Is She Faking It and Do You Even Care

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Of course you do but to what extent? Is it something beyond your comprehension or interest and you simply made your piece with the fact that you cannot drive your woman to the end each time you have sex? If that is the case, please go over the interview we had with one special lady. It will give you a clue what could happen if you keep neglecting this underlying part of your life together.

After all, if it wasn’t for daily series of intensive orgasms, it is highly unlikely that she would even be considering you as her partner. It doesn’t even matter how tall you are when you stand on your wallet. Same as we, women find the ultimate satisfaction in orgasm. More, the merrier.

So if you think you can’t do anything about it and that she’s happy with what she has, you are wrong. And if you wait for too god damn long, she will find someone who will fuck her brains out once a week, guaranteed. Don’t forget that women’s needs in this particular matter are no different than ours. And, sorry to be the one who breaks this to you, jerkin’ off doesn’t yield any long term results for them, same as it can’t do much good for us either.

It’s time you get your shit together and start paying the freakin’ attention if you want her to stay faithful and devoted. Everything, and we mean everything is in your hands – or someone else’s if you fail to react in time.

How to tell that she’s faking it

Ability to differentiate fake from the real thing demands concentration in every second of your moment of intimacy with your wife. From the start all the way to the end of it. They are good at it; we have to give them that. It takes master to recognize it because it is most likely that she’ll do it the very moment she feels you are reaching your end. And let’s face it – in that moment absolutely nothing else matters. It is the ultimate moment of one’s selfishness.

But this is also the moment when it is most easy to recognize the “faker.” After you catch some breath, look at her and observe her reactions. You know her. Remember what she was like in your beginnings. Nothing really changed no matter how old are you or how long have you been together. Those eyes and body language never change. If you remember, you could tell the level of her satisfaction from a single look on her body after you’re done. Recall that moments because they are the same.

If she faked it, she will look the other way or even look at you with eyes that no man should ever look at. You will see it. No glow, no happiness, no nothing. Just a hollow view asking you if you are done already and secretly hoping that you will leave the room soon to take a whizz so she could finish it on her own. True, it does happen to everyone but the main question is: how often?

But what about the times when you finally persuade her into having sex with you? How do you know that she isn’t doing it just to get you of her back? Again, eyes will tell everything; eyes and subtle smile on her face. If that voids, lick your ass off to bring her at least to the level of serious sexual arousal, otherwise she won’t even bother to fake it but instead you’ll get a piece of her mind.

It all comes down to the intensity of her shivering and that brief moment just before her orgasm. She will stop her movements and her entire body will start to shiver uncontrollably. And then she’ll burst in flames and you’ll have a hard time keeping up with her rhythm, especially if your head is between her legs. And this is one thing you don’t want to miss ever. Screw this part couple of times and you’ll have a hard time getting her into having sex with you.

So, pay attention and do care if you want happy life with someone you are sleeping with. 

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