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Castrating Men in Sweden is Just the Beginning

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Written by Steven Hawk

Who says you need a knife to cut someone’s balls? All you need is a society of pussies who behave like Julius Caesar and Mark Antony when in the presence of a hot woman – in their case, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, the famous Cleopatra.

It seems that we like pussy so fucking much that we are even willing to castrate ourselves to get some. How else would you describe this new disturbing trend where young boys are raised to believe how they are good for nothing and how girls are the true power of this species so they better behave humble or else!

A new, funny, yet disturbing personal pronoun

You are talking to “him”? Or, are you talking to “her”? Apparently, neither is the truth in Sweden. They came up with the secret option C).

Sweden is a lovely country with the great sense for social issues. But this time, they’ve gone just too fucking far. In their everlasting effort to erase the sex difference (why?), young boys, in some daycares and schools, are not allowed to address to someone in traditional him/her way.

They are instead instructed to use the new derivate – HEN (in Scandinavian, ham=him; hun=her).

ballz magazine

In some schools and daycare in Sweden its forbidden to use a gender specific word. They should instead use the word HEN for both boys and girls.

You can sense the confusion, right?

Well, you can. Young boy can’t! You can teach the child to bark if you want and it will appear normal because young brain is tabula rasa with only basic code to enable life support and primitive survival. Everything else is “uploaded” by the adults – parents, relatives, neighbors, system (school and daycare centers) and surrounding environment.

And it’s not just happening in Sweden!

We are witnessing the global shift where you stand far weaker chances to land a good job if there’s a woman competing. She’s given the tactical advantage.

Take special governments’ program in any of the Western countries. How many are there for men? None. Go to the bank and raise the capital; that’s all you can do of you want to start the business. However, if you have a cunt between your legs, then the entire process becomes much easier because there are numerous different models for a female entrepreneur to start the business with FREE MONEY!

Where the fuck is gender equality in that?

Are we seriously trying to install the equality with inequality? It’s the same like fighting overweight with greasy cheeseburgers for fuck’s sake. It cannot be done that way. Or can it?

It appears that this paradox is working!

Because if you say something that can even remotely be described as sexist, your ass is fired on the spot and you can consider yourself lucky if they don’t file a lawsuit. Taken the other way around, she can spank your butt and everybody will have a great laugh. “Look how cool she is,” they will all think. So enticed with her “action,” a male fool tries the same “good job” cue ON HER butt and the whole hell breaks loose.

Can someone please explain this paradox to me since I’m apparently too goddamn dumb to see the logic?

Can there truly be gender equality?

Aaah, feminists and the majority of the women are now thinking about suing our asses, only they can blow our whistles to tell you the truth, because honeys, here comes the undeniable explanation of this fact of life.

It’s about the basic biology of our bodies and the fact that we are loaded with something females are not. And that overload makes a decisive impact on the level of effectiveness and the sole possibility to get certain jobs done.

If you follow us regularly, then you’ve read the piece about that unfortunate incident where a young female police officer almost ended up in plastic surgery and avoided being raped because a man stepped up and saved her butt – literary!

Long story short, she was dispatched to apprehend a drunk and drugged man, known for his nasty habit to engage the cops because they are screwing his drug business. All alone, in almost pitch dark, she approached the villain like a woman would approach her man – non-optimal in a given situation, as you can imagine.

Well, it doesn’t work that way on the streets, as she soon found out, because dude knocked her down on the ground and was getting ready to show who her daddy is, but forgot that I’m living only a couple of yards away.

This simple case is showing the dangers of this new approach. Women are enticed to engage in every possible field of work and those who are enticing them have no experience with it. As the result, we are seeing young female officers systematically beaten, raped and even killed.

You don’t get that a lot when the male cop is dealing with the fuckups!

Why we are using the law enforcement field to show how dangerous this tendency to cut our ballz is?

Can you imagine a more socially responsible profession or a segment of our modern lives than the law enforcement?

Cops are the only thing, ensuring your good night’s sleep!

Just imagine what would happen if there wouldn’t be patrols roaming through your neighborhood.

Having a female cop on patrol isn’t helping anybody because men are not perceiving them as a threat, the same way they perceive male cops. As a result, they are cockier when addressing to the female police officer. If she fails to react in an appropriate way, as they usually fail to do, the whole situation, normally handled in a matter of seconds, has a tendency to escalate into a serious and life-threatening incident.

Now, how does that fact ensures the safety of your family? Do you want more female cops on the streets of your neighborhood, knowing how your male neighbors don’t respect them?

However, women, with their innate ability to notice every single freakin’ detail are making great crime investigators and that’s another undeniable fact. Give her some time to gain necessary experience and she’ll be solving cases on a conveyor bay.

So if you’re about to put women in force, make the fucking best out of it and employ them on positions more suited for them and not on the ones that depends on a level of testosterone, brute force and tendency for violent behavior – something every male patrol cop has.

