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How Likely Is First Date Sex

We hear different claims about first date sex. Women tend to claim that it’s not something they are considering as the option. Subsequently, men, who read those dating tips and advices, believe that. But is it like that? Is first date sex a plausible thing or does it exist only in your imagination?


What is dating all about if not sex, right?

First date sexWhy you use online dating sites? Why you date a woman in the first place? You’re thinking about the sex.

Now, your ordeal is only natural, given the fact that you’ve been exposed to all those negative comments about first date sex and sleeping with a woman you just met. In short, you don’t have a slightest faith that it will happen!

So, if that is for the fact, why women date men? Why would they engage in dating and become active members of online dating communities if they don’t anticipate sex? It just doesn’t make any sense, does it?

It appears that something is off in that entire claim, perception or whatever you wanna call it. In one hand, they claim and advise those seeking for tips and hints, that sleeping with a man they just met is a terrible mistake. In other, and as you’ll soon see, they execute a full-scale logistical preparation and heavy planning BEFORE they even leave their homes. It looks more like a battle plan than going on a simple date, where all they’ll do is talk and smile. First date sex is simply out of the question.

So how about we analyze the basic female’s behavior once she agreed to date a man for the first time. Let’s see what she’s doing to prep for the first date.


If they do not at least anticipate the possibility of the first date sex, then why are they doing the following:

And they are executing all these preparations right before they are heading out to meet with a man they are about to date (most likely to talk to for the first time!):

  • Spending the day in shopping if nothing from their closet seems highly optimal for this particular occasion;
  • Spending 2-3 hours at hairdresser, trying to figure out the sexiest look;
  • Spending an hour under the shower or in the bathtub, using all sorts of aromatic oils and other additives that have only one goal – to make their skin smooth and sexy (in terms of the smell);
  • Spending an hour removing all the extra hairs from leg/arm areas and most likely – the bikini zone(!), and doing their nails – both finger and toe ones(!);
  • Putting a layer of tan cream IF they failed to visit the pro service when there’s no chance to get some Sun in natural way.
  • Brushing their teeth and flossing at least TWICE before they leave; something they don’t usually do(!);
  • Spending 15 minutes putting on the makeup – most likely waterproof type(!);
  • Texting like a mad person with their girlfriends, trying to squeeze out as much information possibly about the man they’ll date or searching for additional dating tips;
  • Finally, why on Earth would any woman, who doesn’t expect/anticipate first date sex, wear sexy lingerie and spray some perfume on her intimate parts??? Getting the picture already?


First date sexOK, we don’t claim that 100% of women are executing these same preparations, but generally speaking, the vast majority does! It’s a fact and every guy who went on more than 20 dates with the women he didn’t know before, knows that.

You end up in bed, just a few hours after you’ve met for the very first time, you go down and voila! – the freakin’ Channel is so intense that you’re having a hard time breathing. Ladies, if you’re reading this, cut on a volume please. You really don’t need that much of it because it kills the essence of it!! In fact, you don’t need any of that shit. Even the soap can kill the pleasure, right fellows?

Yeah…nothing beats the 12-hour “old”, exposed to pleasant stress, pussy odor, right? That’s pheromones ladies! That’s what triggers the animal in every man you’ll ever have sex with.

OK, we went off topic a bit…got distracted with all those memories. Yeah, smells stick in our brains like nothing else.

What this tells us? Are they telling us the truth when they claim that first date sex is never the option?

It tells us the following…



Otherwise, why the hell would they go through such an ordeal just to chat with the guy they don’t really know, right? It’s obvious that they are hiding the real truth.

And that truth is simple: when she agrees to date you, SHE IS NOT ONLY ANTICIPATING BUT EXPECTING SEX!

Which leads us to another puzzle: if that is for the fact….


Then how come first date sex is relatively a rare occurrence?

Well, in all honesty, it’s not! If you fail to have sex on a first date, then you simply didn’t play it right.

Her neuronal network before, during and right after the first date is different. The starting point, right before she’ll leave the home and meet with you is the most optimal for your imminent goal – to have sex on a first date!

Your only job is to keep her neurons firing in that same, most optimal way. The way to achieve that is to gain experience, which means dating different women over the extensive period of time.

So if date didn’t work out or you didn’t end up in bed having sex…

Something you said or did or how you behaved toward the people in your surrounding tipped her off and change the way her brain perceives the situation.

Cortisol neurotransmitter got activated!

That’s the first stage of the “fight-or-flight” response. When this happens, part of her working memory is being knocked down and she’s switching to her survival mode – the part of the entire neuronal network situated in the limbic parts of her brain, where there’s no speech or logic; only primitive instincts!

