An example of how men shouldn’t behave but this guy did it anyway

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There are certain behaviors reserved only for females. Men, no matter the reason, should never adopt them. It’s disgusting and definitely doesn’t resonate well with women. In other words, it’s the way of a pussy.

The following story represents everything that’s wrong with some men. If you recognize yourself even in a part of it, we suggest that you take a long day off and do some serious self-reflecting.

This guy is our anti-hero of the week and he doesn’t even deserve to be named with an alias here.

The tale of a premeditated divorce with homicidal thoughts

When I met this guy and he explained to me what exactly he’s been doing for the entire day, since he retired early, I had a pretty clear image of who he really is.

We are talking about the husband and father of two children. Daughter age 20 and son age 15.

For some time now, the guy is running a local bishop’s office, working as a clerk pro bono. Now, whoever knows something about how the Catholic Church is operated knows that there’s no such thing as volunteering. One way or another, you are  gonna get compensated for your work. And that’s why so many civilians are pretending to be hardcore believers and sucking up to Catholic clergy. They know how the sweets are waiting for them.

Those who run higher-level offices enjoy both the respect of the community and the sweets from the priests and bishops.

Our anti-hero is one of them.

From the outside, he seems to have found his faith. His mouth is full of Jesus Christ and God Almighty. From the inside, however, he just wants to score. Pussy and money. It’s enough to see how he’s watching teenage girls passing by. The Man is literally drooling.

The entire deal is one great ego-trip to him – because all those nice catholic women are just waiting in line to hear the latest gossips from him since he’s in the center of everything. After all, man is managing the central office of their secondary worlds.

Now, his wife didn’t find anything particularly strange in his affection towards the catholic church and all the work he did for the clergy. In her mind, it was helping him to cope with things from the past.

Boy, was she wrong.

As the things started unraveling when one old lady asked him to provide her with homecare. In return, she’ll give him a 2-bedroom apartment after she’s gone. The old lady lived just across our good Samaritan’s apartment building.

His Wife nagged for a while, but he was persuasive. After all, they had two kids and this way, they could acquire additional estate for a couple of meals and a few visits to doctors.

The problem was: the old lady simply refused to die. At the age of 85 she was still capable of going up and down the stairs without anyone’s help. However, since she didn’t have any children on her own, she was forced to ask someone to help her out from time to time and the only asset she had was that apartment. Our good catholic didn’t think twice before accepting the offer. And the Bible says: “Thou shalt renounce all earthly pleasures…” Go figure, right?

The problem was simple: our devoted catholic has already acquired a mistress and now became anxious about getting the granny out of the apartment so he could enjoy in some earthly pleasures while his wife isn’t looking.

And while he was dreaming about that moment, terrible news arrived. His wife’s sister has suffered a massive coronary attack and didn’t survive. The wife was simply devastated. In addition, they had to take in the niece since her father passed away years ago.

Things took a sudden turn into the unknown for our catholic. Because, for a while now, he was planning a sort of divorce.

Why “sort of divorce”?

In short, his plan was to fuck around with “good and decent” catholic women while living with his wife from which he would formally divorce. Because of the imposed moral rules and standards of the community, he didn’t want people to find out that he’s divorced.

For a while, things were working out just fine for him. The wife was clueless because she had to handle sister’s unexpected death and a trouble-making niece. She started neglecting him.

But that was just the beginning of her ordeals…

You know the drill. For better and for worse. It even counts more when the situation is “worse”. But our good old catholic had a different idea.

Only a year later, wife’s brother got diagnosed with lung cancer. A strong man. Favored in his local community. A war hero. He died just two months later. It was like another nail in a coffin for her.

To make things ever worse, four months after her brother, her mother got sick, and ended up in hospital and died a week later. As a consequence, her father started acting disoriented and delusional, so she was forced to commit him into an institution for a while.

The stress was accumulating.

Then one day, while she was at work…

Our good catholic guy deliberately forgot to turn off the chat he had with some local divorced women. The wife came earlier, saw the screen, almost suffered a heart attack, but managed to calm herself down and confront him.

Of course, he wasn’t willing to admit it. According to him, it was just a funny talk he’s having with that particular woman they both know. Apparently, these two were discussing how desperate, depressed and unbearable his wife has become.

And then it happened again. And again. A book-case of psychological abuse where you are trying to lead someone to slit own wrists and bleed out.

At the time, and due to this entire situation, the wife simply couldn’t handle yet another shock. So she started popping pills to stay alive.

All went according to his plans and expectations.

