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How Feminist Anti-Objectification Campaign Creates Middle-aged Singles

Written by Igor K

There’s a rising concern about the radical increase of middle-aged singles of both genders or people who are willingly living alone without any desire to share their space with the opposite gender and propagate. The numbers are alarming because that same lifestyle is causing the Westerners to decrease in numbers by the day.

This trend is predominantly present in Caucasians where, for an extended period of time, we see a median rate of 1.2 births per year. Other demographics, residing in the west, are following in Caucasians’ footsteps because current enforced gender equality policy in that part of the World, derived from all those ridiculous feminism campaigns, demands and agendas, is now yielding a long-term negative consequences.

But that’s not the core of the problem.

As we said, the number of individuals of both genders who are less prone to engage in an emotional relationship in order to ensure the propagation of the species is dramatically increasing.

Consequently, less children are being born every year, leading to the moment where death rate will far exceed the number of births and one specific demographic will eventually cease to exist.

We have predominantly talked about the Caucasians whose female population has a leading role in, so-called, Third Wave Feminism Movement. Willingly or not, we have set ourselves on the path of inevitable extinction. It may happen in a distant future, but it will happen and Caucasians will eventually cease to exist.

Every other demographic agreeing with feminist, anti-objectification campaign that advocates the change in a way we are perceiving women, or where women should not be “assessed” and/or judged on account of their natural raw sexuality, will meet the same destiny as Caucasians.

The obvious CYNICISM behind Feminist Anti-Objectification Campaign is the least of our problems.

When you run out of ideas, you often start making shit up and talk nonsense. That’s the case with this ridiculous campaign based on a premise that men sexually objectify women. No shit Sherlocks? How did you figure that one out?

In its essence, feminism is a niche, an industry, same as every other, where individuals and groups from both genders are making a shit load of money on naive people.

Radical feminists, such as Anita Sakeesian and alike, are spreading these irrational and ridiculous messages how we should stop with the millions of years long practice of enjoying the rounded shape and non-verbal cues of a woman’s body. They go so far, that they are building promising and profitable careers on trashing the freaking’ video games in which female characters are apparently too sexy. It appears that female characters should wear ski or space suits to hide the inevitable hip waving movement, décolletage, breasts and butt.

However, it’s perfectly OK for the male character to appear muscularly-carved and butt-naked.

And it is OK. We are perfectly aware of the fact that every heterosexual woman on this planet simply can’t wait for any young actor to take his shirt off and show those carved ABS. That’s perfectly natural because our advanced eye for beauty is tuned to spot two opposites (beautiful and ugly) before anything else.

That’s why we have gold and diamonds as something of the ultimate value. And, if presence is any indicator, we can be sure that it was a woman who triggered that trend and transformed these pretty much useless minerals into the most cherished items of personal and monetary value.

So, if we know that women are also enjoying the sight of the impeccable male body and everything else that can be described and considered as beautiful, then what’s wrong with the appearance of, let’s say, Lara Croft? Remember her? Should the designer feed her with buckets of donuts for a month and then redesign her body? Would that make them happy?

No matter how obvious and irrational, that cynicism is not what should make us anxious. That’s just a shallow attempt to fill in the empty space in the niche and make some money, that’s all.

Anti-Objectification campaign hides more serious and direct dangers

Recent stats show that young women are frequently becoming less interested in having children in their 20s and even 30s. They fail to understand how there’s a perfectly logical biological reason why a woman becomes fertile already as the teenager – same as every man on this planet.

By the time they (women) become willing to conceive and give birth, genetic material becomes simply too damaged to produce a healthy baby.


Our DNA changes, as we are aging. It’s in its most vital status while we are teenagers and extremely young adults.

That said, it’s only natural to assume that every educated individual on this planet is perfectly aware of that fact.

So why are women willingly refusing to conceive and give birth while they are young and healthy?

Because they are less interested in getting married.

The way she figures is why would she cook for some sadistic, smelly, good for nothing, demanding animal? She’s better off on her own.

That’s how mainstream feminism has traditionally presented men to young women! We are sadistic mommas’ boys who only need someone to cook for us and iron our shirts. Occasional sex is just a welcomed bonus because we can always find some naïve, mindless woman, willing to have sex with us.

Who would even think to spend a day with such a person, right?

And the circle of doom has been created.


Altered behavioral pattern of young, modern-day women, caused by such a distorted perception of men and society, based on false generalizations of few negative life examples, has a tremendous negative impact on the minds of young men.

Young men are less interested in women in general because they don’t know how to handle them or even why to handle them in the first place. All those messages and now widely accepted image of strong, self-reliable and confident women are confusing their minds. They simply don’t see the point of exposing themselves to any kind of embarrassing situations and possible rejection.

They now see a woman who is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She doesn’t need a man anymore.

In addition, why would he spend even a minute of his life the way his father did? Why would he tolerate any kind of sadistic psycho outbursts coming from someone smaller and weaker? Why would he allow such a woman to run his life? Because, it’s illegal to put the stop on such a behavior. The penalty is jail time.

Yet, it’s perfectly accepted for a woman to molest her man, both physically and psychologically. Call the cops and you’ll be mocked. Use the force, as the instinct is telling you, and your ass will end up in jail. You lose either way.

When you are growing up in such an environment, of course you won’t be rushing to settle down with potential nemesis.

So why would you seek for a woman?

For the sake of propagation?

Propagation of the species is the last thing on a man’s mind. Baby just happens to us. It’s the women who are driven by that invisible urge to have babies and become mothers.

And that’s the problem.

