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This One FEAR is Blocking Your SUCCESS

Written by Sean Collins

Do you know what’s been stopping your progress? Why you can’t move from the daydreaming and put your passion in motion? It’s this one fear common for every human being on this planet, that’s been rooted in our most primitive survival instinct and self-defense mechanism.

Fear of the unknown

Every human being has it. No one is immune to it. It’s here with us from the dawn of our species and it’s one thing that’s been keeping us alive all this time.

So, in one hand, fear of the unknown is pretty much welcome because it’s sharpening your senses, making you less likely to over-risk by entering in a least favorable situation.

On the other hand, however, fear of the unknown is making you to miss one opportunity after another because, by definition, every “new opportunity” is something largely unknown.

It’s a mind blowing paradox where only one thing helps to keep the gentle balance and those are ballz of steel!

How do you utilize your two gems to deal with the fear of the unknown – but still remain reasonable?

As we said, fear is welcome. It keeps you on the edge and prevents you from acting like a mindless idiot.

But this is where the line must be drawn.

Fear of the unknown must only be that simple regulator or even a leverage that will trigger your logical thinking and allow you to see beyond just positive aspects of the “opportunity.” It opens your mind to all those small, hidden risks that cause people to fail.

And those risks are not where you are expecting them.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Its not the opportunity or the concept, that’s risky. It’s the person’s wrong processing and execution patterns. ” quote=”Its not the opportunity or the concept, that’s risky. It’s the person’s wrong processing and execution patterns. “]In you. In me. In everyone around us. It’s we who fuck it up eventually and not the business concept or any other endeavor you’ve been thinking about while seemingly executing your 9-5 duties.

For instance…

Let’s say that you came up with the magnificent innovative idea of some kind.

Your automatic question — the very first that pops in your mind after coming up with it — is not how to build it, but how to sell it. And that’s where 80% of all men cave in.

The problem is in their minds and not in the idea itself because, as a rule of thumb, no matter what you make or have, you can sell it. There is no such thing like a product or a service without the market.

So, when you examine every potential business concept/idea that failed, you will find that the fail factor is human processing error and not the quality of the service or the product.

It’s the lack of:

  • determination,
  • discipline,
  • flexibility, and
  • experience,

that caused even the stupidest idea to drop from the cliff and crash in millions of pieces – the idea that, if it was processed and executed in optimal way, would bring money and prosperity to its inventor.

And all four from the bullet list above require ballz.

We need ballz to stay on top of our mission and remove every distracting factor from our path. Ballz are essential to overrule ourselves because stubbornness killed more businesses than anything else did.

For example, you need ballz to hire someone far better than you to execute the part of the overall process. It’s basically the self-executed attack on own ego and there are many out there who are not capable of pulling this off.

Given the above stated, ballz are therefore also needed to put your own skills and experience under the microscope and see how there are areas you need to perfect by attending additional education – again, something missed by many due to stubborn misbelief in own capabilities.

Conclusion is simple

[clickToTweet tweet=”Evaluate yourself, your character and experience. That’s the only true way to minimize the possibility of failure.” quote=”Evaluate yourself, your character and experience. That’s the only true way to minimize the possibility of failure.”]

Just do a simple SWOT analysis and that will be the best thing you can do for yourself. If you don’t know what this means, fly over this short tutorial and learn how to apply SWOT (usually used in marketing plans) on yourself.



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