I remember watching her. She was like a shadow. Once strong and bulky women turned into a skeleton in a matter of two months. She was simply over-tortured with everything that’s been going on around her. Even the niece started to be a liability due to her indecent behavior until she finally left (after coming of age). Poor girl with obvious daddy issues even hit on me on several occasions.

It was like the God himself holds a grudge against you, no matter how hard are you praying and controlling your deeds. The guy simply wants to have fun with you.

Then one day, after she was on the verge or yet another nervous breakdown, our good catholic Samaritan came along and said how he cannot live like this anymore. He wants a divorce.


“Everything will stay the same.” He said.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“C’mon. We both know that you need me. If I leave, it’s gonna be hard for you.”

Woman just stood frozen.

“It’s that whore you’ve been talking with, isn’t it?” She finally snapped.

To make long story short, an hour later, our good catholic husband and father was taken away to spend the night in jail. He grabbed her neck and squeezed hard. She almost fainted. Still, somehow, she managed to call the cops. The reason I know this is because I happened to be outside at the parking lot when cops came along to arrest him. It just happened that I knew one of the arresting officers and he didn’t mind sharing the information. He even said something that made me wondering about the entire situation. Apparently, the wife is certain that he was ready to kill her and that this wasn’t the first time he tried.

If only she would be gone…

I talked with the poor woman afterwards, when he moved across the wide yard into the apartment building. Somehow, he managed to persuade the old lady to leave the apartment and take the room in a local nursing home. For a while, he was actually living with that old woman.

“I was relentless,” says the wife, “because he’s got some weird idea about us living together even though we are divorced.

I told him to move out but he claimed that the apartment is his and his alone and the only way for him to leave it is that I renounce my half of that old crow’s condo. So I did. I just wanted him out.”

It was a culmination of months and months of suffer and almost tragic psychological abuse where he, on several occasions, has tried to persuade her into committing the suicide.

“I was forced to take pills just to relax a bit. The pressure was unbearable. Naturally, I was depressed because pills would knock me down. Wasn’t interested much in anything that’s been going on around me. But, I went to work, every day. I just had to move away for at least a part of the day.”

She could sense the difference in his attitude towards her, now when she’s reflecting to past events.

“His eyes were different. Every now and then he would sit down, look me in the eyes and asked do I feel like it would better if I’m gone.

The horrible part was that I really felt like it.

Was it because he was constantly suggesting it or was it really because all that shit that’s been happening, I don’t know. What I do know, now when I’m looking back, is that he was plotting to get rid of me.

The reason why I’m so sure about it has to do with two occasions when I lost my consciousness after drinking a tea he made me. I never told that to anyone until now. And that look he had when he was squeezing my neck. I’ll never forget that look.”

The age-old story was repeating itself…

The number of women who ended up murdered for convenience is simply mind blowing. The scenario rolls unusually fast. All it takes is that “another woman” and a naïve mind of a man who’s willing to do anything for some good pussy.

In this particular case, our good catholic started relationship with the divorced, slightly younger woman. She was living alone on the other side of the town, together with her two teenage daughters.

Even I remember when all of the sudden my neighbor started “running” to stay in shape. Or going on a weekly trip with the church choir.

One time, he allegedly returned from Vatican. He sounded hyped. Yet, he was unable to answer few simple questions about several specific places people commonly visit.

As it turned out, he saw Vatican only on the internet. All that time he was practically living with his mistress.

It’s not that much of a problem on its own. It’s happening on daily basis. Both men and women are known for that behavior. But things stop to be common or innocent when someone starts plotting a murder.

If she’s somehow removed from the picture – permanently, he’s got two apartments for himself and in addition, he would be a grieving husband – a jackpot when it comes to fishing women. It was his drug. You could see it every time he would engage in conversation with someone.

Daughter already moved away and got married. She’s living in another country. The boy is still too young and not an issue at all because he’s taking father’s side in this even though he’s living with his mother now.


On the other side of the town, things are slightly different.

The mistress is about to get evicted. And her lover has two apartments. But there’s a problem. Lover’s wife lives in one. The old woman lives in another. Neither is likely to move out any time soon. So she starts building up the pressure. The age-old game, women are known to play to get rid of competition, has started.

Eventually, she managed to nest in one of those two apartments.

So now, the guy lives with this new woman and her two daughters while his ex-wife and son live across the yard. Luckily, no one ended murdered but judging by everything I’ve heard, saw and sensed, it was a close call. Couple more weeks or even days and she would either snap and commit suicide, or he would help her out one way or another.


How do you feel about all this?

Does that make any sense to you?

Does that sound like something a man should do?

Does he even deserve to be called a man?

We are anxious to hear your thoughts and opinions on this.

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