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How to Prevent Falling a Victim of a Terrorist Attack

Written by Sean Collins

Open your eyes! We are at war. And the enemy isn’t discriminating on racial, national or religious grounds. They don’t distinguish rich from poor, healthy from sick or young from old. All they are seeking for in their desire to seize the power are the innocent, unarmed and completely oblivious civilians.

They operate under a simple principle: The more the merrier.

It means that the effect is achieved if streets are covered with the blood and screams of the dying echo throughout the world carried on the wings of the media.

You saw this in Paris and many other places over the course of time.

In Paris: 129 killed from 15 different countries of the World. White, black, red, yellow. Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindus. Young and old. Men and women.

Open your eyes!

We are not trying to add to the massive hysteria but we feel obligated to warn about importance of the common sense here. Paranoia and fear are not the way to live your life, that’s for sure. But walking around completely indifferent to what’s going on can get you killed!

What to look for

You know how ordinary people behave in public places, don’t you? You are looking for any kind of behavior that doesn’t “fit in.” You’re looking for individuals who appears nervous and who are constantly “scanning” the environment, searching for the cops or intelligence agents.

That man will have his eyes widely open and his head will turn in every direction. It’s most likely that he’ll have at least one of his hands in a pocket of his jacket to hold on to his weapon or a bomb switch.

That’s another thing to look for: if it’s warm outside, it’s highly unlikely that common man or a woman will wear a jacket or vest.

Look for the bulge underneath that jacket or a vest.

Look for the “hidden” non-verbal cues that could indicate the attempt of coordination between a few individuals.

When in a restaurant or some other public place where you’re still, observe the environment at all times. Notice the car that stopped suddenly near you. Notice the individual who is walking toward you, looking directly in your eyes while taking out his weapon.

They don’t fall down from the sky! They drive in or walk in and thus, you can notice them!!!

Again, become situationally aware and you’ll be just fine!

The thing is: it’s all relative. Nothing is absolute and you can only make the effort to increase your odds. That’s all.

Disregarding the obvious fact that few fucks decided to bring mayhem on the streets of the Western capitals is reckless and irresponsible behavior. You could get yourself killed by staying oblivious. Snap out of it!

What if you make a mistake and sound the bogus alarm or falsely accuse someone?

Is it better to stay aside in wondering and potentially allow the tragedy to occur to innocents who failed to realize the danger or to sound the false alarm? Is it better to fail to prevent almost certain death of dozens or to suffer some minor discomfort by pointing finger in wrong direction? The choice is yours.

How to react

You saw him while you were having a dinner with your wife in your favorite restaurant.

Get up while flipping the table in his direction and YELL AS LOUD AS YOU CAN to confuse the attacker. You’ll buy precious seconds!!! Grab your wife and pull her down.

Grab that table and drag it in opposite direction from the attacker. It’s your shield until you move away to safe distance or behind some better shelter.

All that time BE LOUD!!

They do scare easy because they are on the verge of mental breakdown. Nobody is calm when facing the certain death and they are not exceptions in any way. For the most part, we are talking about the people who received massive monetary compensations for their disgusting deeds. It’s the way they recruit the suicide bombers. They pay good money to their families!

It has nothing to do with Allah, Quran, Jihad or Caliphate. It’s about money and power. Remember that.


Also, don’t be afraid to alarm the police officer if you notice something suspicious. But do not try to play the hero. You simply can’t say whether or not the suspect will activate the explosive! In many cases, the suspect must be eliminated from the safe distance. Security personnel will handle a potential suicide bomber like any other explosive device – from a safe distance!

Open your eyes and accept the reality and you might survive, avoid or even prevent the attack.

Save at least one life!

About the author

Sean Collins

An investigative journalist with the thing for business, confidence, societal, and human behavior topics. The straightforward guy with the opinion that doesn't always agree with the mainstream. We call him Choozo. Cuz he's picky. About freakin' everything.