How to Solve Erectile Dysfunction by Watching Porns

How to cure erectile dysfunction by watching porn
Written by Steven Hawk

Erectile problems, such as chronic or acute erectile dysfunction, may in fact be caused by overexposure to porno movies. If you’re having problems getting erect and trouble maintaining a hard on, it just may be that the immense amount of porns you watch day-to-day and frequent masturbation is causing your ED.

2 most common causes of ED

One is STRESS where your body is simply overwhelmed with the cortisol, a defense mechanism’s neurotransmitter (hormone), acting as the first stage of “fight-or-flight” response.

Financial worries for instance are well known for their negative effect because cortisol should be fired ONLY in life and death situation or when you’re saving your ass from the imminent danger. Modern days’ stress should not be one of those situations. One of those negative outcomes of the cortisol overexposure, is not getting erections on the woman you love!

But, erectile problems such as inability to get your hard on when your woman is expecting it (in other words, when she’s doing everything in her power to get it up and maintain it hard, yet failing to get it up at all) are caused by one other thing we explained in details HERE[i1] .

In short, by frequent watching of porns, your brain is getting a distorted image of the reality of things and unfortunately, the reality is that your woman will hardly ever replicate the things you’re seeing in porns!

Thus, when time comes to have sex with your woman, your dick simply won’t obey your wishes. And it won’t do it because the stuff your wife is “doing” are hardly enough to trigger the right amount of different chemicals which will then turn on your erection mechanism. At the end, you’re apologizing, making all sorts of excuses while in reality, all you did was draining out every last piece of sexual energy from your body.

Add the pressure difference between your hand when you’re masturbating and vagina, and you, my friend, have a perfect combo for extremely stubborn erectile dysfunction.

Be it as it may, porns can also cure your ED!

That’s right, porns may turn out to be the best erectile help. Do it right and your erectile problems will become the thing of the past. How cool is that, right?

Because, it’s clear now that one of the focused causes of ED, beside the stress connected with our contemporary lifestyle — which is known to cause erection problems in 20s already — is the overexposure of your brain to the stimuli coming from porno action you’re viewing on daily basis.

As we’ve explained, your brain expects no less than what it has seen and memorized. Once brain realizes that your wife/girlfriend won’t deliver the anticipated form of action, system freezes – there’s not enough stimuli and your dick simply can’t get erect. You can partially thank your mirror neurons for that, although, it’s those same mirror neurons that allows you to get your hard on by watching other people having sex (porn!).

It’s like your everyday junkie. First, one shot rocks the world. Next, our dear fucked up junkie needs at least few shots to replicate the initial effect. It ends with as much as 30 shots per day. Brain wants more and more because it likes it and because endorphins and oxytocin are doing their part in the background, trying to eliminate the addiction to the substance.

Thus, your problems with erections are most likely caused by the fact that you can turn on porn on the go now.

Can over-the-counter erection pills help?

We are all fans of quick fixes, without exceptions. Same applies to erectile problems and particularly chronic erectile dysfunction. Erection pills, such as VIAGRA®[i2]  do help, no question about it. In some cases (tried, ergo I know J ) popping erection pills like VIAGRA® when you’re healthy and have no problem keeping erection, is like becoming a freakin’ Alice who suddenly ended in Porn-Wonderland. You can bang 2-3 women simultaneously, over an extended period of time (not recommended for those with chronic heart issues though!!), thus avoiding making sandwiches while those two are eating each other’s cunt.

But treating male erection problems with pills only may yield negative effect on a long run. Sure you can pop VIAGRA® every now and then, but you’re not advised to over exaggerate with its usage because you are risking a heart attack. VIAGRA® and similar erection pills are providing you primarily with the harder erection, thus eliminating the soft erections problem completely, which makes your lady happy. And we both know what that means, right? Yeah…

What VIAGRA® and some other erection pills are basically doing (their mechanism) is increasing your blood pressure. That’s all to it because that’s essentially all you need for harder erection – more blood!


Erectile dysfunction or problems with erection, be it a soft dick issue or not getting erections at all, can be treated with the cause of that same ED – PORNO MOVIES!!

How porns can prevent erectile problems and enable harder erection

What you’re doing when you watch your favorite porn action on your laptop or smartphone?

You’re masturbating.

When you cross certain age and your life falls into that famous routine, over-jerking tends to backfire. You have to run a pretty exciting life, full of drugs and shit and constantly changing women to remain highly operative while jerking off once or twice a day.

But, there’s a way to utilize those same porns to improve your erections. After a while, and with the practice, you’ll learn how to achieve longer erection as well.

Step 1 – Play your favorite porns early in the morning

Each morning, play some porns. There’s nothing essentially wrong with it and it does have the power to increase your heartrate, waking you up subsequently. You shouldn’t be having problems getting erect but if you do, that may indicate some physical condition so see your physician if that’s the case.

