passed and you can only jerk off if she allows you.

That’s two times in a role and this time no pain was in the way. One more strike and you’re out!

This time it really seems that you’ve faked it. Even you can’t freakin’ believe your bad luck. Two days in a role…something unseen for a long time. You blew it.

By the rule of thumb, you have only a few days of the open time to make it right. You have only days to show her that you can still make her come over and over again. A few days to demonstrate your affection for her. Otherwise, you’re risking everything.

It’s not your fault in any way.

But you can’t do shit about it. Your only chance is to get your shit together, grab that ass and fuck it like there’s no tomorrow and you do it fast.

Fail to make it right and she’ll start searching for someone else; someone who will serve as the proof for her self-worth. It doesn’t necessarily imply divorce and can only be a random fuck with the random man but more likely with someone she already knows. Maybe you know him also.

It’s because she’s on some strange breaking point.

She thinks that her current life makes no sense anymore because the man she has chosen to spend her life with is simply not into her anymore and she’s forced to find her luck elsewhere.

This shit can be fixed only by you personally. And it has to be done in the shortest period of time.

You must understand how fragile she is in that moment. She’s questioning her entire life, making the exit strategy. One wrong move from your side and she’s out.

When it comes to balancing professional and private, now is the right time to take a closer look at your private life

If you’ve been married for 15+ years, have children and your wife is on the threshold of her 40s or in her early 40s, it’s time to start paying attention to her.

Fail to do so and you’ll most likely share your wife with a couple of other guys without even being aware of it.

Women are excellent in covering their tracks.

They are smarter than us in this field and it’s pretty easy for her to disguise her “double life” because you’re too occupied with your career and/or plans for the future.

Read the signs and respond immediately.

Don’t let it slip unnoticed because you’ll lose everything without even knowing why. Keep in mind that the statistics are brutal. Middle age crisis in women is far more severe than in men. And it comes in an earlier stage of the life. The 40s for them. The 50s for us. Remember that.

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