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SEX – The Only Game Where You Win by Losing

Written by Stephan Moreau

shutterstock_238411510And you don’t have to be carved as some fitness maniac. It’s completely irrelevant whether you’re fit and slim or a fat ass that can hardly tie the shoelaces.

To confuse you even more, we’ll tell you this: in this particular game, the only way to win by losing is to stay in a constant offensive!

You’re pushing forward like your favorite football team, only, at the end of the game, the opposite team must outscore you by at least 1 point; preferably even more (up to 4 if possible).

OK, what can it be?

Can you think about a game with the similar rules of engagement?

No, you can’t, because there’s only one and if you’re playing it wrong, your life, whether you’re in the relationship or not, most likely – sucks!

And it sucks because you’re depriving at least one person of the essential mix of chemicals. When the mixture is off balance, life sucks. Anxiety, depression and pure rage are surfacing. Everybody hanging around that particular, fucked up person is feeling dreadful.

And that fucked up and chemically off balanced person is your woman!

The key to a happy husband is a happy wife

Because when she’s happy, you’re living the dream. On the other hand, when she’s miserable, you are thinking about leaving or shooting a piece of lead and copper right into your mouth. That’s how annoying they can become if feeling neglected or miserable.

And what makes a woman happy?

SEX, that must fulfill two requests:


  1. It has to be frequent! Meta-studies done on tens of thousands of surveys are telling us that the “sweet spot” is 2 sexual intercourses per week at minimum. More the merrier, of course.
  2. It has to be of the utmost quality where her needs are put first!


When you think about it, it’s the very same thing that makes you happy. You see, other than plain anatomy, men and women are exactly the same types of creatures. Differences are only shades of pink and purple.

Like, she loves shopping and that annoys you. You love playing video games or shooting darts, which are the activities she finds boring and pointless. Pink and purple, but essentially the same things.

But sex is the one thing where we share exactly the same point of view, regardless of what people might think about it or what women are telling the world.

Put her beside the guy she finds attractive and leave them. She’ll be doing that dude in a nanosecond.

It’s just, you’re here…she knows you…you know her, and while we are being honest about it, your performance in bed might not be on a level she finds satisfying.

On top of everything, you’re fat, with the belly entering the room before you. To make things even worse, you can’t find your dick sometimes. It takes ages to remove that belly, grab the dick and point it in the right direction while you two are sideways, under the blanket, trying to pump ugly in complete silence because her mom is next door.

But there’s a way to make her forget about your beer belly.

shutterstock_346117259Weight loss and extreme fitness are for losers who don’t know how to satisfy their women otherwise. Sure, it’s highly recommended to be fit and slim and having no difficulties tying your own shoelaces. But let’s be real here: we want to eat and not to starve. Starving is making us more miserable than anything else. And we want good sex every next day; if not even every day.

So you don’t have a six-pack. So fucking what! Does that mean that you can’t have an even better sex life than those losers that are spending 4 hours in a gym every fucking day while a pool guy is doing their women?

Not for a second! Let them YouTube their six-packs and eat their greens while we’re drinking beer, eating greasy BBQ’s and fucking our wives like goddamn Olympic champions! Maybe we’ll start doing their wives in our spare time.

The secret is in fact quite simple.

You only need to make every effort to make her win the game EVERY TIME. When she wins, you’re winning also. From the perspective of scoring, that means that you’re actually losing.

It may sound confusing, but it’s quite simple actually: 2-1 for her benchmark is what you’re looking for every time you two are having sex. You can fail from time to time and finish the game even, but higher the percentile of her won games, the happier you are.

That means using aiding “tools.”

Can you lick for 10 straight minutes, increasing the intensity with every passing minute, while fingering her just the right way? Probably. Every man can do it.

But if you buy her a dildo, three things will happen:

  1. She’ll become madly passionate about having sex with you!
  2. She’ll be having an orgasm every time you have sex!
  3. You’ll be happy due to the fact that you’re scoring at least 3 times a week with the extremely passionate woman!


Some guys are thinking that dildo is some sort of competition and that their wives will start neglecting them. That’s the thinking of a narrow-minded person who doesn’t know jack about the sex and how to satisfy a woman. It’s most likely that the dude whose wife is doing some other dude while the dude one is at work.

The dildo is a godsend not only to wives but to husbands also because it actually increases the sexual desire at women.

There’s a study, done on a couple of hundred women between 30 and 45 years of age, where scientists have discovered how highly orgasmic women, among everything else, masturbate a lot! They know what turns them on and how to lead them to the orgasm by leading their partners.