How long should the morning porn session last?

7-12 minutes proved itself as the optimal timeframe after series of testing by a group of men, age 30-65. It was enough time to entice the brain to fire all those wonderful chemicals that makes you feel great.

The bonus of this approach is the overall reduction of cortisol levels because mirror neurons are firing, stimulated by the images of sexual activities, and in all that action, one particular group of neurotransmitters is released – endorphins. They are best known for their pain-blocking ability but also work miracles when it comes to stress relief.


But, none of this will work if you fail in the following:

Step 2 – DO NOT masturbate!!!

And that’s the trick if you want to solve your erectile problems once and for all without popping pills or drinking some witchcrafted potions made God knows from what.

Take it out if you’re in your jeans and pressure becomes unbearable but do control yourself.

Again, if you can’t get erection on porns, in the morning, while you’re all alone, there’s something more serious going on in your body. It’s not just psychological issue. Schedule the medical exam with your physician A.S.A.P.!

How this procedure resolves erectile dysfunction

Your brain is getting stimulated the way it used BUT since there’s no sweat ending, something is missing from the entire picture and brain is more or less confused. “Wotta fuck is going on here,” asks the brain…What’s been going on is that nobody pressed the off switch. System is still running, waiting for the end signal.

You will deliberately deprive yourself from that finish to keep your system on the edge.

Sure, you’ll spend your day horny as hell, but that’s what you’re ultimately seeking for in the first place, right? You wanna get your usual hard boners when you get in bad with your woman, don’t you?

Ergo, play porns, but don’t jerk off. Being horny reduces stress, remember that. It may provoke aggressive reaction on account of all that testosterone but there’s nothing wrong with showing your teeth from time to time. If nothing else, your social environment will think twice before messing with you.

How long will it take for this erection problems natural remedy to work?

You should be able to fuck her brains out that same day!!!


If that doesn’t happen, repeat the procedure for the next few mornings. The point is to keep your system in the state of constant readiness, like Special Forces members are doing it. Only in your case, readiness implies a bit different spectrum of chemicals and each of those will get triggered by porn action stimuli.

You see, male erection problems are mainly caused by some psychological issue, whether is it a work stress or irrational expectations in bed after seeing all those professionals swallowing dicks and eating cum. Chances are, your wife won’t be so excited about doing that same thing.


Which leads us to the final piece of the puzzle and complete solution for your erectile problems.

You simply MUST include your wife/partner into this entire erectile dysfunction thing

Because, whether you’ll admit it or not, she is the part of the problem. You’ve been wondering how come so many girls are willing to do anal sex, deepthroating and cum swallowing while your woman won’t even look at you.

That shit has taken the toll, believe you me.

Now, worry not about her initial reaction. Worry about her reaction if your issue continues over the extended period of time.

Therefore, it’s essential to include her in the overall solution. She will have to do at least some effort to “unlock” your potentials. Be it some uncommon sexual activity (outdoor sex, anal sex, morning sex, oral sex, role playing…) or just lying beside you and watching porns, she has to do her part in this mess. That means – talk.

You have to explain yourself to her to calm her down because she thinks that she’s the problem. In reality, the problem resides in your head solely. That’s why her part in the overall solution is just marginal. All she has to essentially do, is endure your accumulated sexual energy. Which, by the way, will act as the thunder from the clear sky first time you pick her up and sex her like there’s no freakin’ tomorrow.

First time you’ll do it, it won’t last for long because you’re on the verge of explosion. So be ready to dive down there WHILE you’re ejaculating. She must feel that you’re doing everything you can to satisfy her needs. That will trigger the positive response inside her brain and that same evening or next day, you’re in for some hardcore sex.

By the way, there’s one thing you should know here.

If your erectile problems have lasted for some extended period of time —  you failed 2-3 times, which is more than enough to trigger the alarm in her brain — your wife is COMPLETELY DISSATISFIED!

And it’s not just sexual dissatisfaction.

Your wife is sure that you don’t find her attractive anymore. You can’t blame her for the drama because woman is desperate. In one hand, she doesn’t want to lose you. In the other, she thinks you’re an asshole who doesn’t want to sleep with her anymore. Ergo, the marital problem deepens. Erectile problems have the potential to break even the strongest bonds between a man and a woman.

But, once you apply the procedure and your body becomes one hot sexual machine, she’ll fall into a trans. First two times you bang that ass, it will stay horny!! That means that her clit will keep pulsating no matter how many times she comes in the timeframe of 2-3 days.

You two will turn into raw sexual machines, fucking each other’s brains out 2-3 times per day, like in the old days.

That will mark the end of your erectile dysfunction and her doubt in your loyalty because that particular thought was on her mind first time you failed in your duties as the husband. She was 90% sure that you’re screwing someone else.

If the erectile problem emerges again, you know what to do – play some porns and wait for 10 minutes alone with your woman!!


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