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Simple Trick to Know She’s in for the First Date Sex

first date sex
Written by Stephan Moreau

How likely if the first date sex? Will she go in bed with you even if you don’t take her out for a dinner? Even before you put on your fancy shirt.

It’s the third date and you can sense she’s losing interest in you. You rationalize with all time’s favorite, “Well…I guess we simply didn’t click”; or “It’s just not destined to be”, or some similar stuff.

Destiny has nothing to do with it. You blew it. You gambled the first date sex!

As far as destiny’s concerned, it did its part and connected the two of you.

The truth is: she was into you, all horny and ready.

The truth is: she wanted to have sex with you; you just missed the moment.

And nothing will cool a woman off, no matter how turned on she is, like being left dry in “that moment.” It doesn’t matter that, in all fairness, you did nothing wrong. She simply cannot get over her disappointment.

Deep inside, every woman desires that the man she’s with is always one step ahead of her.

In other words, she wants the man to lead the way.

Sadly, for the most part, that’s mission impossible.

Because those innate desires are buried deep inside the woman’s primitive part of the brain – the one that has been there since the dawn of the species.

As time went by, evolution did its part and the human brain gained new layers.

The one that causes problems in a man-woman relationship is the newest – the neocortex. That part is responsible for the “modern” cognitive behavior of both men and women.

Still, even that newest section heavily relies on the original one where all those feelings are hidden.

To demonstrate and prove that, we’ll use a simple question. Think fast, answer even faster:


The ball and the bat cost $1.10. If we know that the bat is $1 more expensive than the ball, how much the ball costs?


Your instinctive answer is wrong. It’s not $0.10.

Do not despair, my young padawan, for this works in your favor.


Because a woman will end up with the same answer!

And that means two things:

  1. Women and men think alike when it comes to instincts
  2. If you play it wisely, you can override her “logic” or at least guess what’s on her mind.

Not that you will be able to read her mind like Mel Gibson, but hint after a hint and you’ll be on your way to becoming a “top scorer.”


Now that we’ve established that the only difference between you and her is what’s between your legs while everything else overlaps just perfectly, we can move to the real “hack.”

You have two types of women when it comes to the dating game.

The Type B, or women who count dates because they are morally bounded.

shy woman is not into first date sexAs much as she would like to have sex as soon as possible, she’s obeying the moral standards where at least three dates have to pass before she gives in.

She’s afraid that someone might think she’s nothing but a slut. God knows how many potentially great relationships are lost over the course of time due to this “rule.”

And that’s that neocortex speaking in her behalf. Deep inside, she’s burning from a desire to spend the night having a casual sex with no strings attached. If everything goes well, it might turn into something more. If it doesn’t, oh, well, another man will appear soon.

And then you have the sweet Type A.

perky woman is more likely for first date sexShe made her pick. She doesn’t care about that “3rd date rule.” But she is still not able to openly admit that all she wants is a night full of great sex.

She’s not hungry, she’s not thirsty, and she’s not in for some stupid jokes. All she wants is to get nasty under the sheets.

She just cannot say it out loud. It’s like her mouth are sealed tight. She wants to and she will be the happiest person in the world if she would be capable of doing that, but something is blocking her. She doesn’t really know what that is.

If only he could guess it,” she thinks.

Once again, it’s that pain in the ass neocortex with its ideas.

The thing that ultimately blows is that the block she’s experiencing has to exist. Otherwise, there will be more humans than ants.

However, if you know how to play around that block; you’re in for a night full of kinky sex, probably with a total stranger.

Think about it for a second. Out of all available choices she had, she decided to go out with you. Why? What’s so special about that dinner, drink, talk? She doesn’t even know you.


First date sex

How likely is the first date sex from a woman’s perspective?

How Likely is the First Date Sex?

Not that it is a rule, but in most instances, the #1 reason for her dumping your ass is the fact that she was all hot and horny and all you did was telling her a freakin’ joke! Not even a funny one from her perspective.So how do you know that she’s in for a first date sex even before you take her out?

How to hack into her mind? How do you “guess it”?

After all, just because she was all in for the hot night with you when you were setting up the date, the whole bunch of stuff could’ve affected her mood.