Almost all of them are using dildos and claim how that simple vibrating pseudo-dick improved their sex life even though many of them were in the long-lasting relationship.

In other words, occasional “self-dildoing” actually improves her sexual desire and she wants more sex! And that’s all you wanna hear, right?

But there’s a catch

shutterstock_296988833While dildo can’t replace the real thing in any way, keep outscoring her and it will. At least until she finds another real thing.

As you will remember, when you manage to make her come 4-5 times in a row, she’ll stay horny as hell for the next 24 hours. Her clit will keep pulsating and she’ll be wanting more and more of it.

Of course, we the men, have our limits.

When a matured woman is in this state of mind, it would take at least 4 men taking turns on her to get the job done. You really don’t want that, don’t you?

Ergo, the dildo!

Take it out from her drawer and place it near you. Start playing with her. Warm her up a bit.

Now, take the dildo and start moving it down from her chin to her pubic bone. Don’t turn it on just yet and don’t touch her most sensitive part. Instead, focus on her breasts. Have some fun in that area.

Take one of her breasts out and start the “helper.” Gently touch the tip of her nipple with the vibrating dildo. Move to other boob and do the same.

Start moving down, slowly, and follow the dildo action with gentle kisses.

Finally, reach the center of everyone’s attention!

Go slowly over her clitoris with the vibrating dildo, slide it down to the entrance. Don’t go in just yet. There’s another hole waiting to be played with. You really don’t want to neglect the one hole that’s been reported as the place with the highest orgasmic score! 96% of woman claim that they reach climax during the anal sex! Keep that in mind.

Circle around the black hole for a second and then move up to the vaginal entrance. All that time, keep your tongue and your free hand highly employed!

Can you see the advantage now?

There’s no way in hell that you can provide her with such a pleasure with only your fingers and hands. You’re now using 3 different arousal methods and she can barely refrain from screaming loudly.

Now go in…and start licking like a pro. Squeeze that boob and harass that nipple with your free hand while you’re licking her clit and doing her with the dildo.

She’ll start moaning and twisting and twitching and moving all around the fucking place. That’s how aroused she’ll become.

GOLDEN RULE: whatever you are doing when she’s closing in to the climax, DO NOT change it! Just gradually increase the rhythm and force and don’t even think to move position or stop licking.

If you’re about to work her ass with the dildo, do it in the first halftime.

When she’s finally done (this first time), grab her and roll/get her on the knees. Press her upper back down just enough so her nipples would get stimulated by the surface. She’ll make that final move with her ass, sticking it up and making it fully accessible and at your mercy.

Go in and start fucking her from behind. Use the dildo and start working her ass also. Put the tip of the dildo gently in her ass and start paving the way to anal sex if you two are not doing it (hard to believe but there are cases nevertheless.)

I tell you one thing: if you calculated your last masturbation just right, you’ll endure just enough to make her come 4 times.

First time during foreplay. Second time from behind. Third time from the sideways position and the fourth time in a brutal and almost sadistic missionary position.

Keep in mind that with every following orgasm, she needs increasingly intensive — more powerful — stimulation.

Make sure to be particularly brutal after her 3rd orgasm!

Also, after you finish her from behind, give her the dildo. Let her have some fun on her own while you’re doing her sideways!

I’m almost willing to bet that the two of you will be doing it 4-6 times in one week!

How happy will that make you?

Do not avoid anal sex!

Hemorrhoids or not, do her in a black hole regularly. Even if she’s reluctant right now, the two of

Remember: 96% of women come during the anal sex. Some even report that this is the only way to come with penetration. Their vaginas may be less sensitive from time to time and the only way you’ll make her come is by using your tongue and dildo but the asshole is always open for play.

It’s been a while and she’s probably a bit shy or even scared. Use your fingers and dildo to prep the way for the real thing.

At the end, the only thing you want, in order to have a happy long-term relationship, is…

To make her over score you every single time. That’s the ultimate recipe for a long and happy relationship between man and his woman. Everything else is irrelevant. Money comes and goes. Children come and go. The youth comes and goes. But sex stick from the very first to the very last moment and it doesn’t change. It’s either good and frequent or relationship suffers.

That’s the reality of the things and all of those — men and women equally — who are thinking otherwise are dead wrong and don’t need the $200 an hour therapists to tell them what’s wrong with their marriages.

It’s not her mother; it’s not her spending habits; it’s not your belly or annoying friends, and it’s not money. It’s always about good sex!

Just keep in mind: either you’ll keep her happy and satisfied or someone else will. And if that isn’t the case, your life will be just another tragic tale full of bitterness and misery. To make things even worse, there will be two of you.

Who wants that anyway…


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