The 3 Times It’s Okay to Lie to Your Partner

Lie to your partner
Written by Charlie Greene

“Honesty is the best policy” seems to be the quote of the century – especially when it comes to relationships. For most, sticking with this belief is something tricky, when little white lies can seem like an easier solution than telling the truth. For most situations, it’s always better to be completely honest (like if you ate the cheesecake) – however, there are certain times that a simple lie can save you a huge argument or fight. To save you the hassle, here are three times it’s perfectly okay to lie:

  • The outfit request, “Does this make me look fat?”

Men, I’m going to tell you something that might come as a surprise. This question, under no circumstances, should be answered truthfully (unless you’re in a clothing store changing room – and even then, proceed with caution). It doesn’t matter if she looks like a whale, under no circumstance should your answer be ‘yes’.


That’s because most women who ask this question suffer from a lower self-esteem than others. By telling her she looks fat, her mind interprets this comment as you are thinking she looks over-weight all the time (instead of the outfit simply not being flattering). If you’d rather her wear something different, approach it with a nice, “it looks great on you – but my favorite outfit is…” this way, you’ll be happy to see her wear something better – without admitting it looks rancid while she’s wearing it.

  • The infamous, “How many people have you slept with?”

shutterstock_332450285I know this one seems a little controversial, but I’m going to let you in on a secret. Women only want to know that number – to know how many other fucks they have to compete with. In fact, hearing the number will either make her intensely competitive or intensely jealous. Neither of which is a good emotion to have. To help you combat these questions, pick a solid number and stick to it. A good rule of thumb is to take the total women you’ve slept with, divide it by three and then add three. For instance, if you’ve slept with 27 women, it would be 9 plus 3. So 12 women total.

  • The dreaded, “do you think she’s pretty?”

This is nothing more than a trap, unless you’re dating a bi-sexual (and if you are, virtual high five!). Women are jealous creatures and they want nothing more than to know that they are and will continue to be at the top of the food chain. Anything that is considered a threat is a major issue. If she’s asking, it’s likely because she saw you checking her out – which is always a bad thing. A smooth answer, is a simple backwards compliment that turns the attention back onto her. For instance, “she’s okay, but you’re prettier” or “she’s got nice eyes… but seems a little homely”. It doesn’t matter if she’s a smoking hot, perfect ten model – never admit a woman is prettier than the one you’re with. Ever.

About the author

Charlie Greene

Our sex expert, Charlie, is a long-time professional in the adult industry, specialized in screenplays for several major production houses. She is direct, have zero tolerance for weak and insecure men, loves to get in bed with another woman from time to time, and consider herself borderline nymphomaniac. Enjoys writing explicit sex stories that are mostly based on her own experiences. A loud advocate of sex toys and sexual liberties. Enjoys kink sex and admits to having one particular fetish that makes men addicted to her.

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