In other words, you triggered her defense mechanism, which, sorry to say, is not that hard to achieve at women – especially at women who don’t really know you.

It comes down to the nature of the woman

First date sexBeing a member of a weaker gender, woman had to evolve in a certain way – the way that has prevented you from having sex inmultiple occasions so far.

Nature compensated for that lack of strength and raw power with the extremely sharp sense for danger. In fact, it’s so freakin’ sharp that it will get activated without any real need sometimes. It’s just the way to keep her safe and sound; nothing more, nothing less.

How can you prevent the activation of her defense mechanism and improve odds for first date sex

Always, and I mean ALWAYS, start the date with the great looking, yet median size bouquet of the aromatic flowers. Cliché is a cliché for a reason; remember that.

Once you handed the flowers to her, keep smiling a lot and don’t stare like a freakin’ maniac like some men do. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’ll act as Jim Carry in the movie Mask. It’s about sending those positive vibes that strikes confidence at people. She must perceive you like that.

Another thing less experienced or fucked up men do is growling on other people when on date. For instance, and you can see this frequently, waiter spills some liquid by accident or brings more or less inedible food and guy starts acting like a freakin’ psycho, trying to show some muscles, thinking how it will definitely buy him sex.

Well, in most cases, it won’t! You can only correct that image by dragging on with the date and getting into the club, where she’ll enjoy dancing, music and alcohol.

Or that event when someone walks by and kicks her with the shoulder, so the guy reacts like Chuck Norris defending the flag from the enemies trying to burn it down. In reality, it’s him who made a mistake by not making the room for her safe passage with his own body. It’s clear that you’re entering the crowd, so be a gentleman and prevent injuries on her shoulder. Don’t wait for the opportunity to knock someone’s teeth out.


Few additional first date tips to increase the odds of having first date sex:

  • Go easy with alcohol and please don’t drink beer. Your breath will smell nasty and your libido will be reduced. Instead, go with the wine or if you like hardcore alcohol – vodka, for it doesn’t leave that much smell.
  • Refrain from telling stupid, sexist and/or racial/religious jokes! Nobody likes that except maybe few of your closest friends. Remember: you still don’t know her, so there’s no way to tell if some great joke will turn out to be an insult!
  • Choose happy places like great social event filled with music or amusement park. Expose her brain to the excitement and not boredom!
  • Pick up the checks and pay for tickets, leaving good tips. Women, whether they’ll admit it or not, reacts on money because money is security. Try to showcase good financial standing (fake it if necessary) in least obvious way. Tips are great tool to achieve that effect.
  • DON’T CHECK OUT OTHER WOMEN! Stay extremely focused and don’t let some mini skirt distracts you. You stand far greater chances to see the color of the panties of the woman you’re dating than on the one that passes by in a restaurant. Don’t forget that she’s assessing you for the entire time. It’s the way she’s wired and the only way to knock out that mechanism is for her to drink one too many!
  • Don’t be too pushy. If she doesn’t want something, that’s it. Switch to something else. She doesn’t necessary have to tell you her dislikes. You have to observe those non-verbal cues. If she has to tell you, then your chances to get her in bed are fading away like a smoke from a cigarette.
  • Don’t talk too much but don’t be a silent creep either. Let her do the most of the talking but do keep the engaging conversation by asking questions and answering on hers, using short and concise sentences.
  • Mention your mother if you have to, but don’t over exaggerate with the topic. Understand that your mother is her biggest concern! She has one, so she knows.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about sex related subject. After all, you do want to leave a great first impression in bed to keep having sex with her. Push the right switches inside the woman, and you’ll end up with the wild beast in bed.
  • Don’t be afraid to kiss her gently when circumstances allow. If she backs down, it doesn’t mean that game is lost. You just acted too early. Give it some time.
  • Keep the close contact and use every opportunity for a physical contact. For example, while walking, talking and laughing, do lean towards her and “accidentally” touch her with your arm or shoulder. Of course, it would be wise if you refrain from spanking that sweat tooshie for now. Also, if you’re about to sit on the bench, sit close to her. In restaurant, sit beside her not opposite of her.
  • If you don’t have a habit, practice the condom putting! It’s an awkward moment during sex, that may or may not ruin everything! Do equip yourself with at least two of those!!

These are the basic rules of conduct when dating a woman for the first time and expecting first date sex. Deviate and you’re fucked! Ain’t gonna happen.

And make no mistake: not only does she anticipating it, she expects and longs for a great sex with the man of her dreams. We all want that because sex is the only fun thing we have among 5 essentials of life. Hardly anything competes with the sex anyway.

Do things as we explained and the chances for that first date sex rise exponentially. She wants it. You just need to keep her in that mood. That’s the trick my friend!

Good luck and good score to you sport!



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