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7 Dirty Secrets Women Don’t Tell You

dirty secrets women never tell
Written by Steven Hawk

Some men can spend decades with their women and won’t find out about the deepest, dirty secrets in their partners’ minds. And those secrets are everything but silly or innocent. We’re talking about the deviant and immoral stuff hardly any woman speaks openly about.

700 women got surveyed by the team of the US scientist. They wanted to find out if there’s something a woman would never tell her partner. The reason behind this relatively kinky research was to find out if those secrets are doing damage to relationships.

So let’s see what dirty secrets our women aren’t telling us. Some are particularly interesting, I shit you not.

Dirty Secret #1 – She slept with far more men than you think

If you ask for the number (God only knows why would you ask something like this, but whatever), 100% of them will instantly lie about it and seriously decrease the number. They just don’t like to talk about their past sexual experiences and relationships.

There’s a good reason for this lie: we (men) see it as the threat and it makes us feel insecure. Women know that.

But there’s another reason why a woman won’t tell you the truth. It’s that enforced puritanism in our society that apparently includes only women. If she slept with 20 men before you, she’s a slut. And you’re not even if you have a far greater count. Makes no sense to me.

Dirty Secret #2 – Adultery

The chances that a woman cheated on her man is around 32%. You should be extremely worried if she stops showing any sexual interest in you. And if she doesn’t put the makeup for you anymore and the last seductive sign was months ago, your horns are already fully grown only you don’t see them.

But what forces them to commit the adultery?


  • 19% do it because they are not in love anymore.
  • 17% do it out of pure boredom.
  • 28% want to feel attractive again.
  • Every tenth claim that she simply cannot resist the hunk and hard sex.

Usual suspects?

  • A friend is in the center of her lust in 20% of cases.
  • 10% choose colleague.
  • Ex-boyfriend/husband appears in 13% of cases.
  • Stranger in 12%.
  • The chances that she has slept or is still sleeping with one of your friends are less than 1%.

Dirty Secret #3 – They are faking orgasms

48% of all surveyed women admit that they’ve faked the orgasms. Occasional faking appears in 35% of women. Every second time in as much as 16%. Every twentieth fakes the orgasm every freakin’ time.

According to one study done in 2009, 63% of all women who fake the orgasm weren’t the ones who initiated sex. 29% didn’t even want to have sex in the first place.

In other words, they just fake it ‘till you make it so they would have their peace while you’re snoring.

Dirty Secret #4 – They are keeping the contact with their exes

I bet you didn’t wanna hear this. But according to the research found in CyberPsychology & Behavior publication, almost 75% of all surveyed women are keeping contact with their ex-sexual partners. And they are mostly using social networks for that shit.

Warning signs are:

  • The quick closing of windows and
  • Shutting down the laptop when you surprise her.

Not something you wanted to know, isn’t it?

Dirty Secret #5 – They yearn for other men

32% of women are imagining another man during the sexual intercourse, but even 65% always think about their current partner. Experts agree that the fantasy is a normal behavior and sometimes even useful. After all, a bit of a fantasy is not cheating; not even on an emotional level.

Dirty Secret #6 – She probably masturbates more often than you

Every fourth woman in relationship masturbates several times per week. Closely the same number is jerking off a few times per month. Every third woman is watching porn while touching herself. That, of course, when she’s all alone and it doesn’t happen for more than once per month.

And it’s quite normal. Paradoxically as it might seem, more they have sex, the more frequent will they masturbate. The good news is that a woman who masturbates frequently is more likely to go along with experimenting. That can even include simultaneous (joint) masturbation.

Dirty Secret #7 – She’s not turned on by her partner anymore

42% of women don’t find their partners attractive anymore.

3% of them even find partners repulsive.


  • 18% think that he’s useless in bed.
  • 16% complain about the physical appearance.
  • 13% consider their partners sexually selfish.
  • 11% have a problem with partner’s hygiene.
  • 9% suffer due to the erectile dysfunction and
  • 7% see the problem in size of the dick.


How about that… Admit it, you wanna talk with her right now, don’t you? I strongly advise against that particular action. Don’t ask the question if you don’t wanna hear the answer. Because, in all fairness, what we don’t know, cannot harm us.

Let them have their secrets. It’s not like we are some saints in this matter, isn’t it?

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