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How to Escape the Matrix That’s Been Suffocating You

how to escape the matrix
Written by Sean Collins

It’s your Matrix – for better or for worse. Your design. You are living it. The question is, are you completely satisfied with it?

No, you’re not.

Whose fault is it?

You cannot blame the government or monetary society for anything.

You cannot put the blame on your parents either. Because, hopefully, they did their best raising you.

They taught you the basic rules of life in best of their abilities.

Although you have to accept the fact that, same as you, they are living in the Matrix they had built for themselves.

We all are.

What is the Matrix?

It has only the remote resemblance to the famous trilogy. But in its essence, it is exactly that. Some virtual reality that is largely meaningless and illogical from the perspective of the current trends of our modern society and the system we are living in.

Yet, unlike the claims made by those who are used to blaming others to justify their reluctance to develop and progress, the Matrix is not designed by the society per se. At least not the one you are living in now.

The monetary society has its own set of precise rules. You will either live by them and thrive or starve trying to fight the system.

Hence, the conclusion…

Your current Matrix needs an update or even a full-scale reprogramming.

If you struggle, you are not doing something right or you have designed your Matrix on entirely wrong principles.

Those principles are rooted deep inside of you, originating from your early childhood where you had to listen to the obsolete claims and statements and to observe the old philosophies that don’t apply anymore.

Finally, you’ve learned that you have to (a) work like a horse just to put the food on the table and (b) that the greed is something bad that has to be at least avoided.

Since nobody has taught you otherwise, as you’ve been growing up, you’ve started designing your own Matrix on those same obsolete and deadly wrong foundations.

What is wrong with your Matrix?

Only one principle from those two applies to some extent: you have to bust your back to put the food on the table.

The other one, about the greed, is totally wrong and it is causing you to be late with your bills or to miss the opportunity standing right in front of your eyes.

Greed in your current program means something negative.

But when principles of the monetary society and evolutional development of the species are applied, greed is getting the whole other meaning.

Greed is one thing that has the power to propel you.

And it’s not reserved only for the human species.

You see greed everywhere. Turf wars between wolves, lions and every other animal species are caused by greed.

Same as the lion king, You just want to acquire more to secure the well-being of your own pride.

Thus, you have to adjust your core program to update the Matrix in order for you and your pride to thrive.

In other words, forget those Bible talks about greed and progress.

Those words have been written as a part of a general dogma to control the population by stripping it from the main mean of life.

What the end result of the updated Matrix looks like?

As your parents have taught you, you will work hard, both mentally and physically, to earn your living.

But, you will add something to their original program.

The desire, the will, and the real need of having more than everybody else.

It is the only way to obey the general principle of the monetary society – something missed by most – that goes like this:

First, you will work for your money. Then, you will employ your money to work for you.

Because in its essence, money is the mean and the asset same as your car that drives you from point A to point B or the laptop that feeds you with the information.

Simply put, money is not the prize.

Money is merely a tool to get the prize.

And the prize is life in abundance and security. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is due to the ruthless nature of the evolutional process: survival of the fittest.


Because, you just gotta ask yourself: if your parents were right and there is nothing wrong with your Matrix, then how come you see individuals and groups living in abundance and playing golf, while you’re eating shit, day after a day.

Isn’t that telling you that something has to change – sooner rather than later?

About the author

Sean Collins

An investigative journalist with the thing for business, confidence, societal, and human behavior topics. The straightforward guy with the opinion that doesn't always agree with the mainstream. We call him Choozo. Cuz he's picky. About freakin' everything.