5 Causes of Low Libido – Recognize and Fix

Written by Stephan Moreau

Sex is the pillar of healthy and long lasting relationship – but a low libido can destroy it all. With general security derived from the feeling of safety, sex is the second determining factor of your wife’s level of satisfaction with you. How do you perform in bed and how often are you doing it, bears great importance not only to you, but to her also.

Without going into a general statistics that may or may not apply to your situation, we are sure that you’ll find yourself in at least 2 of 6 listed life struggles that render you less effective in bed. And let’s face it, if something is defining a man, that’s the level and frequency of pleasures he’s able to provide for her.

#1 – Shitty diet protocols

With all this craze about fat loss and general concern with obesity ever more man are engaged in some sort of dietary protocol in hope to lose weight in X number of days. Not only that the constant feeling of hunger caused by the serious lack of nutrients is pissing you off, total absence of saturated fats seriously impacts the testosterone levels transforming you, the man, into a walking pussy. Testosterone is metabolized from saturated fats, remember that.

FIX: Have some bacon, don’t be a wuss. Instead of depriving, cut your meals in half and engage in some sports activity or bodybuilding like men do.

Testosterone is metabolized from saturated fats, remember that.

#2 – When stress triggers fear and concerns

You have to distinct the stress caused by the overwhelming job dynamics and problem solving which generally yield great results. That’s more of a “high” than it is a stress. But, if you’re burdened with financial insecurity or rumors about soon lay-offs at your company, that shit will take you over and render you completely useless in bed. Your wife, same as you, can distinct when you’re in for it and when you’re “filling the form.”

FIX: Detach! It does sound hard thing to do but get this: the only absolute in your life is death. Everything else is life itself with its ups and downs. Because there will always be days when you’ll find yourself in shit up to your neck. What can you do about it…you’ll be in shit for a while. It is life after all.

#3 – Low confidence caused by constant escape from problems

It’s rather simple actually. If you choose to flight more often than to fight, you’re suffering from low confidence disorder. This is due to your basic program as a man. You are programmed to act as a provider and a protector. And the only way to play those roles correctly is to step up and answer every challenge. We rarely get into the situation where flight is a logical response.

FIX: Grow some goddamn ballz and stop letting ladies to take care of your business. As long as you’re caving in, you’re failing to accumulate adequate amount of dopamine which is the primary cause of acute and chronic depression.

#4 – Low confidence caused by the failure to reach or even a total absence of goal to pursuit

What it does is connected with the dopamine; the most powerful hormone in your body and something that’s driving you forward. If you don’t know where you’re going or if you fail to achieve almost a certain goal, that shit echoes through your body, blocking the secretion of the “high.” It’s that same feeling you get when you want something you see. With every step of the way, you’re feeling more confident because with every step closer to your goal, you’re receiving more dopamine. And once you lay your hands on it, you’re overwhelmed with it.

FIX: Even if you failed, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it yet another shot. There is an effective way to reboot. Check it out. If you are wandering around not knowing what to do next, sit down and write down what you ultimately want to achieve. Work backwards to create mini-steps.

#5 – Low stamina

Catching breath like a drowning man in the middle of the intense sex, will most likely cause it to deflate. Your body switches from having fun to survival mode.

FIX: Really?


These are the most common 5 almost nobody is trying to fix. Make no mistakes; everything from the list has a major impact on your marriage through poor sex life and total dissatisfaction with it from behalf of your wife. Work to fix it or suffer. It’s up to you.

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