But what about businesses? Can they handle it?

Sure, why not. Running a business is about being a great tactician and strategist and we all know that these are the true strengths of women. They are cunning as the only mean to compensate for the lack of raw power. That makes them successful in running a business.

The question is: why are they given obvious advantage?

Because, some male screwup, a long time ago, was having his head between the legs of some feminist with an agenda and we all know what that means – we will do anything in that moment, no matter what that is!

One dumbass here, the other there, and pretty soon we had a movement, where men themselves, in order to suck up to women, are bending over, creating programs where females are given free money to start the business. Be a woman, older than 30, and you’re given tens of thousands of free money to start whatever the fuck you think will work. Nobody is even making an effort to check that business plan.

How everything ends in 98% of cases?

With her, crying almost every evening because she can’t handle the stress due to the poor business planning and a complete lack of experience in a field. She fails and society weeps. A goddam Greek tragedy. Poor her.

You fail and you’ll be yet another irresponsible, reckless, good for nothing momma’s boy. An ultimate fail. Disaster, just waiting to happen.

To make things even better – you have some money to pay back, don’t you? She hasn’t any…

How’s that for gender equality?

But if you wanna talk about the paradox, talk about the marriages

One simple phone call and your ass are in custody. Questions are asked later. It’s based on that “shoot first, ask later” principle. But it doesn’t work the other way around!

Years ago, while I was still working in patrol, I had a case of domestic violence. Husband slapped the wife after an extensive argument, overheard and reported by neighbors. She fell down from the sheer force of the kick.

Later, during the trial, the guy said something I still remember. A female judge, presiding in the case, asked him something about does he feel ashamed about the entire situation. He got up, looked at the judge and said this:

“Would you approach some strange man, start yelling at him, throwing stuff at him and call his mother a slut, among all those other heavy insults?”

“Where are you going with this?” Judge was showing the signs of anxiety and annoyance.

ballz magazine“You wouldn’t, of course, because how dumb you must be to expose yourself to almost certain beatings or even worse, right? Yet, when you’re arguing with your husband, and be honest about this, you are behaving just like that, even though it’s obvious that he can crush your every bone, in every given moment. Isn’t that right?”

Judge held her lips shut. The whole court was silent. The man continued.

“You see, that’s the paradox of the entire situation and we are all perfectly aware of that. For some strange reason, against all of our instincts, it’s normal and common for a woman to yell and throw stuff. It’s normal and accepted that she calls her husband names, insults his mother, father, brothers and sisters and even hit him. He can’t do shit about it. But, if that same man reacts in any way to stop that obvious aggression, that would never occur in a normal social conduct, he’ll end up in jail. Can you explain the logic to me please?”

“You could also report your wife for misconduct, the same way she reported you. We have laws and courts for dealing with that kind of behavior.” Judge gave the usual comment.

The guy ended up in jail for 6 straight months.

I’m not saying that the judge was wrong, but you do have to consider the paradox of the situation, right? Normally, she would never engage you because of the fear. But once she’s married to you, the system is empowering her to crash your ballz whenever she fucking wants!

Does that strike you like something that could be considered as gender equality?


When you take a closer look at the entire gender equality policy, you come to realize that it has nothing to do with equality. They (women) are given the obvious advantage in almost every field and many of them are exploiting the system to the max.

And now, they are pushing the envelope by cutting the ballz of the young boys, trying to reprogram their behavior in a completely unnatural way. Do they honestly believe that the entire concept won’t backfire in a most dreadful way?

By making pussies out of men, they are endangering the future of the entire species because let’s not forget where we are! We are living in one harsh and hostile environment where mercy, as the term and the behavior we like to use and enforce, doesn’t exist.

If it wasn’t for men and their strength, endurance and raw mental power to keep solving ever bigger problems, we would never live in a concrete building, seemingly safe from the elements! And when shit hits the fan, guess who is expected to take charge and make lifesaving decisions!

Unfortunately, shit does have tendency to hit when we least expect it. Do we really want to raise the generation of pussies who wouldn’t survive for a second outside the concrete walls we made?

Something to think about because it will happen if we continue enforcing this unnatural and dangerous policy.

He is he. She is she. It’s the biological fact. So what the fuck is wrong with that?

And yes, it does apply to transgender individuals, because there can only be either him or her.

Those who can’t fucking make their mind about the gender are fucked either way so why bothering. Indecisiveness, same as mercy is something not known in the nature. You’ll either make the best decision or the wrong one. There’s nothing in between!

Creating the pussies instead of real men will backfire sooner or later because some shit will happen, all eyes will be on the nearest man and that “man” will be searching for his mother, not knowing what to do. He’ll wonder why the fuck everybody stares at him all of the sudden.

“Isn’t it a woman who’s supposed to show the ballz now?” He will think.

Does that situation seem optimal for our existence on this volatile and unpredictable planet?


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