Ballz of Steel

Simple Way to Unwuss and Act as a Real Man

Written by Sean Collins

We screwed up the evolution that’s for sure. Maybe it is for the better since different types of people are able to survive and thrive in our contemporary society full of empathy and sympathy. If you ask the nature – that shit would never happen. Nature is always about experimenting what works and what doesn’t work. The latter is eliminated from the equation as soon as possible to leave room for the foremost.

In our case, this principle voids. Our collective knowledge and willingness to share and support one another ultimately fucked up the nature’s game.

But did we manage to screw the natural process of elimination and survival of the fittest entirely?

The fact is that we still rely on our primitive instincts. Whatever we do is based on principal emotions rooted deep inside the most primitive parts of our brain.

In terms of being a man that comes down to power and sex. There is no way to avoid this basic principle of being a man. Our modern society is enabling you to hide the fact that you are not up to the task even though you are a man, but it does affect your self-confidence which reflects on how you experience yourself and your life in general. Being a wuss will ultimately hurt your feelings.

Now to make something clear here. We are not talking about some macho bullshit and street fighting. We are talking about your direct ability to display power and get laid whenever you feel like it. There are additional means to achieve both other than fistfight or rape.

But in all honesty, kicking someone in the face and knocking his teeth out one by one cannot be really substituted with anything else in terms of power display and self-confidence boost. It should be of course avoided if you are not planning to do some time in county jail.

Nevertheless, when you are openly provoked by some punk, you should respond accordingly. Telling on him to the cops will not help you emotionally. Kicking his ass all over the place will.

So what’s stopping you to do something like that? Why did you suffer severe beatings during your younger life in school or while playing outside? And to be perfectly clear, size of the opponent or his age had nothing to do with the fact that you wussed out.


It’s about your response and not about the final outcome. There are no guarantees how the fight will end. You can be sure as hell that you are on top of your game and then end up in ER because you overestimated your abilities and vice versa.

When two bulls are fighting they don’t think about losing. They think and focus on winning. The possible outcome doesn’t concern them. They are driven by invisible force of nature that is telling them to fight in order to survive as a species.

We think too god damn much and as a result we become more focused on possible consequences. That renders us inoperative because you are capable of rationalizing every potential situation as risk. Even feeding can be seen as something extremely life threatening if you think about it. You can choke to death or eat something toxic. And yet, you are still eating don’t you?

It may appear over simplified but in its core it is like that. You need to play to win and not to avoid losing. Of course, calculating your chances will help you to direct your offensive efforts in the right direction.

But if you focus only on potentially negative outcomes you will wuss out from every challenge in your life. You will start missing the opportunities because you will see them as potential risk. And it has nothing to do with your fighting abilities but your willingness to take a risk from time to time.

Let’s take Mark Zuckerberg for example. Does he strike you as a fellow who is capable of beating the shit out of you? Probably not. And yet he is one of the most powerful men on the planet now. How come?

Can he get laid whenever he feels like it? Yes.

Can he defend himself and even engage in offensive way? Yes.

It’s because of his willingness to take certain risks, focusing on the opportunity rather than on a negative outcome. Thus, we can say that Mark Zuckerberg is the man with the ballz. He’s taking calculated risks to achieve financial success in order to compensate for his height and overall appearance. He can kick your ass whenever he feels like it.

So to unwuss simply change your perception of the fear and start taking risks.  

About the author

Sean Collins

An investigative journalist with the thing for business, confidence, societal, and human behavior topics. The straightforward guy with the opinion that doesn't always agree with the mainstream. We call him Choozo. Cuz he's picky. About freakin' everything.