Her mother could’ve called her and start the fight. Her kid could’ve broken his hand while playing a soccer game. And it could even extend to the forbidden fruits where her husband or a boyfriend simply pissed her off.

Not that you know anything about it, but you have to make sure she is still in “that state.”

You can check it quite simple actually. Trust me, in about a minute or two you’ll slam your head against the wall. Nothing wrong with that; just don’t over exaggerate with it.

This simple method is used for ages.

It just evolved over the course of time and adapted to the new circumstances. In the essence, it’s the same old, effective thing used from medieval times. Only, instead of a courier, you are using a text message. And instead of a chariot that had been sent to pick her up, she now drives her own car.

Some “dating gurus” are using this hack to squeeze some money out of those who never heard about it. Now you’ll learn it, save money, and get laid more.

It’s a simple, 4 steps mind game that even a kid could do.

Remember: you are not doing anything wrong. There’s nothing illegal in this. You are merely helping her to spend a great time by knowing exactly what she wants. And she’ll love you for that.

Again, she cannot just tell you. You need to guess it.

And this is how you’ll “guess” if she’s in for a first date sex, every time:


When you text her to confirm the place and time, ask her if she can stop by your place. You haven’t finished something and you’re on a deadline and would hate to see her waiting for you all alone, even for a second, at the place you’ve agreed to meet.

From her perspective, you are a gentleman who thinks about her feelings.

If she agrees, the checkpoint #1 is passed.

Make sure you are not wearing shoes and that you have a half empty glass of red wine in an appropriate glass in your hand when she rings the bell. Let her see that glass.


Open the door, smile, say Hi, and say this: “I just have a couple of more emails to send. Sorry, it’s been a busy week. Come in, I’ll be right with you.”

If she accepts your invitation and enters your premises, you passed the checkpoint #2.

You are doing two things with this.

One, you are demonstrating how busy you are, hence; you are making money. That makes her want you even more.

Two, you are checking to see if her first impression of you was a good one. If it was, she’ll step inside. If not, she will have to be drunk as hell to have sex with you.

Not that it is a problem to achieve, but still, it may turn into a serious deal breaker.


Oh, do you mind taking your shoes off?

Remember, you are in your slippers.

If she agrees, the checkpoint #3 – checked!

What’s the meaning of this step?

She decided to take off a piece of whatever she is wearing for you.

Hence, she is already exposing herself to you; at least to some extent. In addition, she likes things clean and neat. Every woman does.

So if you are the kind of guy who is clean and neat, even better. And apparently, you are, since it’s obvious that you ain’t yet another shitbag who sleeps in his sneakers. It’s just another positive signal for her.

Even at this stage, there is a strong possibility that you’ll get all wet under the sheets in just a couple of minutes.

She’s barefoot, already exposed, right in your apartment. Can it get any better?

But to be absolutely sure, do one more thing.

THE DEALMAKER (checkpoint 4)

Finally – and this is the “signal” you are waiting for – say: “Ooh, how rude I am. Would you like a glass of wine while you’re waiting?

If she agrees, the chances are that you won’t even have to put on your fancy shirt. It is highly unlikely that you’ll even exit your place. Well, she will, early in the morning. After having the first date sex.

first date sex checkpoints passed

The important thing here is to act fast and not let her wait for too long.

If you hesitate and she empties that glass before you decide to grow some ballz and do what you are supposed to do, this will happen:

  1. She will start rolling the empty glass in her hand and instinctively start scanning the new environment
  2. She is a natural nester, meaning that no matter how much money you spent on decorations; she will find a thing after a thing, after a thing that she doesn’t like or essentially disapproves
  3. With the each detected “flaw”, she’s cooling off and starts questioning her initial decision.
  4. Chances are, you will hear the doorknob and find the empty glass on a counter.

So what’s the “appropriate waiting time”?

Two sips of wine and you’re all over her.

Keep smiling, avoid stupid jokes, and her bra will pop open by itself before she finishes that wine.

If you doubt any of the stated, ask yourself why did she shav her legs and bikini zone and why she went out shopping for some sex lingerie to go out on a date with you?


This is how the guys with the ballz do it. So grow some ballz and be “the guy”. We’ll make sure to equip you with an effective arsenal for every possible situation. Thus, stay tuned to learn new tips and trick that will help you to grow the ballz of steel.

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