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The Way of Ma di Tau – Tale of Ultimate Determination

Written by Mark Novicki

The Ma di Tau story demonstrates the power of the determined individual – in this case, a lioness. And the purpose of this wonderful and powerful story is to show you the prime example of terminal determination. Learn from it.

At the beginning, Ma di Tau wandered across her land with her partner, enjoying the everyday life. But their small piece of paradise is about to turn to hell when another lion pride sets to take over their territory.

In the fearsome battle, she had lost her lion. Yet, in that fight, she left the life-standing mark on the rival leading lioness – Ma di Tau left her with only one eye.

When something like this happens, lioness usually subjugates to the new leaders. That means that the new alpha lion will kill the cubs to eliminate every last bit of the previous king’s genes.

So, Ma di Tau was facing the choice:

  1. She could do what every other lioness would do in her current situation and start all over from the start.
  2. Or head into the unknown.

Swift look behind and the choice was made. She left into the unknown along with her secret – the three young cubs; the only reminder of her past life.

Surrounded from all sides by the enemy lions and human population, she settled on a little island in the middle of the swampy area.

Life wasn’t easy for her with a constant worry for her cubs and need for the kill. Enemy lions on one side, human population on the other, and rest of the area overcrowded with the hostile African buffalos. And the latter will play a decisive role in her life.

In one bloody attack she lost her cubs and in a process – lost her name; Ma di Tau – the mother and the protector of the lions.

No one knows how or why, but somehow she did recognize the killer and set to revenge her cubs.

In a single chase she targeted the leading bull. It was the pure suicide attempt. But in the attack, she managed to leave her marks on him, sending a clear message – I’ll be back.

Then, she spotted the pack of the lionesses, led by the silver eye leader – the one she knew all too well.

In a split second, she made a choice.

A single, brutal attack on her opponent was enough to eliminate the silver eye lioness from the leading position. Without even turning back, she set back to the deep water in a pursuit for the buffalos – one in particular.

Then, something extraordinary happened – the lionesses recognized the might she’s carrying within and decided to follow her into the water.

With the reinforcement, she managed to kill the leading bull and to retaliate for the loss of her young ones.

And then, miracle happened.

In a distance she heard a familiar call. One of her cubs was still alive. It was a little male, calling for her. One could almost see the joy on her face once she realized she didn’t lose all of her cubs.

She regained her name – Ma di Tau.


From the defeated, ousted lioness, once a queen of the pride, she managed to adapt to a new harsh environment and to use it in her advantage. She regained the glory and became a mighty queen of a swamp pride.

That made her the first lion ever which successfully hunts in the water.

Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome

And we are talking about the carnivore animal here. If a lioness can do this kind of transformation in those conditions, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same, maybe even better.

But where is the analogy you ask?

In one point of her life she had lost everything. But it didn’t break her. It only made her angrier and more determined.

By overcoming the obstacles and adapting to the new conditions, Ma di Tau successfully made a comeback and did it with the style. And her persistence was awarded with the appearance of a young male cub.

So there is the key point here:

You don’t retreat forever when some event force you to that action. You only retreat temporarily to regroup and to strike back. War is not over until you have a one last breath in you. And at the end, you will be awarded for your work.

You adapt, you improvise, and you overcome. If a lioness does it so can you.

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Mark Novicki