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Habits women do not want to see in their men

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You are handsome. You are successful. You are ambitious. You are all that a woman may desire. Your woman drools over you and you enjoy all the attention she bestows upon you. However, you may have certain habits that she doesn’t approve of and it is better to do a reality check before taking your relationship to the next level. Here is a list of habits that women cannot stand and if you have any of these, it is better to get rid of them.

Do not ogle at other women

It is okay to check out other women and a little bit of flirting is also allowed, but if you ogle at them, your girlfriend would find plenty to complain. If the lady sitting across the table is too hot, you may not resist yourself from checking her out, but do that with subtlety. Women also check other men but they do so with discretion. Learning the skill will pay in the future, take my word.

Do not forget the big dates

Every girl has some big dates in her life, apart from her anniversary and birthday. These are the day when you met and the day when you first kissed and her parents’ birthdays and anniversary and maybe her dog’s birthday too. Does it sound intimidating? But you have to remember if you don’t want to get labeled as careless and unromantic. Moreover, you are expected to dress up properly for all these occasions and carry gifts also. So, use your mind or your Smartphone and never miss any of these days. Girls really get annoyed with forgetful husbands.

Practice good hygiene

You returned home after an 8 hour long day and jumped into the bed without bathing! How unhygienic you are. You didn’t brush your mouth after having garlic bread in dinner and you want to get romantic with her in bed? How could you even imagine that? Yes, you may not like to read this, but men do need to work on their sense of hygiene. Brushing teeth twice daily, bathing at least once daily, applying deodorants and getting regular haircuts are a few good habits that you must inculcate if don’t want a storm in your heaven.

Stop talking about your ex

It’s not fashionable to talk about your ex, even if you mean no harm. Most men fail to realize that remembering their ex-partners in conversations annoys their current girlfriends. So, refrain from it.

How many did you tick off? Are you ready to give up these bad habits? You better start from now to ensure a happy conjugal life.

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