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20-20-20 Option We All Have

Written by Steven Hawk

But hardly ever use it! What are the odds of your existence? How unlikely it is that you get the chance to live and breathe on this wonderful planet? And how do you spend that life?

By obeying someone else, and almost never land an opportunity to make something the way you want it!

Irony? Paradox? Insanity?

I’d go with insanity. Because, the tragedy is – it’s our choice, for the biggest part!

First 20

Of course, we are talking about the

First 20 years, you’re obeying to the rules of your parents and the school system. No matter how cool you think it would be to pull that shit, you know that someone will show up and slap you.

If you disobey the dogma and fail to follow in the footsteps of the herd, you’ll be marked as yet another “problem,” “delinquent,” or even worse.

So, weak and alone, you choose to stay away from “troubles.”


And finally, when you are “off the hook” and living on your own, for the first time ever, what do you do?

  1. A) You find the “job”
  2. B) You get married!

8 hours of your every day — if you’re lucky — go to obeying the rules of your working environment. And that shit is strict, isn’t it? Like it’s not enough, you have to put up with someone’s shit on a day to day bases. But, it puts food on the table, so you suck it up and go through those shitty 8 hours – every single fucking day!

Now comes the fun part.

You come home and nothing would thrill you more than to kick back and relax with a fresh juicy pizza and cold beer. But noooo. Have you forgot that you need to drive her to…well…wherever the hell she want?

Let’s try a simple exercise…

Put your mind into it…

Think…when was the last time you had it your way without having to spend hours arguing and slamming the doors on your way out?

THE LAST 20 – if you’re lucky, of course

shutterstock_388053439That little exercise got you thinking, didn’t it? 20 years obeying: parents, every freakin’ adult who comes your way, and the school. Next 20 years you do nothing else but obeying some frustrated human being who seems to spend much of her day thinking how to make your life just a little bit more miserable that day.

That’s 40 years of your life without free will!

Now comes the breaking point…

The chances are slim that many of us will drop dead around 60th birthday.

Maybe you’ll live to see the 70s, maybe you won’t. Nobody can tell for sure.

That’s 20 years…the 3/3.



What if…

We spend this last third THE WAY WE WANT? Have you ever thought about that possibility?

I mean, why the fuck not? Kids are old enough. The wife is considering you like something brought to this world to serve as a punching bag for her. Sex is something happening to other people and in movies. What do you have to live for?

For God’s sake, we are only 40. Still young, but with added wisdom. Practically in a perfect age to live our lives with full lungs for the first time ever! She (the wife) will probably have more fun with some new guy than with you so even in her case that could turn out to be a positive thing. Maybe that new surge of passion will do wonders for her, who knows, right?

But have you ever stopped and thought what do you really want to do with your life? Don’t you have some dream? Something that’s been poking you in a head for quite some time now?

Do we really want to become those old men, sitting on their front porches, thinking about lost opportunities? Do we really want to become the shadows?

Don’t know about you, but I’m thinking about breaking these chains and organize my goddamn living room wall the way I fucking like! I don’t want to waste the moment of this ridiculously short life on someone’s caprices, no matter who that someone is! I wanna LIVE! And God is my witness – I WILL!

How about you?

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