5 Ways to Keep Her Guessing in Bed

Keep her guessing in bed
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For anyone who’s ever been in a relationship, there’s often excitement and the unexpected that comes along with the bedroom festivities. For most, the learning curve is a time of exploration and fun – but that tends to fade out a little bit as time goes on. Some couples enjoy having the same expected sexual encounters, but eventually this repetitive nature can cause a slow-down in the sheets. To help keep her guessing, here are five ways to revamp your sex life now:

Switch it up

If majority of your sexual encounters start when you head to bed for the evening, stop being so predictable. Take the opportunity to enjoy a quickie in the morning before getting ready for work, pull over in a vacant parking lot like you would as a teenager or push everything off a desk and enjoy the moment. Remember you don’t have to be stuck to a bed to have some fun.

Remove the pressure of getting her off

Majority of all women can’t climax during intercourse alone, which can ruin the moment for virtually every couple if you’re trying to achieve something that’s just not possible. To get her going, spend a few hours pampering her – think a massage, relaxing in a hot bath and simply watching something steamy on television (that didn’t come out of your porno collection). When you’re ready to have some fun, make sure she gets off before you do – even if that means using
other techniques ahead of time.

Bring in fantasies or fetishes

So many couples are afraid to go beyond the simple missionary position; yet there are thousands of people currently dying to explore fetishes or fantasies but don’t know how to bring it up. To get her engines going, simply take a notebook and have each of you write down three things you’d like to try (without judgement). When you’re feeling like switching it up, pull an idea out of the six ideas and go with it.

Build up anticipation throughout the day

Instead of focusing your attention to the last twenty minutes before you go to bed, spend the day sending each other flirty, fun or dirty text messages to get the juices going. You’d be surprised at how much fun you’ll have and how quickly her panties will come off when you finally get home. Remember, never send any pictures until she’s asking for them (no one likes an unexpected dick picture) and always remain respectful of any privacy concerns—like a work phone or email.)

Join her in the shower or bath

When you’re trying to think outside the box, take a few moments helping her get nice and clean before you get down and dirty in the bedroom. Remember, sex in the shower isn’t always the easiest skill; use this time to start foreplay instead of trying to risk a fall in the shower (which is never good for setting the mood).

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