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Behind every successful man stands a woman – Or what?

Written by Steven Hawk

Can you tell the difference between a good advisor and the selfish nemesis who’s using you as a tool for personal agendas? Not only we will teach you how to distinct one from another, but we will also BREAK THE COMMON MYTH that says that behind every successful man stands a great woman.


She might be all great and shit, but that doesn’t mean that she’s some kind of a brutally efficient mentor to her successful man and that he couldn’t have made it without her.

And here’s why:

We know that out of 7,400,000,000 people on this planet only 150,000,000 or 2% are successful, if we measure the success by the amount of money on one’s bank account, which we simply must. Most of them are men (there are many reasons to that ).

The ratio is clear and tells everything:

We simply cannot rationally argue in favor of some kind of advantage given by the wise guidance of wives who are working from the shadows. Their efficiency sucks, according to every standard.

But, we also know that every single wife or a long-term female partner can’t refrain from that particularly hazardous behavior that has sent millions of men 6 feet under or behind the bars. It even has the proven potential to start bloody wars. If nothing else, that behavior has a negative and devastating effect on millions of great relationships between men. It’s been breaking long-term steel bonds by applying the rust effect – slow but inevitable degradation process.


As you have already assumed, we are talking about the “why-can’t-you-be-like-that,” or “are-you-really-gonna-allow-that,” or “can’t-you-fucking-see-what’s-going-on” remarks.

We are talking about pushing you into the fight.

Putting words in your mouth.

Controlling and dictating your every move.

Sabotaging your every steel bond.


In simple terms, we are talking about the behavior similar to the one of a father with personality complex that never made it so he’s now healing his frustrations on his son, in a desperate attempt to make the new NBA star or the top shit executive out of the kid.

It’s a tendency of virtually every wife on this planet. And they are not doing it for our benefits or because they love us and want to see us happy and successful, as they like to pretend. The reasons are far more selfish and ominous.


For our convenience, we’ll call it:

The Assertive Wife Syndrome.

Now, if 100 wives are suffering from this syndrome, and they do, and only 2 husbands can be considered successful, that means that 98 men failed, one way or another – under the “wise” guidance of their wives!

The fact is:

These two successful ones, are not great performers because their wives kept pushing them and/or guiding them in some wise way. These men are successful because they made a series of decisions that set them on a certain growth trajectory path, while being immune on any kind of negative, devastating influence coming from their wives!

Yet, in cases of these two successful men, we can truly and honestly say that their wives are great – provided that they don’t fuck around with pool guys.

[clickToTweet tweet=”What makes their wives great is that they are giving their husbands (partners) the needed space for the growth.” quote=”What makes their wives great is that they are giving their husbands (partners) the needed space for the growth.”]

What makes their wives great is exactly the opposite kind of behavior from common. Instead of trying to enforce their influence in every aspect of their men’s lives, they are giving their husbands (partners) the needed space for the growth.

It’s not that these two wives are different from the remaining 98 women.

Contrary to general belief, it’s the men who are different and simply don’t allow an overwhelming influence, like those remaining 98 men. In fact, most of successful people (from both genders) are hardly ever discussing the details of their plans, agendas or even their days with their spouses.

And there’s a perfectly logical explanation for that: would you consult about flying a jumbo-jet with someone who can hardly drive a car?

You can discuss only the elements in which you find your wife to be experienced or even an expert, or when you feel that you need a fresh pair of independent eyes to take a critical look on a subject.

But be extremely cautious about it!

If you do it, if you seek for the advice from your wife, in a matter in which she is not quite experienced, you have to keep things under the control and never over-exaggerate with it. Because it takes only one shot of that powerful drug for her to become an addict.

We the humans are easily hooked on being smartasses and it grows into a habit after just couple of occasions.

Remember: once is an accident; twice is an exception from the rule, but the third time it IS THE RULE.

Of course, you are already suffering the consequences of the assertive wife syndrome, aren’t you?

The question is: how do you make it right? How do you regain the control over your life and decisions? How do you get out of that spider web which has already destroyed numerous relationships you had with men and women around the Globe? How do you get out of the shadow of a control freak and escape your wife’s powerful grip?

If you think that we are over-exaggerating, ask yourself this:

When was the last time you did something serious without the inevitable debate or even an argument over it with your wife, just to eventually do things her way?

We’ll tell you when. When you were a kid. Only, even during those days, you had your mother hovering above you, watching your every move and telling you what to do and how to do it. Now, when you are fully grown, with many miles in your legs, now your wife took over that role.

When you think about it, the whole shit looks like a carefully organized conspiracy of mothers and their daughters-in-law. On the surface, two of them are waging a full-scale war against each other. Insults and low kicks are all over the place. But when they dive into that strange world of females, and when no one is looking, these two, your mother and your wife, are two best buddies.

The only way to get out of that grip and start making your own decision is to apply the “bandage stripping method.” Just pull it off, no matter how much it hurts atn that moment. In a matter of days, the wound will heal and you’ll go on with your life, free of any kind of enslavement.

What we can promise you is this: after a week of not giving a fuck about her opinion on any matter that’s important to you, you’ll start breathing again. Just a simple, “it’s not my problem,” or “mind your own business,” regardless of how harsh it might sound right now, will set you free and make a happy man out of you. Because, think about this: how often does SHE ask you for your opinion?

But, continue down this road, continue living like her bitch, and you’ll find yourself sitting in a chair, ten or twenty years from now, crying over every missed opportunity.

Each and every of those missed moments will stick with you ‘till your last breath. And each and every will hurt like nothing else because you’ll realize how you’ve wasted your limited time on this planet indulging every little petty need of someone who was using you as an asset in some sick and twisted game of who controls the slave better.

It’s time, my man, that you say, ENOUGH and start living your life under your own free will – for better or for worse, until death do you apart!



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