6 Questions You Need to Ask in Every Relationship

Written by Charlie Greene

Starting a new relationship can be a fun and exciting time for anyone – especially when you’re a successful individual. For most, the trial and error of a relationship can be an interesting accomplishment, but it always comes with a few kinks that you’ll both have to work out. Sometimes, these problems can cause a minor disruption. Other times, the differences can be so substantial, it can literally destroy a relationship. Before you find yourself in one of these situations, here are six questions you need to ask your partner – before you commit.

What is your opinion on having children?

Not everyone wants to have a huge collection of kids, which is why it’s important to discuss this early on in the relationship – especially if you’re not interested in having any little ones. By being honest and up front, you’ll have less of an issue with it down the road.

How important is career to you?

As a successful individual, there’s a good chance that your job and career is important to you – so sharing the same ideals with someone is just as crucial to the success of your relationship. For some, being able to take care of their partner is something they feel strongly about. For others, having a person contribute financially is vital to a successful relationship.

How comfortable are you being alone?

Everyone needs their space at times, which is why talking to your partner about time apart is important. Some women, particularly younger ones, can be quite demanding and crave attention all of the time. If you’d like a bit of space, make sure you talk about your expectation early on – to prevent headaches in the future.

How committed to this relationship are you?

Are you looking for the occasional date or are you wanting someone to wake up to every single morning? While it’s important to be honest about what you want, it’s important to also listen to and respect what her values are. If you’re having a few problems with the level of commitment, break it off early on – because that’s what’s fair to her.

Where do you want to be in life?

If she’s perfectly comfortable living in her parent’s basement the rest of her life, chances are, she’s not going to blend well with your family and core beliefs. Make sure that you talk to her about where she wants to be and how she plans to get there – before you make a long-term commitment with someone who doesn’t have the same drive as you.

Can we make this work?

Small and minor differences are normal. In fact, being different can be a positive thing—adding spice and fun to your life. If you’re having a serious issue with some differences, take a few minutes to figure out how you can make it work together. If you can’t, it might be best to cut ties and move on to someone else.

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