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These Are The 3 Femme Fatales of the Zodiac

femme fatales of the zodiac
Written by Stephan Moreau

We can’t ignore it anymore. We cannot be that arrogant because we are depriving ourselves of the viable and useful insight. It’s really the time that we admit how general descriptions of the signs of the Zodiac can be extremely helpful.

The 3 hottest and most passionate types of women defined by the Zodiac.

Whether you’ll like it or not, their characters are precisely described. You only never made an effort to study it and draw your own conclusions based on past (and current) experiences.

We are here to help you out. You’ll learn what to expect from three different types of ladies when it comes to love, sex and relationships. We’ll teach you how to ignite that fire and how to activate the sleeping volcanos. And we’re saving the best for the last.

The differences may seem minor but that’s just an illusion. It’s those details and their understanding that separate a great lover from the poor one.

The funny thing is: we have it all laid down in front of us – for ages. Only we don’t have a habit of using the information in our best interest.

Aren’t they all same?

No, they are not. Far from that. There are 12 types of women (and we’ve elaborated all 12 but won’t show you just yet) and while they have things in common, there are some specific traits that separate them.

The general wiring is basically the same. They are all seeking for the strong, confident man with the sense of compassion. The man who will be there for her at any given moment.

But when you go deep inside her mind, you’ll find out that there are, in fact, 12 different types of women as it had been described by the Zodiac with the brutal precision. For some strange reason, we do get defined by our time of birth. Nobody knows why but it’s the reality of things.

Ignore it or play some macho crap like “Who believes in that shit anyway,” and you’ll deprive yourself of a useful insight. Why wandering without a plan if you have a map in your pocket, right?

Out of 12, the following 3 are the cream of the crops.

They are living fires just waiting to explode in raging fire. Play it well, and she’ll fuck your brains out every time. Both of you will only want more and more, and more.

Let’s learn the Top 3 ladies.

Deviant mind with an arrow

femme fatales of the zodiac sagittarius womanWhen you come to realize that you’re dealing with Sagittarius, be sure in one thing: she’s able to seduce any man but will not play the card of the sexy exterior. She’ll drive the man crazy with her mind games.

The adventurous mind is forcing her to experiment.

She’ll always be open to trying something new. No taboos exist for her. She’ll suck your cock right at the open field. Anal sex is something she appreciates because she knows how intense the orgasm can be. Role-playing and kinky sex is on the table at all times. She’ll do everything.

But that can act intimidating for less confident men.

And her temper can be overwhelming for those who are looking for a quiet and calm woman.

That’s what’s forcing the Arrow-Devil to change men like on a conveyor bay. She’s not a slut. She’s only having difficulties finding the right one. Many of those superficial relationships will end explosively because she’s perfectly capable of finding the sweet spot. Once she finds it, she will bite it over and over again until you bleed to death.

I guess, she’s just pissed because you failed her. You’re not the right one.


If you are the right one, she’s ready to devote herself to maximum and spend the rest of her life faithful.

For the right man, woman Sagittarius can be a nicely packaged gift from God. But that same man must take care of his own behavior. Fail to do that, and she’ll bite.

That being said, a Sagittarius woman has severe issues with patience.

Stall and you’re fucked. When she wants something, she wants it now. The problem is: she wants it all.

Naturally, not many are capable of coping with this. So if you fail to give it to her right there, right now, don’t be surprised when she goes ballistic and spill the river of angry and insulting words, not suitable for a lady.

Even though you didn’t make some big mistake in retrospective, when she’s overwhelmed by the anger, she becomes controlled by the pure rage. It causes her to lose control over her behavior and she’ll keep insulting you until you can’t take it anymore.

But there’s one thing about the Sagittarius woman that’s not that attractive.

In many cases, it can be the reason for a breakup.

For example, if you’re more successful than her, regardless of the field, she’ll make sure that your success goes out through your freakin’ nose. She’s the master of creating embarrassing situations out of nothing.

And when it comes to love relationship, you really don’t want to make her jealous. Even the slightest signs will trigger the rage in her and she’ll make the scene if needed. All it takes is a thought of being compromised or threatened.

She’s the one who will break the china set given to you by your granny and she’ll do that in front of everybody; your relatives and your parents. All because you failed to compliment the appetizer she made. Do something she finds offensive in the restaurant or any other public place and she’ll throw the drink right in your face, leaving you in wonder. Only two hours later she’ll be that gentle kitten again, pretending that nothing has happened.

She does all these things because her love relationship is the center of her life

And if you fuck up something along the way, she knows that she’ll be having a hard time recovering from it. That’s why she’s choosing the least attractive and least efficient ways to keep the man she loves by her side. In her mind, it’s that simple, seemingly insignificant wickedness that spices up the life and gives her relationship just the right taste.

Devote yourself to her, and you’ll have an amazing partner for the lifetime.

The Devil with the Poisonous Tail

femme fatales of the zodiac scorpio woman

Talk about femme fatale and you’re talking about the Scorpio woman.

It’s a creature with unbelievable imagination and even poisoner mouth. She’s not interested in wusses or mediocrity in any form. She’s taking only the best from the life.

The first thing you’ll notice about her is the look and those eyes.

It appears that the Scorpio woman is perfectly capable of hypnotizing the victim. That look will numb your feelings and block your rational thinking just to become her prey.

