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4 Reasons Why Natural Loose Beats Silicone Tight (and you’re gonna love all 4 of them)

natural loose breasts vs silicone breasts
Written by Steven Hawk

Yeah, baby! Nothing beats that sensation when you’re dogging her and those gourd-shaped things just keep slamming on her chin and belly in a perpetual back and forth rhythm. You know that you are enjoying a natural loose pair of tits. Just like God imagined them.

And then you grab them, one by one, just to molest both hard without worrying that you could accidentally “break the bubble” and spend the rest of the night at the emergency room.

Because, well, that would just suck, I tell you that. People are staring at you, trying to figure out what the fuck went wrong and when they learn — and they will — you start seeing all those looks and “subtle” smiles.

#1 – You turn out to be a dumb fuck who punctured those beautiful artificial balloons.

Because that’s what they essentially are; freakin’ balloons. They should install the valve so you could “adjust” the volume the way it suits you in that particular moment. You know, when you get that sudden urge to “mate” with the high school graduate with those perky small tits and sharp nipples that could pick your eyes out if you’re not paying attention. Or when you want to put your head between them and just shake it. You pump some air in and that’s it.

To tell you the truth, I’m a bit disappointed in those plastic surgeons. Why don’t they want to do it? They could use the same system used on a basketball. If it works for them, and those guys can squeeze press and slam; it should work for the rest of us.

Yeah, with natural loose, you don’t have to think about these nonsenses because let’s be honest here: we do tend to think about the most stupid things for the most of the time. That gives you the gift of time to really enjoy that squeeze and that flexibility. I’ve seen breasts that a kid could take with him across the street while the mother is staring somewhere in a distance, standing 10 yards further. You just have to visit Africa, trust me.

OK, that’s one thing…you don’t have to worry about sudden and accidental deflating.

Let’s move further. I did promise 4 things, didn’t I? Right.

#2 – You can hold those natural loose tits like goddamn horse reins while dogging her in a style of a maniac!

I’ll bet you good money that you’ve never tried something like this before. MUST VISIT AFRICA for fuck’s sake. UNBELIEVABLE experience.

It happened accidentally to tell you the truth. At one point, I was able to see them over her shoulders. At first, I thought I’m imaging things. But then, there they were again, and again, and again. And then I tried to reach them. I got one from the third attempt. Goddamn that felt good.

Just imagine. You don’t have to bend to grab them. They are right there in your arms. It’s like riding the freaking horse!

OK, maybe I went too far in bringing this here but it was worthy of mentioning.

#3 – When you spank them, you can see those waves

Maybe you could even ride them, who knows? Yeah, who said that we are talking about boobs only? There are plenty of natural loose elements on a woman’s body.

But there is a problem if that ass is really XXL. How to find the freaking wet spot? Where is it? She lies down and you have to sit and take a long look just to make the game plan. Maybe even throw some flour all around to locate it, as Willis once said.

That’s extreme and we don’t want that. We are talking about those juicy “had an extra donut here and there” type of butts. The ones that you can stick your face in and only ears stay out. You can’t pull this shit with those iron butt or silicone tight cheeks. Shit, that even hurts your ballz because they slam against the piece of rock and not a cushy, soft piece of ass.

#4 – When she sits on your face, you can squeeze those butt cheeks ear to ear

You can’t do this when a gym chick sits on your face. It’s like holding two pieces of rock in your hands (OK, maybe not rocks…). But when that sweet, natural loose piece of ass settles all over your face, you can feel her skin on your ears. All you have to do is squeeze them against your face to disappear, well, forever if you don’t pay attention. That shit might suffocate you if you’re not careful. But either way, it does provide with the unique experience.


OK guys, have something to add here? Maybe 5th, or 6th advantage? Or maybe you have something against natural loose? Is there something wrong with you? Maybe you should visit your physician? Who knows, maybe you’re silicon addict… Seriously, let’s hear you.

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