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5 Missing Lessons from Your Formal Education Vital for Success in Life

Written by Igor K

2 things we’ll learn here are: why and how our school system screwed us over and set us to fail and how to fix it. In other words, we will finally learn those missing lessons vital for any kind of success in life.

Make no mistake; they intentionally missed teaching the 5 essential subjects vital for a comfortable and abundant life in our contemporary monetary-market system.

First, why did they do it and why are they still doing it to your kids?

The global educational curriculum has only one intention: to keep producing new workers who don’t ask questions and never challenge the authorities.

And there are two methods in use for that corrupted and vicious purpose.

METHOD #1 – You are not allowed to fail in anything.

In fact, the complete tutoring is deliberately set backward. Instead of discussing and encouraging the common logic behind trials and errors as the only method we use to learn some new skill; they are making a spin and punishing you for a number of irrelevant little mistakes.

Ugly handwriting. Wrong mathematical result. Inability to perform like a professional athlete in a gym. Missing a couple of sentences from 27 pages of a complex text that they ordered you to memorize in less than 72 hours, with most of it discussing irrelevant or obsolete and wrong theses. And millions of other completely insignificant mistakes we are making daily, throughout our formal education and beyond.

What’s wrong with this method?


Imagine a baby boy who’s trying to get on his feet for the first time ever, in an attempt to make those first baby steps.

We all know how that will end. He’ll fall on his butt.

What do we do when that happens?

We smile and jump up simultaneously to help him get back on his feet. And we will keep doing that until he eventually walks across the room without our help.

Once he’s up and can move autonomously, we’ll keep making an effort to teach him a couple of first words. All that time, we’ll keep enticing the baby to walk farther and faster.

This critical teaching method is based solely on the trial and error principle, where the fail serves as the learning tool by adding to the experience and thus, correcting the errors.

What happens after he learns how to jump up and down, run all over the place, spin around and speak meaningful sentences? What happens after all that time invested into helping that little baby boy to learn all those vital survival skills?

We turn aggressive and demand that he stops moving and stops talking!

Now, call me crazy, but I don’t see the logic.


And if that baby boy makes the face and decides to rebel against your illogical demand, after he finally learned those essential survival skills, we are pulling out yet another devastating teaching method from our drawer.

METHOD #2 – If you even think to challenge the authority, you will end up severely punished.

Do you think that all those people would die from the hand of Inquisition if the society had been taught to always question and tests the authorities and their dogmas?

A brilliant man, back in the days, dared to challenge the main dogma by claiming how Earth is not the center of the Universe. It didn’t go well for him.

It didn’t go well for a few students on numerous occasions during formal education back in the 70s and 80s when they were trying to convince a backward teacher how plate tectonics is the fact and not some delusional idea.

Same happened to me when I dared to challenge the first few pages of the Bible in front of the priest when I was just 6.

If they let us question the authority, we are not easily subdued and controlled.

Thus, if you allow that baby to challenge your demand, you are afraid that you’ll lose control over it.

Why in God’s name are we expecting anything better from our school system?


Instead of current doctrine, schools should teach the following 5 elemental subjects to set their students on a certain growth trajectory path and ensure their success in life.

Subject #1 – Every fail adds to your experience, enabling improvement thus; enabling success in life.

Which means that if you have some big idea and you are burning from a desire to materialize it, you just have to fucking do it. Don’t let the wrong tutoring prevents you from chasing your true purpose.

People who are still following the main matrix are those who are struggling for the most of the time. And we are not talking about financial difficulties only. We are talking about FREEDOM! We are talking about waking up in the morning and going through the day without that familiar stomach neurosis.

success in life

The only obstacle that stands between you and that dream is the Matrix. And that Matrix demands that you spend your life slaving for someone else. Meanwhile, you are naturally equipped to break through every wall between you and your goal.

Think about that.


Will there be mistakes and fails? Definitely. Name just one thing that you managed to do perfectly on the first attempt?

Will that mistake do harm to you?

Only if you let it. Only if you believe what The Grand Matrix is telling you.

