If This Doesn’t Motivate You to Do More – Nothing Will

Written by Igor K

They are all preaching the same thing: poor people gives while greedy rich people keep everything for themselves and not share anything.

Now let’s analyze this obvious nonsense and bullshit type of justification of fear and laziness in more details.

Let’s say I’m poor. I have $112.54 on my bank account and still have to live 6 days until my next, extremely low salary reach the binary code of my account. I’m making ridiculously little money per hour and I’m working 8 hours straight, Monday to Friday.

I’m not married, have no kids, living in a rented studio apartment at the edges of the city where rats, gangsters and junkies rule.

This is my life. This is who I am. I’m a flat broke dumbass who is lazy and scared in a same time to learn and to develop in order to improve his own life.

To justify my own lows and laziness, I tend to spend 40% of my funny monthly income in a local bar where I can only watch that hot ass of the waitress while I’m using the all times favorites: “Money is not that important”; “Money corrupts people”; “That greedy old thwart”; “System sucks”; “I’m unlucky”; “Spread the wealth you rich bitch”, and many, many similar bullshit statements.

I know that I will never have the pleasure to fuck that beautiful ass; not until I decide to change.

How much money can I allocate in charity?

Sure I can help old lady across the street or help delivering food from a local charity foundation, but that’s practically it. Am I helping? Yes. But…

One night at my favorite bar, just when I was focusing the great looking set of boobs on the other side of the bar, a stranger approached me and asked me if the seat is maybe taken. He obviously thought that man way above 30 can’t be sitting alone in a bar. Well…surprise, surprise.

Naturally we started to talk and in no time I realized that I’m talking to some wealthy prick who started to preach about the importance of self-awareness, personal development, benefits of learning the system and mastering the money game.

Then he wrapped all the shit in an importance of balancing the giving and receiving. He claimed that one has to allocate part of his time and assets to help the others. “Every rich person on this planet does that regularly. Do you think we would have such an advanced medicine if it wasn’t for private donations?”, he ended his monolog.  

Now you can imagine my state of mind in a cigarette smoke saturated bar after fourth dark beer. Nothing would thrill me more than to kick his little rich ass.

But then he said something that woke me up entirely. He said, and I quote: “Imagine what you could do for your community if you would have couple of millions to spare on charity each month…imagine the progress of all who resides here and imagine the respect they would have for you if you would be able to allocate 10% of everything to help them develop. Imagine if you could be that change they all expecting and dreaming about.

It just hit me. I was so sure that I’m giving enough back to my community but suddenly I realized that man is right. Do you help more if you have $120 to spare or when investing $500.000 in community center, education and sports for youth?

I felt genuinely ashamed of myself. What the fuck did I do with my life? Why the fuck did I expect to make anything good for me or for anyone else if I’m flat broke and full or anger and envy?

Can you help me to learn what it takes to be able to give more?”, I asked him. He said “Yes”, gave me his card and told me to call him in three days, at 9 AM sharp. I was sure there was a catch with all that precision and I was right. Being punctuate and organized make all the difference.


5 years later I’ve allocated $120.000 to equip the local school with high-speed Internet and whole bunch of desktop computers. I also added $20.000 to additional education of the school staff to use those assets in a best interest of kids and community.

2 years after that, I built a community center with a free consulting service where specialists teach young and old, men and women how to manage their finances and how to earn more.

Now, 10 years later, there are no gangsters, no junkies and no fucking annoying rats all over the freaking place. People are even trying to persuade me to run for a major. But that’s not my type of thing. I love what I do best – to build and to make people happy.

Somehow, when I see them all smiling, it makes me happy. Nothing can beat the feeling of satisfaction when you know and everyone around you knows that it was you who made the change. It was you who was the change they all desperately needed.

It is you who now have the best seat and best ass to fuck wherever you come.


Snap out of it and push hard. In no time, people will start to recognize your efforts and you will become their king. In a most positive way.

Get this: you are not helping anyone by being broke.


About the author

Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.