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When Gender Equality Policy Backfires

Gender equality - Ballz Magazine
Written by Steven Hawk

Gender equality movement takes epic proportions. We are being constantly bombarded with messages, coming from the feminists’ camp, how women must receive the same treatment as men – in every segment of our lives.

Well, a week ago, this arrogant and reckless tendency, that hasn’t been thought through, almost got one woman killed. If it wasn’t for me, she would end up in the trauma room, having a team of skilled plastic surgeons figuring out how the fuck to put her face back where it used to be.

Shit happened rather suddenly, as it usually does.

Gender equality - Ballz MagazineI heard some commotion outside. Somebody was arguing. A guy was pretty loud and sounded aggressive. At first, I thought it was some group of drunken fellows, arguing about “who saw her first” or “my team is better than yours, you son of a bitch” kinda stuff.

But then, in that noise and yelling and aggression, in the middle of the night, I heard a scared voice of a woman.

So I stepped outside my balcony and saw the patrol car. Brain works faster than a speed of light in those moments and it took a nanosecond to figure out what the hell is going on out there.

Couldn’t see much from all those goddamn tress but it was obvious that shit will escalate pretty soon and somebody — her most likely — will end up in bad shape.

As a former cop, I didn’t think for a second before I jumped over the fence and ran towards the noise, just to see this small, blond woman in uniform, trying to control some bold, drunk dude who was becoming really annoying with every passing second to tell you the truth. Don’t know about you, but I don’t like when someone is disturbing my evening Zen.

Before I could pass through all those trees and reach the site, the guy pushed her so hard that she literally flew back a couple of yards, landing on the gravel road between apartment building, with her back. It was pretty dark, but you could still see what the hell is going on because of the streetlight, not far away.

Talking about the nick of time…

She was lying there, like a corps and guy was just about to kneel on her chest and start pounding her face when I showed up, grabbed him by the neck and threw him away.

It was my dear neighbor, famous for his misbehavior after having few shots and some drugs with his pals. Steve just didn’t give a fuck about cops because they were ruining his drug business.

That poor female cop was still struggling to get back on her feet when I already had him firmly sealed to the ground, thinking how stupid I was for leaving the cigarettes inside the apartment.

It’s basically a simple move. Just step on guy’s neck and that’s it. He won’t move. He won’t talk. Situation under control.

Then again, I’m 210 pounds, he’s around 170 pounds and she weighs max. 100 pounds. It’s fairly easy for me to grab someone’s neck and squeeze the life out of him. She, on the other hand, can’t do it. Shit, she didn’t even get the chance to pull the spray, Taser or a gun.

Now, my question is fairly simple:

Who the fuck is she supposed to keep safe? Me? You? Our Neighborhood?

She can’t freakin’ defend herself. How on Earth do they expect that she’ll be effective on patrol?

Trust me; I’ve been dealing with scumbags for more than a decade. It’s a tough line of work and definitely not for anyone. You spend your days exposed to negative, aggressive, hostile and above all, dangerous. Cops are losing their lives daily, all across the world. And female cops are not the exception.

I had a nasty experience one time in night shift when a female colleague stopped the car and asked the driver to undergo a standard alcohol test. Luckily, I was maybe 20 yards away, controlling another vehicle and passengers (by the standard procedure, while one partner is performing a certain duty, the other is providing with the cover). I looked right only to see some old twat grabbing her boobs and her butt, so obviously trying to fuck her on site.

How did she respond?

Stop please! Sir, please stop!” I can still hear her pleading. Couldn’t believe that shit. Honestly.

It took one simple punch with the club to put him down on the ground and stop that nonsense because people were gathering around, laughing their asses off.

Is it really a place for a young, gentle woman, who’s about to become a mother any time soon?

Isn’t it better to put her in the crime unit than on the street?


Women may bitch about it as much as they like, but the undeniable fact is: they are lacking strength and testosterone to deal with punks on the hostile streets!

If it wasn’t for my reaction, that poor woman, regardless of the fact that she’s armed and wearing a badge, would most likely end up badly beaten because it wasn’t the first time that my dear neighbor Steve is trying to kick the shit out of the police officer.

In this particular situation, society, with its delusion of gender equality in every segment of our lives, handed him a simple prey. He could do whatever the fuck he wanted with her that night. Even rape her after thoroughly kicking her ass.

Who would be held responsible for that? Would even one of those loud feminists shed a tear?

No. Nobody would even allocate a second to read the news, let alone to react. They would all stay in their homes and keep blogging about how women should be equally represented in every field of human activity.

Be it as it may, it’s just not the case because:

There are professional environments where you need raw strength, high level of testosterone and natural tendency for aggressive behavior.

Gender equality - Ballz MagazineWomen are just not wired in that way and nobody can say anything that could even remotely counter-argue that fact!

How many women have to lose their lives before someone comes to senses and sees the reality?

Gender equality is fine, but it’s just not applicable in every field, period!

People are losing their health and their lives because of this stubborn policy, coming from the safety of different offices and living rooms. Coming from the people who simply lack the experience.

As the result of this delusion, your life, the life of your wife and the life of your child, is put in serious jeopardy! How do you feel about it?





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