Just imagine how difficult it was for you to make those first baby steps and how that learning process was developing!


Everything you achieved so far and hopefully, what you are about to achieve, came as the result of the inevitable trial and error method of learning. And that will never change.


Subject #2 – When you convert time into an asset, you put the world under your fingertips. Success in life becomes inevitable.

If you are regular at Ballz Magazine, then you know how to distinguish a liability from the asset. In case you just landed here, and never really thought about it, know this:




In other words, just because you own the property, it doesn’t automatically make it an asset. To see that, just draw a line at the end of the fiscal year. Did it make or take money away? Do the same with everything you “own” and use, as you’ll see how the list of liabilities is far longer than the one containing the assets.

On neither of those two lists is the time! Why?

Not once, during our formal education, do we learn about the time as the most viable asset we have. For the most part, we are learning historical timelines and perhaps a physics teacher says something about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and space-time continuum.

Other than that, we are left on our own to figure out the best way to spend our remaining time. Because, according to The Grand Matrix, how you’re going to spend your time AFTER you finish your shift, is irrelevant and nobody’s business.

Be it as it may, one fact is undeniable: the difference between being an achiever and underachiever is in a way you are using the time!


It took 3 years for my latest business endeavor to start bringing the first money. That might sound too long but if I hadn’t been careful with my time, that timeframe would expand on 6 or more years.

How do I know that?

From experience.

The business I set up before it, that supposed to be a financial generator for that new enterprise, dragged for too goddamn long. A much longer than I originally anticipated. And it wasn’t because it was making less than expected.

Whenever I would devote my time to it, the business would generate more. It’s as simple as that. When analyzed, the fluctuations were clear. Which made me wary of my next step.

How did I do those analyses?

I kept the journal. With detailed daily inputs. Where time allocated to running the business was carefully logged. It was just like the one your boss is running daily to note the total amount of hours you spent on your job so he would know if you owe a couple of hours.

success in life largely depends on your willingness to visualize the process

Now, if you are OK with where you are and how your life turned out to be (which I seriously doubt since you are reading this), do whatever you like with your time.

On the other hand, if you want to make some improvement, take your time seriously. Think about tomorrow. Predict potential setbacks and time-wasters. Be ruthless and unforgiving. But above all, stay determined and stop allowing others to use your time as they see fit.

Subject #3 – To learn how to do your job, you must first learn how to use tools and resources required to do the job efficiently.

And there are couple of mentions about the importance of learning the skills necessary to execute your duties at the desired level. However, one crucial skill is never a subject of formal education, not even in economy-based topics.

That’s money management!

How did you spend the first month of your new job?

In two ways:

  1. You’d been given detailed instructions on how to use tools and resources
  2. You’d been learning your close professional environment

Again, it was the trial and error method of learning.

Why did no one tell you that you have to apply that same, essential learning method on money management?

Because you would be hard to control.

The easiest way to control someone is to subdue him by putting his ass in a state of debt. As long as he owes you, you have the power over him.

Thus, the saying: “He who owes is owned.

It’s not supposed to be like that. We are neither meant nor designed to be someone’s property!

The moment you signed the loan contract to purchase a new car or a property, you became a debtor. It was easy to control you because it was less likely that you’ll say ‘No’ to any of the “commands” coming from your professional environment.

In other words, the debt transformed you into the slave of the corrupted part of the system.

However, if you detach from the Matrix and see the bigger picture, you’ll realize how wrong have you been managing your money. It would become pretty clear how the main purpose of the bank loans is not the purchase of additional liabilities but the investment into future assets.

The following story could best explain the difference.

Jack and Jill came to the bank and loaned $250K each. Both of them are meeting with their realtor later that week to finalize the property purchase contracts.

Jack bought this nice house with the front lawn and modern-designed backyard, not far from the city, where his wife Darlene and daughter Clarisse could live free from the city rush. At the end of the mortgage period, Jack will return $220K on top of the original $250K he borrowed from the bank.

