Secrets to keeping your woman happy in your sexlife

Keep your woman happy in your sexlife
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You are healthy, wealthy and successful. You have a beautiful girlfriend and a rocking relationship. Yet, at times you wonder whether your girl is happy with you. Happy with your sexlife….Well, keeping a woman happy in bed requires certain skills and we are here to help you to learn them.

Understanding what a woman wants

The first step to a happy and rocking sex life is knowing what your woman wants. Most women today are confident of themselves and quite open about their choices. You only need to encourage her to trust you and share her fantasies with you.

Every woman feels like a princess and wants her man to treat her like one. So when you get between the sheets with her, give her a royal treat. Tell her that she is beautiful and compliment her assets. One more thing, when you are with your girl, pay her full attention.

Begin on a right note

Sex is not about penetration and reaching climax for women. It starts with their mind and much before you get into the bedroom. To climax her and to make your woman happy in your sexlife, you need to turn her on and that starts with spending quality time with her. Dine with her, hold her hand and look into her eyes and tell her that you love her.  Once you set the foundation, romping would become more enjoyable to both of you.

Celebrate her womanhood

Yes, her womanhood is precious and you need to celebrate it. Start off with gentle kissing and hugging. Kiss her ankles and back of her thighs to turn her on. Be gentle to her body and start on a slow note. Once you find her turned on, increase your pace. By doing this, you will get ample time to know what she is enjoying and not and take actions accordingly.

Talk to her

Most women love sharing their feelings while having sex. Even dirty talks turn some on. So, know what your girl prefers and follow suit. Tell her sweet-nothings and how happy you are to be with her and you will soon find her opening her heart and love making would reach a different level.

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Get variety into your sex life – to keep your woman happy in your sexlife

Yes, it is important to have variety in terms of positions, techniques and even timing. Why always have sex at night? Try mornings and afternoons. Try different places like the living room or the study. Go for sex toys or other accessories. As you bring in diversity, you will be able to satisfy your fantasies and that would charge up the sex life.

So, what’s your little secret of keeping your woman hooked to you? Tell us so that we can discuss more.

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