If there’s nothing sexy and/or attractive at woman, if she doesn’t really need a man to take care of her, man will fail to notice any potential at that particular woman. Eliminate the leggings, mini skirts, bikini and thongs, sexy hip movements, overall looks, décolletages, seductive look under the eyebrows, women are familiar to, and you have successfully eliminated every possibility for propagation!


Because we, the men, are wired to provide and protect. And we will devote our lives to only those women who manage to attract our attention. The only way for them to do it is to communicate that sexual energy and passion.

Unlike us, women are wired to seek for protection and someone who will sustain all the burdens and sicknesses and provide for them with ever-burning desire.

That definitely doesn’t mean that we are wired to treat our wives as shit or yet another item on our disposal. Woman, who knows how to use her God given sexual potentials, has a loyal, devoted, caring and loving husband who will die for her. Our younger female generations simply don’t see it that way anymore.

On the other hand, a woman, who’s acting more like a man, and who has a habit of sending aggressive and deterring signals to everyone around her, will either end up alone or with a man who is suffering from a severe inferiority complex caused by momma issues and who will eventually snap and make damage. Either by directly physically harming the strong, confident and over-commanding wife of his, or by engaging in sadistic sexual behavior where some other innocent woman will serve as a relief valve.

It’s just the nature of our minds. We are simply programmed to operate in such a way because the only reason why we exist in a first place is the fact that it is possible to make another one. And that simply can’t happen without the seduction game!

Seduction game as the key of our prosperity

Do women enjoy and frequently use porn to enrich their sex lives?

According to every single study up to date, they do. You know it because it’s not rare to lie down with your woman and let her pick the porn of the day. Every feminist on this planet know it because they play at least one once a week. The preferable picks are most likely the porn with two guys and one woman, or girl-on-girl action. By the way, the third most wanted categories when it comes to females searching for porn is anal sex. Pornhub made an effort and published the stats few months ago.

Do women enjoy the admiration of any kind?

She will dress up, put her best makeup, pull her shirt down and fill the bra with socks if needed, to emphasize those breasts and attract immediate attention from both genders. Yes, as much as they appreciate the attention of men, they are even more satisfied with themselves when they trigger the envy and hidden admiration of other women.

Do women seek for confirmation of their sexuality?

If not, weight loss as the industry would not exist in the first place. If not, mirrors would not be placed in almost every room of the household. If not, makeup manufacturers would go out of business same as those producing sexy lingerie.

Will the strong and confident woman cry from time to time in a corner of her bedroom when no one is watching?


I’ve seen this on numerous occasions and it happens just because society is now imposing different expectations for women. They are indoctrinated to become fully independent as soon as possible and that puts an immense burden on their shoulders. Being a top female executive is great and admirable, but it has its price. She is not wired to fight. Thus, she must burst in tears from time to time. Stress is killing her and nothing would thrill her more than to have a strong and confident alpha man along her side to take care of her so she could have a break. Yet, no matter how strong this desire is, she cannot “betray” the “movement.” She will continue suffering rather than admitting who she really is and what she truly wants.

Does a heterosexual woman become frustrated when no man is taking interest in her?

Of course!

Paradoxically, feminists are making every effort to kill that raw feminine sexuality that makes men fight each other and even wage wars for some sexy ass and beautiful eyes.

The image of a strong, self-reliable woman, who needs no man by her side, is something we men find amusing for a couple of minutes and then move on to real women.

We want those perky and sexy and that’s the truth. We want those who will embrace our innate urge to protect and provide for them. We want those who will allow us to take care of them. We want those passionate, who are looking forward for a night of raw passion.

Every other type is perceived as yet another masculine, frustrated lesbian who is funny for a moment, but annoying if we are forced to listen to her for more than a minute.

The truth is: if there’s nothing particularly sexy about her, we are losing our interest. Because, there is no such thing as friendship between men and women.

Now, if every woman on this planet starts behaving the way radical feminists are advocating, how many marriages can we expect? How many children?

Or, what if the lights go off across this planet, which, by the way, can happen in every given moment?

All it takes is a single, precise, coronary mass ejection and that’s it. We are back in darkness in a single second for the next 5 years. What then?

I’ll tell you what would happen in that scenario.

All those loud radical feminists would start pulling their shirts down and stuffing their bras with socks. Deep down they know how it’s the only way to attract the attention of a reliable, confident alpha male who is capable of protecting them and ensuring their survival in those harsh times.

It’s easy to be loud after we built everything to ensure security. It’s easy to spread irrational and bullshit messages to make money after we spend thousands of years building fortifications, weapons and fences to shield our species from the outside predatory elements.

It’s easy to present yourself as confident and self-reliable when there’s no real, immediate danger or need to hunt.

Why it’s so easy?

Because, we, the men, made sure of that. Our instincts were driving us. We died in millions to create a safety zone for our women and children.

And now, few profit-seeking men and women are exploiting that same safety zone for their dangerous false prophecy.

Do you see gender equality or logics anywhere?

What are they fighting for now? Alleged equality? Non-objectification policy?

This is our message to all those pro-feminism individuals and groups

As long as you give your place in a society based on some enforced quota, and not on account of natural, biochemical societal validation of your own expressions, don’t expect respect.

Society will never accept you no matter how good you think you are.

Look back hundreds of years and you’ll find numerous women who got recognized based on their deeds and successes. Hundreds and thousands of years after their deaths, we are still admiring them.

That’s the only way to get recognition and validation in our society because it’s basically a biochemical thing.

It’s all about the serotonin in our brains. If you fail to trigger the activation of that specific neurotransmitter in my brain, I will not respect you, no matter who put you on that position.

It’s just the way it works and if you seek for the proof, you don’t have to move further from yourself. Do some self-reflecting and you’ll see the faces of those who earned their right to remain in your memory.

Not one got there thanks to some quota, right?



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