In other words, Jack bought the liability because nobody taught him how to manage his money. He was even forced to loan the money for the down payment.

Unlike Jack, Jill had slightly different intentions with the money she borrowed from the bank.

Same as Jack did, she bought the property near the city. Only, she was aiming for something different and a bit cheaper because her acquisition has to convert into an asset ASAP!

So she bought this ugly, damaged house, with the jungle for the backyard, that she intended to flip and lease. By the end of that month, Jill acquired 2 seemingly same, shitty properties, while Jack bought just one, expensive.

But the main point of this difference in thinking is this: while Jack will be forced to keep selling his labor and use that money to pay the mortgage during the entire repayment period, Jill’s other property is generating profit, cutting her mortgage annuity by 50%. Which means that Jill has to invest 50% less time in generating money for her repayment plan.

Two people. A man and a woman. Same business deal. Different perception of money and the fundamental purpose of debt!

And if Jill catches a good market trend, she might as well sell that extra property and pay her debt in whole, in a much shorter timeframe. In Jack’s case, that’s not even an option.


What made that difference is the fact that Jill made an effort and learned how to manage her money, along with the additional, necessary financial education in subjects such as the purpose of debt, how to generate a financial asset, the theory of investments, and everything related.

Jack simply never made that effort. Even though he used to work overtime, just to master the tools he is using every day, for 8 hours, Monday to Friday. Yet, he never invested a single hour to learn how to manage his money.

Subject #4 – It’s in the nature of robots that they can’t come up with anything useful or innovative!

It’s just who they are. They are programmed to operate in a certain way, just like Jack is. Can a robot become creative? No. Can a man who is blindly following The Matrix become creative? No. Because there’s no difference between the programmed flesh and blood and the programmed piece of hardware.

And for the humankind to thrive, we need innovators even more than we need a raw physical force or routine operations. Thus, we need creative minds; not the programmed ones.

What did your school do to entice your creativity, other than allocating that petty hour per week for art and occasional drawing, where, surprise, surprise, you were bothered to memorize big chunks of irrelevant text?


From the Day 1 of your formal education, they did whatever they could to kill every bit of creativity and self-consciousness.

When I look back, it seems more efficient to run practical workshops than to force kids to memorize millions of useless historical facts that no one is able to remember for any extended time.


Due to the very nature of our neuronal network and the fundamental mechanism that enables us to remember, that’s why. Did you learn to drive a vehicle by reading the rules and notions or by sweating behind the wheel? Which made a more efficient driver out of you?

If they organized curriculum in such a manner, maybe we could even have this last, fifth, critical subject during our formal education.

SUBJECT #5 – Building FREEDOM!

On one side, the institutions have a mouth-full of civil rights, personal liberties and the ultimate FREEDOM OF CHOICE. But when you take a moment and reflect on your education, can you remember even a single lesson discussing the way to build that freedom for yourself?

Has anyone ever taught you how to be your own boss?

Not a single sentence on the subject. It’s like the concept itself doesn’t exist. For a young mind, it appears that employers are some kind of extraterrestrial entities, who landed on this planet a long time ago in search of the workforce.

Then again, how could they teach you when they are the slaves of the system? It’s simply irrational to even think that someone who never learned how to drive a car is perfectly capable of teaching how to fly a jumbo jet.

The question arises: why on Earth aren’t they inviting these extraterrestrial entities to teach the kids how to use their own creativity to start and run a successful business as the only way to build each individual FREEDOM?

Yet, they have no problem inviting the part-time teacher to bore the kids to death with some “exciting” archeological artifact or to discuss the life of some prehistoric person who wasn’t even able to write his own goddamn name.


When you put it all together, it’s easy to see the main purpose of our global educational system. Suppress the creativity, brainwash their minds and prep them to spend the rest of their lives busting their backs for someone else, firmly believing how there’s no alternative.

That’s why you are what you are right now.

Luckily, you can fix the damage. Just focus your attention (and intention) on these 5 vital subjects they don’t teach in schools. It’s how you build your FREEDOM!

About the author

Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.