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The Thing About Women Rivalry

Over the course of time it is clear to you that women are attracted by your private and professional success. It’s like older you get, more “active” they are to get your attention. All that time you are happily married to a great woman who stood by you for better and for worse. And they are perfectly aware of that fact.

The fuck is happening here?

They say that men are over competitive but the fact is: women are not falling behind that much. The only difference is modus operandi, or the way they express that rivalry to one another.

We will use the testosterone outbursts to measure and assess whose violence is stronger. They use more subtle way; at least they think they do.

Let me ask you this: are you happily married for 10+ years now, have never quarrel in public and people generally consider that you two are living idealism and an example of perfect convergence of private and professional – the perfect relationship?

And second question: how many times did it appear to you that, for some reason, that hot neighbor or wife’s maid of honor or any woman who is familiar with your life is coming on to you?

How many times did you have to kneel down in front of your pissed and crying wife and spend hours trying to explain that you had nothing to do with the woman who obviously pushed the limits of morally acceptable behavior? How many times did you eat shit due to some comment, “subtle” smile and “accidental” touch? Is she really coming on to you, or is it something entirely different?


Why are women coming on to you even so they are well aware of the fact that their action will cause problems?

You two are idealized by women in your closest social environment. You are living a “perfect relationship” and that’s extremely rare. At least by their knowledge and impressions. You love your wife indefinitely and you are always there for her. You shop with her, bring her coffee in the morning, listen to her, help her with house chores and gardening – in short, you’re doing everything in your power to be there for her.

And she does respect that and repay you day after day for 10, 15, 20 and more years.

This is the problem. 5 out of 10 marriages end with divorce. Only 1 in 1000 of those 2 “survivals” are considered to be “perfect” or the type of relationship soaked in devotion and being fully bulletproof for all kinds of low kicks coming from people who envy you.

People are mentally crushed by having two contradictory thoughts inside their mind: envy (I want that. Why can’t I have that?), and admiration (Look at them. They are a perfect couple.). It causes their neurons to lose the optimal frequency. Perfect resonance between neurons occurs when individual is driven by a single idea, principle, opinion or thought. When faced with choice, anxiety kicks in.

Now rewind into your earliest childhood. Remember that prick who used to smash other people’s toys just because he didn’t have something like that? Remember that girl who used to bite off the heads of Barbie dolls for the same reason?

It’s exactly like that just applied to current circumstances:

1) It’s great, I don’t have it, so if I don’t have it, neither will you.


2) It will be great to have someone like that. Let me try to wreak havoc and destroy them so it would be an open season.


The latter is rare. It does involve genuine emotions and feelings for you. But that kind of behavior is easy to recognize.

Option number 1 on the other hand is something you are facing almost every time you are in contact with another woman. If you are alone with her, communication will be somewhat different but if you put your mind into it, you will notice how she’s trying to “feel” the situation. Maybe some “innocent” and “accidental” remark of her sex drive or some accomplishment in a niche your wife is in also.

If you let it be, things will get worse.

Because, all she is doing — and remember this — is competing with your wife!

You are not the prize or the reason. She is the target, make no mistake about it. You are just a tool to fuck her up entirely.

Proof? If your wife is alpha and most likely she is, once she reacts on the obvious sign of aggression, you will see the sudden shift in focus. You will be out of the picture and that woman who tried to wreak havoc will do her best to become your wife’s best friend. Exactly the same thing happening in a pack of wolves.

Make it clear to every woman that you understand the game. 

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