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This is the most tragic mistake you can make in your sexlife

Written by Ballz Magazine

And this one will blow your mind. It might just be that your sex life is suffering due to the stupid assumption and misbelieve about what women truly love in sex and what has the real potential to drive her over the edge. If she denies what you are about to hear, you need to do something about it because it is clear that your wife isn’t telling you everything. Something doesn’t work well in your communication.

Brace yourself; you’re in for a surprise.

Of course, clitoris stimulation is taking the primary lead in terms of women’s orgasms but this doesn’t mean that you have to rub it like you’re cleaning the drainage. Clitoris has 8000 nerve endings and it is by far the most sensitive spot on woman’s body. Men don’t have anything even comparable to this.

A study done on American women, which will be the main source here, states that 70% of all questioned women points on this action during the sexual intercourse or masturbation that gives them certain orgasm.

OK, we all knew that.

But did you know that 20% of women will experience the climax just through the simple kiss or through giving the oral pleasure. Would be great to target that latter group, wouldn’t it?

10% of all women will reach the ultimate moment when exercising. 51% goes to those women doing abdominal exercises.

But what about the great old dildo? How does this ultimate women’s friend perform? Well, 53% of them claim that dildo is one thing that presents a sure thing. Once inside, the outcome is certain. It just cannot miss.

We even have 0.3% of those lovely women who experienced the orgasm during the child birth. Go figure…it can even go out and cause the same effect. Who would think of that?

And now for the ultimate myth – purely vaginal orgasm. You know those times when some male stud starts to brag how he doesn’t have to lick it nor kicks it for her to start screaming and shaking. Well my friend, next time you hear him trying to play you, you can tell him to go fuck himself because 0% of women experience purely vaginal orgasm. That’s right; you need the Holly Three to make it work: clitoris, vagina and uterus. That’s the famous G spot.

Licking the vagina makes the same effect as if you would lick the couch – none!

And now we are coming to the golden nugget.

94% of all questioned women claim that they will reach the end during — here we go — almost there — the anal sex. Yeah baby. Put it in a glory hole and she will come, no question about it.

94%, can you believe it? Who would have thought, right?

Now, it is easy if your wife is willing to admit it and you have the history of practicing anal sex but it can still be something to work on to improve it.

But if you never did it or that was something beyond your capabilities or even hers, you need to make it work or die trying.

Talk to her. Try to squeeze it out. Let her read this if nothing else, but don’t call her to read it over your shoulder. Play it smart. Women are sometimes like squirrels. They are easy to scare and then you have to wait for an extended period of time before you can lure her again.

So be a weasel with this. “Accidentally” leave this article in her sight and leave. Go outside. Allow some time for her to take the bait because she will. She cannot resist the urge to check what the fuck are you doing there and with whom you might be speaking. In her head you are most likely talking with that whore she despises.

By the time she reaches this point of article seed is planted. Most likely you’ll never hear about it from her.

And now the most important thing.

We know you are horny as hell right now and you would fuck a dead squirrel but let some time pass by. Don’t be all over her that same night trying to push it in. Let her become aware of what she’s missing. Let that seed to grow into the plant.

If you focus you will see how she is working her ass in that direction and that is your moment. Make some room and hit it baby. Don’t stop until you hear her breaking from the orgasm.

You will open the new door of pleasure for her and sex will become a quite regular activity for you two. You will be banging like kids in a park.

You are more than welcome sport.

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