5 Types of Women to Run Away From if You are Married

5 types of women to run away from if you are married
Written by Stephan Moreau

We guys simply can’t say no to a woman that sends that familiar I-wanna-get-dirty-with-you signal. For married men, that shit spells disaster if we fail to properly profile the woman.

Thinking with the dick is not that problematic as females like to think. However, in certain situations, our lower brain can really get us in trouble.

Fortunately, there’s a way to reduce the risk of being publicly exposed. One only needs to do a proper due diligence BEFORE his dick takes him under the sheets with the hot co-worker or the wife’s best friend.

All-in-all, there are 5 types of women you should avoid when it comes to this sensitive matter.

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Type 1 – Teenager with daddy issues, quick to become desperately in love with you.

Remember Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher?

Men just didn’t learn their lesson from his ugly experience and we can blame the notorious middle-age crisis for that shit.

Be it as it may, no matter how great the temptation is, you should really stay away from all those young daddy girls that are looking at you like you are God.

Somebody may eat the bullet when the shit hits the fan because, unlike the majority of experienced women, young daddy girls may not find the rejection as an option. As our dear Joey has learned after his wife took a bullet as the result of the young female’s mind reasoning.

It’s easy to identify this type: every young girl who have a sweet spot for a way older guys.

Type 2 – I’m divorced, it’s hard and I’m on a lookout.

Guess what type of men are they scouting for, and where they are primarily looking for?

Yes, the search starts in homes of their closest, married, female friends, which makes you a fair game.

And she won’t hesitate to use the seduction game to fuck you up even if it’s just to make her gal pal miserable – as a deviant way of a “blaming and resentful mind” to equalize the situations.

For some fucked up reason, we feel better about ourselves if our neighbor’s cow drops dead a day after ours did.

So, it’s a double jeopardy because you can’t really tell her true intentions.

She might really be after you and suck your cock for years to come, or you might just be a handy and practical tool for her to induce an equilibrium.

If a couple of more women in her vicinity split with their husbands, she won’t be feeling like a failure anymore. That’s how they reason.

Type 3 – A grieving wife

She’s emotional and completely opened. Her survival instincts have already kicked in. It’s an inevitable mechanism that gets triggered by the event of losing her protector and provider. And, the chances are, that she might not even be aware of her state of mind.

If you succumb to Your primitive urges, the tragedy might come knocking at your door.

You see, male and female feelings go hand-to-hand in these kinds of situations.

She’s looking for a substitute while you are having a soft spot for a lady in trouble. It’s a perfect match.

And if you pick the right moment, she might get hooked on you and you’ll then be forced to break the whole thing in a less gentle way. Guess how cool she would be with suffering yet another loss?

Type 4 – Middle-aged seekers for attention

This type can fuck up your marriage and leave you high and dry just for the sake of fun. Millions of men fall victim to these predators every year.

We are talking about 30+, married, with children type of ladies, who don’t like what they see in a mirror lately. Simply put, the time has started taking its toll on their skin, bags, and butts. Which makes them insecure.

Just as it happens to us but after we reach 50. Shit starts quite earlier in the female world, believe you me.

You can identify this type quite easily.

Your own wife and a couple of specific situations will give you a clue.

  • A series of “confidential” talks between you and your wife about the poor woman’s unhappiness and utter dissatisfaction with the quality of her marriage.
  • Or, you can see how she’s competing with your wife every time you’re spectating. No matter the subject, she’ll try to assert herself as the alpha female.
  • With inevitable seductive looks aimed at you.
  • And when you wife goes to the bathroom, she’ll kick the game in a higher, more open gear.

Fall into the trap and you’ll have sex, that’s more or less certain. But there’s also a strong chance that your wife will find about it, one way or another.

Remember: if she can’t be happy, no one else can.

Type 5 – Social networks hunters

It starts with the well-placed “like.” Then, it gradually evolves into a comment. Pretty soon, there’s the second one, only more direct. Before you realize, a message is arriving in your box. She’s so into you.

The situation evolves (escalates!) pretty fast. She finds you unbelievably attractive. Your every word, gesture, image, and everything else you do, just add up to the entire experience. After only a couple of conversations, things get real.

Know this: you are talking with the disturbed mind who most likely suffered a tremendous amount of emotional pain caused by the abusive partner (former or present, all the same).

She’s using the safety of the social networks to engage with men across the globe. In most of the cases, the entire rush ends how it started – on the internet.

But in some instances, if you push her over the limits, your wife may receive a couple of unpleasant messages or even images and videos.

Don’t forget that everything can be and it is most likely recorded! And this type will make you do things you didn’t even know you are capable of, trust me.

Is she looking for a long-term partner? Perhaps. But don’t count that it will last since she’s grown a habit of resenting the entire male population.

How to distinguish between a “normal” interest/crush and the disturbed mind?

Over-hyped behavior! Like a freakin’ Santa on speed. Every topic will lead into a personal sphere where you’ll see the mood swings ranging from happy and sad to angry and resentful. All happening in a short timeframe. Your every word of condolences and understanding will trigger an intensive affirmative response from her.

If you are not careful, you may lead this fragile mind over the emotional edge and she will fall for you. When that happens, you are in for some exciting times before the whole situation cools off.


Shit, when you look at this list, it’s clear that almost nobody’s left. No safe target, except, perhaps, a married woman who’s got a lot to lose if she opens her heart to someone or send a message to your wife.

Therefore, it’s about the leverage and equilibrium.

Hence, before you engage, assess the situation and see if the potential losses of both sides are equal. That might give you a theoretical safety but there’s really no way to tell will her mind follow the logic. Even the most devoted wives are known to slip occasionally and take their lovers with them!

Be careful, that’s all we are saying.

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