Do this when your woman Denies You attention

When your woman rejects you
Written by Stephan Moreau

They say it’s a natural thing for the woman (wife) that she denies you attention when she is angry, even though she’s spending her days horny as he is. It appears that, unlike us, who would hump on the spot, they think of sex as something secondary. Or do they?

Take a look at this poor guy for instance. You know that guy. You are that guy quite often, ain’t you? Regardless of what his logical part of the brain is telling him, you can still sense the hope in his voice. His dick just won’t let it go. And she? She’s cold as ice. No way in hell that our Stevie up there will get the piece of that man-eating pussy.


Beside obvious signs that she won’t put out that evening like some illness or state of depression, it seems like there’s something else.  And there is.

The fact of ‘I know you…I know the feeling…too bad you ain’t that hunk I met earlier…then I would f… your brains out my dear

It’s like this. When is her 20s, she’s having a hard time resisting the smooth moves from the players that are coming on to her 24/7. She’s simply overwhelmed and judging by our own (men) experience, only a small number of married women in 20s won’t succumb to the urge of pumping ugly in some dark corner with more or less the stranger. Even those that can control themselves will end up in situation where some persistent player is this close to slip her tongue and feel her boobs and ass.

It happens because they still don’t know the boundaries of what to allow and what not in common sex-chat with the man she hardly knows; probably someone who’s hanging with her or around her frequently. Kiss is almost inevitable because hormones are still raging inside her body. She’s questioning her decision to settle with one man for the rest of her life, same as you are doing. She wanna feel it again.

Then 30s come.

She learned quite a lot about how men perceive women and their winks, sweet talks and occasional sex related jokes.

But, she’s still exposed because 30s are mental barrier between ‘I’m not young anymore but I’m not old either.’ She’s still not in her mid-age crisis and she’s still bursting with that raw sexual desire. This is a critical stage and if her man is neglecting her, you can bet your ass that she’s doing someone aside.

All that time, you ain’t getting any – at least not enough. You are there anyway, easy to get, always on disposal and thus, not a challenge!

And now she’s in her 40s

When in her 40s, she knows everything about anything and if her husband is any good and she loves him, she won’t allow any kind of sweet talk or moves. She knows better than to risk everything for some fling.

And when you analyze everything, it becomes clear that for the most of the time, when you couldn’t figure out why she denies you sex, she was just thinking about someone else.

But, you’re still not getting any. And it pisses you off because you know how she’d behave with some new guy.

Did it ever occur to you that you might use her tactic?

Remember: you’re available and have had several fails over the course of time. No challenge and big chance of premature ejaculation are the factors that are influencing her decision, make no mistake about it.


Make yourself unavailable for the time being

Appear too occupied with something and show no interest in her butt when she so obviously teasing you. It will click in her mind. Something isn’t right in that picture. You should react like gazillion times before. What the fuck is going on here?

Expect reaction in less than 48 hours if your woman is one of those highly orgasmic that truly enjoy sex and have a habit of regular masturbation!

And when she comes forward, start the fight. Spare no ammo. Make her scream from anger and despair. Force that diabolique nature of her to surface.

When everything reaches its peak, go to another room and slam the door as harder as you can.

Wait no more than 30 minutes, go to her and start sucking up.

Understand that just before you’ll walk into her room, she’s horny as hell! If you failed to realize by now, highly orgasmic women, who don’t like to fake the orgasms and will rather not have sex, jerk up to 6 times in one day after having brutal verbal fights with their husbands.

Sex her up like a pro my man. Make her moan and twitch and force her to catch the breath after you’re done with her.

Do this simple tactic every time you feel she’s neglecting you. Create the drama. Wake her up from her dream world. Remind her that you’re still that old, highly passionate and powerful man she married. That’s what she wants.  

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