You Have to Make it Worse to Make it Better

Written by Sean Collins

And you have to do it in order to reach the state of mind that will enable you to move from ground zero and become aware that you have to take certain (calculated) risks to become successful.

Ruthless, mean, wolf, killer – those are the words people are using to describe men who reign over the World. But the truth is: they are just men who have showed some ballz. It’s the state of mind, nothing more. Because, our society is basically made of two distinct types of people: you’ve got sheep and you’ve got wolves. Obviously the terms are used by sheep to describe the wolves. But it goes deeper than that. It has to do with the feeling that accompanies the use of the term and the entire context.

So the principal question is this: What do you feel when you use some of those terms to describe such a man?

Do you feel: a) admiration, b) envy, or c) fear? If you envy them in a literal meaning of that term, something is essentially and pathologically wrong with you. You have to change it soon otherwise forget about long-term success. You should look up to them, not envy them. They have to be the role models for you and not someone who disgusts you. So switch to admiration or fear instead. Those two feelings provide better starting points.

So, if you admire and/or fear them, you can evolve to reach the same state of mind those guys have.

And arguably the best way to achieve that state of mind is to experience the devastating feeling of losing life essentials.

You need to bring yourself to a desperate situation, eliminating any possible income.

Sounds too extreme?

If you think you have what it takes then the real question is: Why are you reading this in a first place?

Long-lasting perseverance is the main obstacle for 98 percent of all men. If you want to get in the elite, you need to touch the bottom. In other words, you have to make it worse in order to make it better. That means that if you are employed but feel limited, while at the same time aim for more, your action is: quit!

You need to make a decision that goes against your every instinct.

Why such an extreme measure?

It’s because of your brain. Puzzle huh? Yeah… Well not at all if you know how the shutterstock_418320835brain operates. Its job is to keep you alive using the least amount of energy and time possible. That’s why we’re all lazy by nature. As long as we are fed, not thirsty, have a bed and sex, we are doing just fine. It’s simplified but that’s the essence of it.

So you need to fuck around with your own brain. You need to expose it to a high level of stress and only one type of stress is capable of reprogramming it: pure survival mode. Once in it, it will never snap back. Your killer instincts will emerge and your brain will make sure that you do whatever it takes to avoid slipping into that situation again. Your character will change and even your own wife or mother will claim that you are someone else. The effect is unreal.

It’s a simple mind hack again. Everything in our lives revolves around our brains and states of mind.

Is there an alternative?

Why? Chicken out? No ballz? It won’t come on its own but there is an auxiliary method. It’s not that effective but it might help. You won’t be thrilled about it though.

The only other known and tested way is the military way. A soldier becomes a soldier on account of extreme trainings. It’s not some God-given right for some. You are all excited to be quite honest when they arm you for the first time, but as soon as you taste the mud it becomes clear what is ahead of you. It takes high levels of decisiveness, determination and discipline.

Thus, it could work for you. Seek for some extreme survival course. A real time boot camp. The more extreme, the better. You need to taste the mud while it’s pouring all over you and you have nothing to eat for the entire day. And all that time few of them are developing new ways to break you entirely If you survive couple of weeks in some shithole at the far end of the world, it may act same as the original method.

At the end, it’s all about the state of mind. Your current one simply won’t cut it.

About the author

Sean Collins

An investigative journalist with the thing for business, confidence, societal, and human behavior topics. The straightforward guy with the opinion that doesn't always agree with the mainstream. We call him Choozo. Cuz he's picky. About freakin' everything.