Why You Must Allow a Child to Spin Around and to Jump Up and Down

Written by Igor K

Have you ever observed a child who just lost its balance after spinning around its vertical axis for a while? What happens after that same child slams on the ground?

If you take a moment and see what will happen, you will notice that child has spread its legs and arms and laughs from the bottom of the heart. He/she is extremely happy in that moment.

Too bad this isn’t occurring frequently because the moment child’s mother or grandmother spots the spinning action, she automatically screams and stops the child by grabbing it with her arms. To make it even more ridiculous, some of them are trying to “unspin” the child by reversing the direction of rotation.

What happens to the child during the rotation

Now pay attention. This is a groundbreaking science.

When a child is born its intellectual intelligence is predisposed only in terms of capacities. It still has to build up the synapses between neurons. Higher the number of synapses, more intelligent is the child.

The only way to do that is to hyper-activate every section of the brain. You need to keep challenging the brain second after a second of the child’s life.

Rotation around vertical axis is an automated action similar to the fights between the puppies. It is triggered by the child’s cognitive part of brain in a desperate attempt to evolve and to grow. The rotation itself is the most effective way to fire up every section of the brain.

The result is a buildup of additional synapses thus; enhancing the intellectual intelligence of the child.

Same happens when a child jumps up and down on your sofa

Of course, you and your wife are there to stop this action momentarily. Unconsciously and unwittingly you are making damage to the child’s intellectual capacities and output.

Every time child jumps up, it deviates few millimeters from the vertical center of gravity. The brain is fired up because it has to compensate by activating every muscle and every neuron of child’s body.

What appears as a restless and hyperactive child is merely a desperate attempt to develop. What seems as a stupid sequence of actions is in fact delivering a decisive positive impact on a child’s brain capacities and later intelligence.

What happens when you don’t challenge the child’s brain

A young mother noticed how one of her baby’s eyes is reddish and probably inflamed. Being a good mother as she is, she prepared a chamomile tea and placed the compress over the eye.

Compress was over the left eye for 10 days.

In 2010 one child had to undergo a medical before starting the school. Nobody could see the reason why the child is not able to see on one of his eyes. Medical history didn’t point to any mechanical injuries or some other serious medical condition that could cause something like that.

What they didn’t know, because it wasn’t in official medical records, is the fact that child’s mother used a compress to treat his inflamed eye when he was just a little baby.

No matter what they did, they weren’t able to re-establish the function of child’s left eye.

What the hell happened

The brain simply realized that it is not important for child’s life and survival thus; the brain shut down and erased the function of left eye; an irreversible process.

The only way for the brain to learn what’s important and what has to be in function is to receive a stimulus. Without stimuli, nothing will happen. If you don’t open the child’s eyes after birth and only a week later damage is done. The child will be left blind for the rest of the life. You can do same with hearing, taste, walking abilities, and every other sense or locomotive function.

And that same principle applies to intelligence.

What to do

Let it spin, let it jump let it walk barefoot, let it climb, let it fall, let it slide, let it be active. Don’t paint the room pink or any other light tone. Make the contrast because child’s vision is depending on the contrast.

Let it feel, let it walk, let it play outside and let it jump in a puddle of mud.

Place the computer and TV in child’s room just to have your peace and you’ll end up with asocial dumbass. Just let it live like you did. Remember those times. 

About the author

Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.