10 surprisingly good things that come out of anger

Written by Igor K

You may have heard the saying that you’ll lose if you become angry. Although anger might only be considered as a bad trait in character, it may have some surprising benefits.

1. Anger Helps in Negotiations

Negotiation is not always about being levelheaded and outsmarting the opponent. Sometimes getting mad can also help in settling deals as interactions not only functions on an intellectual level but also on an emotional level. However, anger can only help in negotiating with Americans and Europeans, and may have the counter effect on Asians.

2. Anger helps your career

It has been observed that people who let their anger out have more fulfilling careers than the ones who keep their feelings within themselves. It is because, it is thought in the workplace that an angry man deserve a better status and higher salary. However the same is not applicable for angry women. A research has recently pointed that angry women earn significantly less than angry men.

3. Angry people live longer

The longer lifespans of angry Italians and hotheaded Spanish people compared to the calm English people might suggest that angry people live longer. It is because those who keep their anger bottled up are more likely to develop fatal diseases. On the other hand, people with chronic diseases are also prone to develop many coronary diseases. So it is actually moderate anger that will increase your lifespan.

4. Anger enhances creativity

When people have trouble coming up with ideas, anger might be the solution for them. Angry people are more likely to come up with better ideas as they tend to think out of the box. Anger energies a person and also gives a more flexible and unstructured thought process. So, not thinking straight when one is angry might actually be good thing.

5. Fighting necessary for healthy relationships

Although we may think that compromising is the best thing to do rather than fighting, being angry with your partner once in a while may be a good thing. Fights help to strengthen the foundation of relationships and the couples learn how to deal with new situations. Two separated studies by Florida State University and University of Michigan suggest that sometimes getting angry might be the best solution.

6. Anger gets the girls

It is commonly seen in colleges that the jerks get more chicks. It was seen in several studies that men with a mood or a temper were found more attractive by women than the men with a smiling face. It is most likely that men with high testosterone level are the ones that are more dominant. Women may be attracted to the highest levels of it.

7. Anger reduces crime

Seemingly absurd, but anger does reduce crime. With the increase of violent video games it was thought that juvenile crimes might increase. However, several studies showed that with the increase of the violent video games sales the rate of juvenile delinquency decreased. This is because the anger of the players was focused on the game, and they did all their violent activities in the game. It made them a calmer and less violent in real life.

8. Anger opens your mind

An angry person is more likely to have an open-mind in comparison to a normal person. This is because when a person is mad he may be willing to think outside his comfort zone and get a clearer perspective. So an angry person can judge anything by looking into all the aspects of it. However, this does not necessarily mean that it will also help take better decisions.

9. Anger makes you honest

Anger increases one’s confidence. A confident person is more likely to open up and tell the truth. When determining a person’s innocence the cops often try to make the person angry to get them to speak the truth which helps the cops decide whether the person is innocent or not.

10. Anger makes you optimistic

A study conducted in Carnegie Mellon University hints that anger is most likely to increase optimism. When one is in a stressful situation, they might get angry at first. But later with this ager they try to find a solution out of their problem which makes them optimistic.

So anger is not always a bad thing. However, it should always be under control.

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Igor K

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