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Are You More of a Man if You Are Carrying a Gun?

Are you more of a man with a gun?
Written by Igor K

It’s highly debatable. A gun can save a life but it also can and will take one. True, you can compensate certain downfalls with the gun but simply carrying it won’t do you any good. And it can cause the false sense of supremacy.

How’s that?

A gun is like a dick. You’re only getting it out if you are going to use it. If you’re gonna just wave with it in front of other people’s eyes there’s a strong possibility that someone will cut it off and stuff it in your mouth. Because the people who used it for real know how to recognize the virgin.

A person who has never fired a gun at another person acts like a virgin when having sex for the first time.

Will I hit him?”, “Where should I aim?”, “Is it really legal to shoot?”, “Will I end up in jail?”, “How many bullets should I fire?”, “What after?”, “Now?”, “Now?”, and million other questions pop into your mind in those couple of seconds when you pull it out for the first time. If you happen to point it at a guy who has already wasted a few people, you’re fucked.

When I was 17, a couple dozen of us had a certain “disagreement” in a city park with another smaller group. All of the sudden, a guy pulls 7.62 and starts waving it at us. What he didn’t know is that he was surrounded by the teenagers who are already pros in shooting guns, rifles, semi-automatic and automatic weapons, anti-aircraft artillery and similar stuff. The cadets of the police academy.

Back in my days, that school was not for pussies. Four years of intensive pro-military training. You are drilled with everything that has to do with safety, security, and firearms.

So, once faced with an obvious punk, we instinctively lined ourselves into a horseshoe formation around him to provide him with the exit in a hope that the moron will come to some senses. One of us started approaching him, looking directly into his eyes. The bitch started yelling and screaming and waving that gun like a maniac all over the place.

It was clear to everyone that this son of a bitch never shot anything except empty cans on a shooting range.

When he was in reach, it took less than a second for a colleague to disarm him and an additional 60 to beat the shit out of him with his own gun and then stuff his mouth with 15 rounds.

The end result? A couple of teeth less, broken jaw in few places, broken rib, fracture of the skull, an eye on the verge of popping out, etc., etc.

But OK, let’s say that you just love the feeling of security provided by the fact that you’re carrying.

Where do you holster it? Obviously, the most optimal place is out of the question and that’s the side of your upper leg. Under the arm? It will take time to pull it out. Behind your back? Trust me when I say; it is annoying to have something like that behind your back while sitting in a chair. Side? The second most optimal place to carry, no doubt about it. You can easily pull it if you practice just a bit.

What about briefcases or backpacks?

That’s the stupidest thing to do. Not only that it is really unpractical but someone might steal your case and then what?

What bears the utmost importance is the safety in handling the gun.

Learn it or you might accidentally shoot someone or even yourself. For example, before you start cleaning your weapon, pull the clip out and check the chamber. Make sure that you are pointing in a safe direction.

Should you get a revolver or a pistol?

This is a matter of the taste.

Revolvers have a far greater “stopping” power due to the caliber of the round. However, you have only six rounds and it takes a real expert to reload it in less than three seconds.

A pistol, on the other hand, provides with more firepower. There are 15-16 rounds in it, after all. And in all fairness, 5.6 mm does wreak havoc inside the human body and most certainly kills.

There is only one question: Are you really clear in your mind that you have what it takes to use it on another person?


How do you know if you never did it? You can only assume and that’s the most dangerous thing to do.

You need to get used to it. That means that you need to practice with it on regular basis. That’s the least you have to do if you truly want to carry the gun.

But the real issue is what happens to your self-confidence in the situation where you are not packing but have a habit of caryying your weapon everywhere you go. I’ve seen this. You will feel like a little wuss. Insecure. Scared. Anxious.

Honestly, if you’re not living in some hostile environment, sign up for a self-defense course instead and keep the gun in a safe place, at your home, just in case.

In my opinion, carrying a gun does not make you more of a man. Do you agree or disagree?

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Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.