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Do These 5 Things and She’ll Enjoy Sex Even More

better sex for her
Written by Stephan Moreau

Some women are just shy. They don’t want to tell you how they would like you to fuck them no matter what. And they don’t want to do that because they’re afraid you might be thinking bad about them. Maybe even consider her as nothing but a slut or a whore.

How unfortunate…

If women would only be aware of the fact how life would be much more easier and happier for them if they would grow some ballz and come clean.

But, that’s why we are men. We are here to help them, ain’t we?

50 Shades of Grey is telling us that women are dreaming about some more or less “unusual” sex routines.

If you’re not practicing these Golden Five from time to time, the chances are that she’ll start dreaming about someone who will. And there is a fine line between imagination and the real thing. All it takes is a right guy at the right place at the right time and she’ll dream no more sport.

Prevent it and fuck her silly from time to time. Memorize the following.

Grab her hair and pull it back slightly

While doing her from behind. Don’t do it violently. Pull her head just enough to hear the sound of appreciation. If she doesn’t like it, she’ll let you know, but that’s highly unlikely.

There is something animal about the doggie. We like it rough, they like it rough. It seems that this is one of those primordial instincts that never faded away entirely. And thank God for that, right?

When you let go of her hair or decide not to use this approach, try this:

Spank her ass few times, grab it and hold it firmly

Whenever you get a chance. But of course, only when sex is more likely to be rough. You’re a grown man. You know how to recognize that elevated state of passion at her. Use it and fuck her brains out!

Lick her pussy like a madafaka

Until she can’t bear anymore. Be a man, forget about yourself and lead her into a state of full trance by pleasuring her orally. If needed, spend 30 minutes down on her. You’ll treat your tongue with the ice cold beer later on. And she will pay the debt in a most wonderful way known to man.

This means that you’ll ONLY eat her pussy from time to time and move away. Jerk off later.

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Choke her gently

When in the missionary position. Of course, be gentle and follow her rhythm. If she disapproves it, she’ll remove your hand(s) and you’re not advised to try it again. Some human beings are frightened to death from this so be tactical.

But if you do it right and at the right moment she’ll come with the thunder!

Anal sex is on the table more often than you think sport

Funny thing huh? Who would have thought, right?

Well, as it turns out, anal sex is a sure way for her to experience orgasm. 90% of women who are practicing anal sex are claiming that they reach the climax while being fucked in the ass every time.

Thus, apply this wisdom, talk to your lady first and slowly but surely introduce this routine into your sex life. Don’t try to slip it by accident. Nobody is that dumb and you will regret it. Make your way inside slowly and gradually.

Once you get inside her ass, your life will become…well…happier 🙂

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But there is one other instance no one is discussing anal sex.

Hemorrhoids. If your partner suffers from this menace, you should re-think this option. By all means, discuss it with her but don’t force it. That shit hurts like a madafaka as you most likely know.

One thing is certain: anal sex rocks. And it’s sure as hell that we all like it tight!

Who knows, maybe G-spot is hidden inside her anus. What do you think? Is it plausible?

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