But not everybody is in danger.

She’s picking the man who is at least equal to her if not even stronger and more powerful. A self-confident man, capable of engaging in highly intellectual conversations and unusual sex games in bed is the one who is feeding her heart and soul.

She’s not shy to show her deepest emotions and reveal those hidden secrets to the one she loves.

Because she’s not interested in the entire world but only the fragment of the micro-cosmos she has built for her and her partner.


Revenge is best served cold. That’s her motto.

Try to tie or overpower her and you’ll be punished.

According to her motto, that won’t happen immediately. She’ll wait for her moment and strike when you least expect it.

The Scorpio woman is highly possessive and very jealous.

So don’t even think about other women. If she even smells the possibility, you’re seriously screwed. FUBAR is the term that comes to one’s mind. Because, in her mind, she’s the undisputable ruler and owner of your heart.

The problem many men are facing with is her natural intuitiveness.

That talent is allowing the Scorpio woman to dig out most hidden parts of the man’s soul. It appears like she’s possessing some unnatural powers. Keep the secret and she’ll find out. Come clean before she pulls that secret out of you if you wanna keep this raging fire in your bed.

They will go so far with it that they are perfectly capable of tying you up in the middle of the sex while you’re dressed up in some weird S&M outfit and call your own mother to come visit you. Get out from that if you can.

The bottom line is: if you want a passionate life companion and you’re willing to devote yourself, then Scorpio woman or the devil with the poisonous tail is the right choice.

The Lioness

femme fatales of the zodiac leo woman

As I said, we were saving the best for the end.

When we talk perfection, we talk Lioness, no matter what some people think about it. Men who think that we’re over exaggerating are pussies with no passion or endurance.

Because it takes a real man to handle the Lioness.

She is the woman of extremes.

If she loves you, hills will move. If not, she’ll hate your gut.

Even though she displays a certain image of power and untouchability to the public when in hands of her man, she’s transforming into a kitten.

2 things matter to her when it comes to love relationship:

1) She must be the authority in a relationship

2) They must get along simply perfect in bed.

This is because she’s, in fact, a very sensible person. Meet these conditions and there will be no boundaries to her happiness and emotional fulfillment.

But now comes the biggest obstacle every man is coming across if he decides to spend his life with the Lioness.

She expects — 24/7 — to be admired by her partner.

He must tell her how she’s the one and only; the unmatchable, the masterpiece. And if it’s possible for her to be intellectually superior to her partner, even better.

If that’s not the case, she’ll simply ignore it and persuade herself into believing that she is. The lioness will create her own illusion regardless of the fact that you are considered to be the smartest man on the planet.

However, that fairytale is starting to collapse the very first time a man refuses to have sex with her.

The next morning, you can expect scratched car because she can’t fight her ego.

It’s the only way for her to get back to normal functioning. And if you only look at someone younger or more desirable be ready for some long ass morally-politic lecture.

The Lioness has the surreal ability to convince everyone how everything is only black and white without any shades of grey in between.

So she’ll use the situation such as the one described above and do every effort to convince you that you don’t love her anymore, or how your relationship is losing every meaning, even though that’s the last thing on your mind. As far as you’re concerned, everything is in perfect order. It’s just natural to have a peek at some hot young body. Well, according to her, it’s a mortal sin.

Heaven forbids that you tell her how her hips seem wider than they were last year.

Do that and don’t act surprised if you see her all dressed up with the sledgehammer in her hands, pounding the hood of your wheels. She’ll save the windshield for the last.

If possible, she’ll keep tracking you down and wait until you have some pussy inside with you, sucking your cock. Then she’ll react just to embarrass you more while at the same time won’t feel ashamed even a bit.

But what makes the Lionesses such supreme lovers?

Being superior and in charge throughout the day is draining out her energy. It’s because her behavior is opposite to the original program of the females. That program says that a woman should be in an inferior position to a man. The Lioness will spend her active time proving the world otherwise. And that will drain her out.

If she’s alone, over the longer period of time, she will cry from time to time in the solitude of her empty bedroom.

Add a strong, confident man and let him grab her, and she’ll turn into a poppet.

And here’s the thing: nothing excites the lioness more than when she’s fully relaxed like under the anesthesia where her entire body is helpless.

She’s waiting for her man to flip her, squeeze her, spank her, pick her up, spread her legs, tell her to get up or go down, and do whatever the hell he wants as long as he is the one doing all the work. It’s the force awakened and fully unleashed.

Force her to do some work and she’ll cool off.

She will go through it but with only a quantum of desire.

But work her like a puppet and you’ll activate the volcano.

You haven’t experienced a woman’s passion until you’ve spent some time in a romantic and fully devoted love relationship with the Lioness.

However, do remember that if you’re lacking self-confidence or not in your best shape, leave it a rest. It’s not for you.

The thing is: unlike other women, who will make every effort to turn you on, the Lioness is the volcano that needs a great earthquake to erupt. But the reward is unimaginable. It will be the most sensual and the most intense eruption you’ll ever experience.


That’s it folks. Out of 12, these 3 deserved to be called Femme Fatales of the Zodiac. They are undisputable rulers of controversy and extremes with the Lioness ruling them all. Find one and see it for yourself.

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