4 Ways to Seduce A Woman Without Being Sexual

Written by Charlie Greene

Most men have a belief that women are hard-wired into being unapproachable or unreceptive to any advances; but the reality is that men tend to miss the mark when it comes to seducing a woman. That’s because for majority of women, the art of seduction goes well beyond an ass grab or quick shoulder massage – there’s a huge psychological component that needs to be fed and developed. To help you get started, here are four ways to seduce a woman, without being sexual.


Care about your hygiene

For most men, the thought of cutting toenails or scrubbing out the grime beneath fingernails just isn’t there – but it should be if you’re trying to impress someone. Make sure that you take the time to focus on your own personal hygiene before meeting up with the woman you’re interested in. This includes spending some time trimming your beard or shaving, keeping your hair in check (this means getting it cut before it’s noticeable) and cleaning out your fingernails before meeting up with her. While it might not seem like a huge deal, women notice a man that takes care of himself; which can make the difference in the relationship.

Treat every contact as if it’s your first impression

seduce a womanFar too often, people become comfortable in their relationships (even if it’s early on) and that extra effort to make her feel good becomes a little faded. Make sure you treat every contact with her as though it’s the very first time you’ve seen her. Take the time to find something you genuinely like about her and compliment her on it. Something as simple as the way her outfit brings out her killer legs or the way she makes you feel when she calls can go a long way. It’s important to genuinely mean what you say, as no one likes a half-assed compliment.

Make the effort to contact her too

If you’re not sure how to approach her, start by reaching out on occasion by admitting you’re thinking about her – even if it is only in dirty thoughts (just don’t tell her that). A quick text message out of the blue or a funny photo to her inbox can be just the thing to keep you in her thoughts and strengthen the attraction she feels for you too. Make sure you don’t over step your boundaries though; women like a guy who randomly texts – not one who feels the need to check up on her every twenty minutes.

Be attentive to conversations

There is nothing that can flat line a relationship more than someone who just doesn’t seem to care enough to remember the details. This includes conversations about movies, books or food. Far too often, women feel like they’re not being listened to and it’s important to show them that what they’ve said matters enough to be remembered. Use specific details to surprise her on occasion (like her favourite flower or dessert) and use it to your advantage.

About the author

Charlie Greene

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