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Accepting Responsibility

Written by Ballz Magazine

One characteristic of real men with with ballz is that they accept responsibility no matter what happens. A little wimp will come up with a thousand excuses on why everything is going wrong, and will whine and cry about it, and not do a damn thing to change the situations. Men take control, they assume responsibility, they are not worried about who it is they have to answer to, they are worried that they must answer to themselves. Men know they create their world, they have a determined mindset, and are aware of this fact of life. We don’t have to be at the mercy of circumstances our entire lives, where things just happen to us. Men interact in a positive, intelligent way with the world.

The universe can be looked upon as feminine in nature, and the man is the masculine force, and that what he deposits out in the world will bring about a return. He acts upon the universe in an influential manner, he produces results.

This really is what separates the men from the non-men. On the one hand you have the helpless, go-along to get-along type, just drifting here and there, just accepting whatever comes. control. They are mediocre, they work a regular 9-5 job, they pay their bills, and that is just about it.

Some non-men don’t even do that, they live on their moms couch! Then you have men who are successful, who are truly living life and gaining a lot from life. This is not saying that a real man won’t be found working a 9-5 job, if that is what he has to do! But he is smart and industrious, never complaining and always looking for opportunity.

The real man does what he wants, and takes the right steps to get there. I have to use the example of a drug-addict. Sometimes when someone is really hooked, they work non-stop to get their next “fix.” They are motivated, they are working hard, and they always get what they want. Yes, they can make something out of nothing! They want to get something, and even though they have limited resources, they find a way. They don’t always do it the right way, but it is always easier to do things the right way, so how much easier would it be for sober men to get what they want? We are not drug addicts (if you are get help), we are learning how to be men. If a drug addict can conjure up a massive amount motivation to get what they want, what is wrong with you? Maybe you don’t really want what you think you want. You don’t want it bad enough, because if you did, you wouldn’t stop. Sissies quit when they meet resistance, men work through it.

People will gravitate towards a man that is a controller. Control is defined as the power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events. That sounds like a man with balls! People, especially women, don’t want to be around a man that isn’t doing anything! If someone is lacking in ballz, they still admire those who have them.

You can inspire others when your taking responsibility and our directing their own life. I remember when I started my own business, I impacted the people around me. They started thinking about what is possible for them, what they could create. Ballz are contagious, and there is a demand for more men with them! It starts with us though, we have to be the example for others. 

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