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Casual Sex is Myth!

Now, wotta hell did she say about casual sex in that short video?

Basically this: sex is sex. There are no deviations or disambiguation except in poses and level of arousal, hence there isn’t such thing as casual sex. When she touches your genitals, the effect is the same, regardless of the occasion. That’s why 5-minute bumpin’ ugly with the strange may end up with you buying the ring, even though nobody got pregnant.

In other words, every time you get a boner on some woman, testosterone neurotransmitter fires. When she gets attracted to you, that same hormone starts wreaking havoc inside her body also.

As our expert said, everything is revolving around the same thing:

Our primitive urge for mating.

There she is, standing by the door, looking at you with that familiar I-want-to-bump-ugly-with-you look. Your response is a pure chemical sequence:

  1. Initial arousal/excitement increases the testosterone
  2. When the critical level is reached, dopamine reward system will start firing, which will give you the focus and enhance the energy levels, boosting your stamina. It’s those moments when you just don’t give a fuck whether someone might see you in action. Hell, sometimes, I don’t think an earthquake could prevent me from doing it.
  3. And it all ends with oxytocin and vasopressin neurotransmitters activation.

It’s the activation of these last neurotransmitters, happening during the orgasm and shortly after, that eliminates the existence of “casual sex” because both are responsible for the feeling of mutual trust – the attachment.

That’s why Dr. Fisher said that between 25 and 35% of surveyed adults from both genders claim how one-night stand transformed into a long-term committed relationship. What started as, ‘Was fun, see ya’, ended with, ‘Will you take out that goddamn garbage bag already!’

It happens because of the inevitable firing of “trust” chemicals.

As we explained on a couple of occasions, we, as the species, bond in tight groups. It’s due to the evolution of our brain and an enhanced effect of neurotransmitters oxytocin and vasopressin. Oxytocin is believed to have a predominant role in this.

Nature incorporated a neat trick once it became obvious that we stand far greater chances of survival if we form a group. Something had to become the core of that group.

It’s the elemental long-term bonding between one man and one woman that enabled us to reach our current state of mind and society in general.

How to make it happen? Fire oxy when they are orgasming! Add vasy to enhance the feeling. And voila! You love her and she loves you. Who would have thought that one drunken night would result in those 3 beautiful kids, running over the playground now…

But this simple explanation, provided by Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and author of “Anatomy of Love,” hides the solution for poor sex life.

As we could see — and hopefully learn — it all starts, endures and ends with testosterone hormone/neurotransmitter. So, the obvious reason for fucked up libido is the low level or inability to produce more than minimum of this crucial hormone.

Luckily for you, there are simple ways to tackle this issue.

You don’t have to buy pills if you don’t feel like it. There are few neat “adjustments” to be made in your daily life and your testosterone levels will peak again, guaranteed!

When the specific medical condition is eliminated as the source of the problem, there’s only one reason why your brain refuses to fire testosterone. You fucked up something and thus, you have to make it right, otherwise, you’re risking your health since we know now that sex extends the life expectancy! If nothing else, your wife won’t put up with that low libido shit for any extended period of time. Guess what she’ll do to compensate and satisfy her needs.

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